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Dressed In A Small Suit, Fashionable And Capable City Girl.

2014/10/7 17:59:00 772

Small SuitMatchFashion Dress.

Gray small suit looks high-end atmosphere, loose version is more casual and casual, with wine red striped shirt, classic retro, no style, underneath black trousers and canvas shoes, comfortable and fashionable.

In the relaxed and personality fashion fashion romantic fashion.

Exquisite workmanship and exquisite taste, with a small sexy taste.

Blue and white

Vertical striped shirt

The combination of light blue and pure white brings the fresh smell of the ocean. The vertical stripes are very thin and very delicate. They wear black casual suits and white tights. They are easy to control, whether they are energetic girls or urban young women.


This dark grey

Little suit

Suit, slim, small suit.


The collocation looks handsome and fashionable, usually wearing or wearing a professional dress is very temperament, inside a white T-shirt can be worn out of the ol style.

Highlight the golden ratio of the figure, show you the best pick the perfect body curve, sexy bonus points!

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