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Mastering Purchase Tips And Solving Inventory Problems Easily

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Affected by seasonal factors, most clothing products have their specific sales hours except for special functional products.

If it is not possible to deliver the goods on time to the store counter before the arrival of this particular time period, it will be provided to the customers.


For merchants, this will lead to various potential losses. The most serious loss is the loss of sales opportunities.

For example, when the temperature is gradually warming up in April, when a hot weather occurs, customers need to buy a T-shirt urgently. If the shop does not have time to sell T-shirts, customers will turn to other shops to buy the seasonal products they need. Customers will not wait for a few days or even weeks to buy them because a brand or shop is not loaded.

In season sales,

new arrival

As long as the time has lagged behind, the loss of the business volume is hard to recover, and it is one of them to make money in the small shops; secondly, the goods that should have been sold well have missed the best selling peak because of being late.

Open shop and make money.

Autumn clothing

In fact, even in the product design of various garment enterprises, small businesses make money and start running various exhibitions as early as the beginning of the year, as well as ordering and researching clothing enterprises, providing the most practical business reference for producers and consumers.

And the enterprises that can do so are undoubtedly smart choices. Those who make clothes can let consumers pay the bill is the market's profiteer.

Basically, they are doing three seasons of clothing, and businessmen also confessed that they are summer, autumn and winter.

Among them, the number of winter clothing is the biggest profit, so we have all the strength to catch the autumn sales boom in winter.

For example, the northern part of the autumn is shorter, the date of loading the single jacket should be at the end of July, and not later than the beginning of August.

If the new jacket is late for two weeks, although the temperature is not very low at the end of August, most of the new brand jackets on the market are already on sale. It is difficult to sell good models at the end of August.

Then, in September, it could only be cleaned up by gradually increasing the discount promotion measures. With the lowering of temperature and the continuous listing of winter products, autumn goods would have to be withdrawn from the store, and small shops would make money, no matter how popular the style was.

It should be agreed with the store that often takes the goods. Seasonal goods should be replaced half a month in advance. Some stores are late and do not change.

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