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Create A Career Image With Advanced Opportunities For Elite

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Creating a career image with the opportunity to become an elite person always costs money.

In order not to waste valuable investments, you can refer to the most cost-effective installation sequence:

The first white shirt

Three ties

The first pair of leather shoes (the budget should be 50% of your ideal monthly salary).

Article 1

Western-style trousers


Second shirts (not necessarily white).

Continue to purchase


Two, until enough five.

That is to say, within a working week, you can ensure that the tie is not repeated.

At this point, you can really consider buying a good suit.

And before that is done, you are still satisfied with the shape of the shirt and tie.

A full suit or something. Don't take it too seriously.


Business Attire

The goal is not to look at a brand name, but to be a rich man.

If you have a swollen face and fat, your wallet can support you swollen and do not say anything, it will not only help you win the job opportunities but also reduce the score.

Even if you already have a lot of strength to lose money, you must know that it will be effective if you don't drop it.

Every brand has its aura of pursuit.

Buy a white shirt without a brand, because the color style is there, and it will not be too wrong.

But if it's a tie, the color is very important.

While the suit is exquisite, it must be priced at the price.

For example, Versace is expensive enough, or Dior can fall into the eyes of people you really need to win, and you may completely misunderstand your character.

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