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[Exhibition Countdown] Nanjing Surface Accessories Exhibition "New Regulations" Storm

2014/10/17 13:59:00 19

ExhibitionNanjingAccessories Exhibition

Here world Clothing and shoes Xiaobian network to introduce the exhibition [countdown] Nanjing Accessories Exhibition "new regulations" run away.

On November 27, 2014 -29, the Nanjing international fabric, accessories and yarn exhibition held at the Nanjing International Expo Center has now entered the countdown of the exhibition. With the coming of the conference, many of the "highlights" of the scene are gradually emerging. It is understood that after the year's careful preparation, the exhibition will display a professional and complete industrial display, regardless of the layout and sensuality of the hardware, or the service and publicity on the software.

It was revealed that up to now, Exhibition More than six hundred professional fabrics, accessories and yarn manufacturers have been successfully invited to the exhibition area. At the same time, nearly 100 organizations from the textile industry group have also signed up to visit the exhibition. According to the staff of the organizing committee, in order to meet the convenient trade and communication between the upstream and downstream enterprises in the textile industry, the exhibition has issued "new regulations" to strengthen the new high quality of the professional exhibition. At the scene, the new interpretation of the export tax rebate and convenient trade policy for the foreign trade enterprises has been set up at the scene, and the design trend of fabric and clothing for the textile and garment enterprises has been added.

2014 the exhibition of Nanjing international fabrics, accessories and yarns will meet the needs of the market. At the same time, it needs one-stop shopping for industrial enterprises. At the same time, intelligent sewing equipment will be held for printing and dyeing industry exhibition at the same time to provide "one more benefit" effect for the whole textile industry chain, so as to realize the process of rapid market opportunity leading.

Exhibition information: 2014 Nanjing international accessories and yarn Exhibition

Time: -29 November 27, 2014

Location: Nanjing International Expo Center


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