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Summer Is Perfect With All The Women.

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< p > light blue dress dress, casual a _xhe_href= "//www.sjfzxm.com/news/index_f.asp" href= "//www.sjfzxm.com/news/index_f.asp" > shirt style < /a >, it appears more intelligent and generous, with a black belt in the middle, which has the sexy taste of laziness, and can also get waist decoration to escape the figure, put on a pair of simple flip flops, and feel more comfortable at random.

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< p > black > a href= "//www.sjfzxm.com/news/index_f.asp" > long skirt < /a > although there is less beauty, but a lot of fashion taste, the loose upper half makes the chubby sister paper feel the sense of elegance, with gold slippers, very fashionable.

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< p > sleeveless lace, wide open legs, < a href= "//www.sjfzxm.com/news/index_f.asp" > Chiffon trousers, < /a >, exquisite hook flowers are extremely eye-catching. You can't miss the lace element.

The waist is tight and the waist is meticulously collected. It is also impractical and practical.

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< p > no matter how well matched it is, it is not as good as a good single product. This sleeveless dress is worth your start. The sleeveless and small V collar shows a fair complexion. It looks cool and pleasant. The color of the blue and white porcelain makes you look gentle and elegant and elegant. The shoe is not suitable for high profile to pick up a dark blue flat shoe.

< /p >

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< p > there are two magic weapons for creating goddess temperament: skirt and white. This dress is clean and pure. The shoulders are hollow and the patterns are cool and sweet and sweet. The small V collar is also suitable for the design of the wide shoulder sister's waist. The shoes are matched with a pair of shoes with high and bare colors, which appear to be a good curve.

< /p >

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