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Star MIKIBANA Anchor Owls Strong Attack

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Star AnchorMIKIBANAOwl Dress

Fashion Week style is coming! Two seasons a year.

fashion week

It's a rush to see the stars and see the supermodels. It depends on personality, texture, fashion and fashion, or to the MIKIBANA2014 autumn and winter show.

The owl is a popular element in autumn and winter this year. It is also the best choice for the autumn and winter.

Owl printing is loved by Jay and Beibei, the host of entertainment star world.



MIKIBANA anchor owls

Beibei took an owl dress and short skirt, with a pair of nude high heels, showing straight and thin long legs. The style of the dress showed her figure perfectly, with great interest and no loss of temperament.

T station

Big models!



MIKIBANA anchor owls

The owl suit is also the love of Ma Jie. This dress makes her look sweeter and more popular. This owl lotus leaf long sleeve can not only reflect the sense of hierarchy, but also cover up the inadequacies of the wearer, and cultivate her body effect.




Star World anchor is favorite MIKIBANA

Owl dress

In this season, MIKIBANA draws inspiration from the work of Chagall, a color artist, and integrates the art of surrealism into the winter fashions, so that each garment can have western classical romanticism while having Oriental classic elements, and become a symbolic high fashion.

The new extravagant style is also essential in this season. The classic red gives off a more charming color under the refraction of light, letting people fall into a dream.

Red coat can not only embody luxury, but also bring soft feeling. Art is fashionable, even with simple short skirts.





There are not many bright spots on your body. Sometimes only a bright color is enough.

Red, like flowers blooming in the middle of the night, is dazzling.

This theme is very exciting.


In addition, with the full strength of the owl totem and the totem of totems, there is a strange western romance.




MIKIBANA vows to put a fire in this winter, from accessories to clothing. The red elements are everywhere. For example, this long T coloring part is also large red.

The unique embroidery on the wings of owls makes the stereoscopic feeling of the pattern stronger. It has a unique sense of beauty. It can create a easy chic with a tight pants.




The simple and straightforward style is very popular with fashion coffee.

MIKIBANA takes the characteristic "animal Owl" as the design element, and redesigns the traditional owl image into a pattern of science and technology, and spreads it on the pink knitted sweater with the excellent abstraction and digitalization techniques. It presents a delicate and new style of modern style and forms a new force in Chinese fashion.

The poetical owl style is arranged in black and red trichrome on the large red cloak, classic and unconventional, fashionable and elegant, black and white digital pattern, so that the large red cloak becomes cool and strong, unique.

The collocation is also very easy, pencil pants, shorts, short skirts can be, there is no boundary.




Owls are symbols of wisdom and erudition. Put on an owl dress to show your intelligence, sweetness and individuality.

Girls who want to relive the classics can't miss the MIKIBANA owl series this season, from T-shirts to cloaks, all of which are inspired by this cartoon character.

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