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Long Knitted Cardigan Hit High And Tall.

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LongKnitted CardiganFashion Dress

Pink long knitted cardigan, very beautiful color, I believe is a lot of girl love mm love, wear on the body tender age, big pocket is more exquisite and beautiful.

White inside


Wearing a black pleated skirt, showing a beautiful leg, wearing cotton socks, walking on the shoes, the same eye type.

Light grey

Long cardigan

Such a knitted cardigan with a variety of literature and art is believed by many girls.

Inside the body striped bottoming shirt, under the buttocks denim skirt, light legs, stepping on flat shoes, are very simple and practical single product, such a combination can also wear a fashion sense.

Mixed color


Long design, simple and versatile, as the most popular single product in autumn, it is natural to have one hand.

But how do you match the long cardigan? In fact, you can wear a pure white jacket, wear a black skirt, wear black stockings and match sneakers when it's cold. You can easily settle the autumn collocation.

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