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Tongzhou'S Home Textile Intellectual Property Rights Are Well Protected.

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TongzhouHome TextilesIntellectual Property

Recently, the website of Tongzhou District intellectual property rights operation network and Home Textile Research Institute of Nantong City, Jiangsu province has been opened, which is a miniature of Tongzhou's implementation of the intellectual property strategy.

In recent years, Tongzhou has continuously increased investment in home textile intellectual property, and has made efforts to promote the creation and application of intellectual property rights in home textiles, and actively carried out publicity and training on home textile intellectual property, invited intellectual property analysts to conduct training in home textile enterprises, and home textile intellectual property projects have made fruitful achievements.

It is understood that jiayus textile in Nantong is the only home textile enterprise in Jiangsu Province, the first batch of "intellectual property standardization management demonstration units".

At present, jiayus has obtained 175 national patents, and this year it has applied for more than 100 patents.

In November 28th, from the patent wall made by the company, we saw that 32 patented product certification pictures, more than 100 patent titles and so on were arranged orderly and orderly.

"Since July 2012, we have produced about 1500000 yuan as a special fund to protect copyright and fight infringement."

Wang Yang, a staff member of the company's intellectual property management department, pointed to a large paper box at the office, saying, "this is the relevant information about our enterprises being infringed in the past two months. We pay attention to the protection of copyright, trademark rights and other aspects, in order to better pform and innovate and achieve new development."

In January this year, the State Intellectual Property Office approved the establishment of a home textile intellectual property rights protection center in Nantong home textile city. It became the second set up for a single industry in the country.

intellectual property right

Rapid rights protection agencies.

In the past, domestic textile enterprises often need one year to apply for appearance patents, and only 10 days are required to approve them through the intellectual property rights protection center of home textiles.

In addition to accepting patent applications, authorization and confirmation, safeguarding rights is also an important part of the work.

Qin Jun, deputy director of the rapid rights protection center, travels from center to merchant almost every day, accepting the rights raised by the owners.

"If we allow the spread of counterfeit wind, Nantong's home textile industry may not be today's prosperity."

Qin Bing sighed with emotion.

In the first half of this year, 1800 categories of patents were applied to the rapid rights protection center, and 62 rights were protected by intellectual property rights.

The rapid development of patent application, authorization, confirmation and rights protection has made the home textile industry more prosperous.

Jiangsu Rui Fu Textile Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces high and medium end activity.

Textile fabrics

In addition to his own research and development, he also works with famous flower design offices both at home and abroad, and develops nearly 100 new products every year.

Flower pattern

At present, the company has applied for a patent for more than 300 flower types, and this year's sales revenue will exceed 100 million yuan.

Marketing Vice President Xie Feng Ze said: "it is precisely because of the protection of copyright patents, we can be confident and bold to launch so many new flower types every year, the greater the degree of protection, the higher the enthusiasm of enterprise innovation."

It is understood that next, Tongzhou will explore the establishment of an intellectual property trading center, mainly by the Nantong (Home Textiles) intellectual property rights rapid rights protection center, to carry out patent trusteeship pformation, establish online technology trading platform, and carry out production, academic research and other services, and promote the pformation of intellectual property rights.

At the same time, we will focus on the construction of strong intellectual property rights projects, promote the implementation of the regional strategy of intellectual property rights, study and adjust the policy of patent subsidy, and build the platform for the operation of intellectual property rights.

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