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Wen Du Tao Shoes City Project Started

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Marketing CenterWen DuTao Shoe City

< p > here the world is < a target= "_blank" href= "//www.sjfzxm.com/" > dress < /a > a target= "_blank" href= "_blank".

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"P" bear big every week goes back and forth in Hangzhou Wen two places, continuously shoelaces Wenzhou to Hangzhou.

Is he a shoe store in Hangzhou? No, he doesn't.

He is the Taobao crown shop owner who sells Wenzhou shoes to Hangzhou.

"Last year's wholesale volume reached millions of pairs."

Xiong Da said that in the past two or three years, he basically kept the sales level.

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The love between P and Xiong and Wenzhou began in 2011.

Prior to that, he also opened a shoe store in Taobao, went to the wholesale market in Hangzhou, but felt that the market style was small, and the price was not cheap.

Careful, he found that most of the manufacturers and shoeboxes on the market in Hangzhou were Wenzhou enterprises, so they sprouted an idea. Why not go directly to Wenzhou, which is known as "China a href=" //www.sjfzxm.com/news/index_s.asp "shoes /a"?

< p > for the first time in Wenzhou, the bear was stunned by the scene in front of him, all over the shoe factory.

In his mind, he had a bigger plan to wholesale the shoes of Wenzhou to Taobao shopkeepers in Hangzhou.

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Less than P, he began to visit the shoe factory from door to door, but he shut the door in the first house.

"Manufacturers can not see the amount of more than a dozen pairs, when they do not understand what the electricity supplier is," Xiong Da had to instil the idea of electric business with them first, insisting on repeated communication, and slowly, the manufacturers accepted the order of bear.

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< p > "to open up the supply chain is very important for doing business. Good sources of goods will have good business."

Xiong Da bold son ordered more than 300 pairs of shoes to the manufacturer.

With the supply of goods, they began to look for Taobao shopkeepers.

Through their own circle of people, Xiong participated in various electricity supplier sharing sessions, and contacted many Taobao sellers.

There are already more than 30 crown sellers as stable customers.

"At the very beginning, the manufacturer and the manufacturer are buying cash, and after trust, they allow appropriate credit."

Xiong Da recalled that at that time, the room he lived in was full of shoes, but the seller's digestion ability was very fast, and a store sold four hundred or five hundred pairs a day.

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< p > Xiong Da currently has more than 60 manufacturers. How to arrange the production tasks of these manufacturers is a very difficult problem.

His method is to classify these manufacturers according to the categories they are good at, such as casual shoes, PU shoes, etc.

"Quality is the most important thing."

Bear repeatedly mentioned quality control problems, they asked the manufacturers for no reason to return, once the quality is not found, immediately return to the factory.

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< p > nowadays, Xiong DA has already had more than 30 employees in the wholesale business of women's shoes. He believes that the wholesale response of women's shoes must be fast, and samples are sent to customers whenever new products are available. If customers are satisfied, they will start placing orders for factories.

Distribution service is also very important. Some big promotion activities of stores, inventory digestion is very fast, if not first time, it will affect the delivery period of Taobao store.

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< p > May this year, the Xiong Da plan will be set up in Wenzhou, "a href=" //www.sjfzxm.com/news/index_s.asp "," marketing less than /a ". In cooperation with a shoe manufacturer in Wenzhou, it will start the project of" Wen Du Tao shoes city ", and intends to sell Wenzhou shoes wholesale to all parts of the country.

Xiong hopes that with the golden shoes of "China Shoes Capital", Taobao shoes owners can offer cost-effective shoes.

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