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More Novice Beginners To Identify The Roasted Goods

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   1, we must take more, more, more understanding and more comparisons.

This is the most fundamental and important thing. If you want to get the goods right, don't rush out to rush out every time you come out. Business is not good. What is the use of time? It takes more than two or three days to sell the wholesale market of women's clothing. After comparison, we can not only understand the price, but also grasp the popular style.

Selling intermediate gear Women's wear It is not advisable to only turn to this grade of clothing market and get the middle and low grade wholesale market. For example, if you know something about Shahe's goods, you can identify merchants who sell Shahe goods in the mid-range market.

   2, understand Wholesale market Source of goods

Manufacturers directly open files, stall orders to factories, manufacturers supply stalls to sell, these are not roasted seeds and nuts. But the manufacturer sells it to different market stalls, and it may sell at different prices.

Direct roasted goods. Goods are sold from one market to another.

Individuals or companies do the goods out and supply them to the stalls of various roasted seeds. This kind of operation has more intermediate links than manufacturers supply to stalls. But others have to do their goods, and they can only get them from stalls. (there is a phenomenon that the same market, two or more stalls sell the same goods, such as trousers, several stalls at the same time missing a certain code, these stalls of these goods can basically be judged as a warehouse unified supply. )

The shops in the office have factories, goods, and purchases, which are all OEM and have regional agents. The OEM is the roasted goods, but the brand is his; the first agent of the order system does not belong to roasted seeds, and the two level agent belongs to roasted seeds and nuts. The goods of agency system have strict regional market protection, and the distinction between roasted goods is of little significance.

   3. Roasted seeds and nuts Notices for store identification

There are many versions, many series of goods, and inconsistent styles. There is suspicion of roasted seeds and nuts. (there are very few businesses that have been making wholesale stalls for quite a long time. There are a lot of customers and business, and there are also many factories, and there are many kinds of goods that they produce. Even with such a business, it is inevitable that there will be a roasted version of the goods in the middle. )

Some stalls even though they have factories, but the factory's goods are not sold all year round. A factory that only knits T-shirts. Its stalls sell their clothes in winter. (even selling summer clothes, such stalls are also likely to stir fried goods, what to make money to do, especially when the factory does not supply. )

Whether the goods can be prepared on that day can not be used to identify roasted seeds or nuts. But there is always a shortage of cargo stalls. (many stalls, not much stocking, usually sell out in the morning, and turn to the small workshops in the afternoon or make a new version. If you go to the wholesale market too late, you will often be unable to get the goods, because the house is almost sold. There are also some family members who only hang out the trial version. If they always ask such a version, they will always hear people say, "goods on the road", "just sold out" and so on. )

The stalls with two or more identical goods, though the same price, may also be roasted. It's just a stall for roasted seeds. We haven't found it.

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