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Integrity Of Fabric And Microfiber Company

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The United States microfiber South dyeing and dyeing 2015 new product of integrity fabric was held at the integrity boutique store. In this press conference, integrity cloth art officially launched its two series of new products: Flocking family and man Preiss natural fiber, from Tom Himes, vice president of the United States microfiber company, general manager of South printing and dyeing Limited by Share Ltd, Guan Jian Ming, all the staff of integrity fabric, and representatives of hundreds of well-known enterprises including Prince Edward home, wave home, nine days furniture, golden tiger furniture, trifle furniture and landscape home.

According to Tom Himes, the flocking family brand is the flocking product of functional fabrics, which is made of the most tough raw material nylon fiber and the special flocking technology of microfiber company, giving special soft and delicate handle to the product, which can enhance the comfort of the sofa, and has the characteristics of durable wear resistance, oil prevention and decontamination, mould proof and antistatic, no shrinking fabric, no pilling, no hair loss, easy cleaning and nursing.

In view of the increasingly green, healthy and healthy lifestyle that consumers are increasingly advocating, the American microfiber company has launched the natural and ramie cotton led lifestyle home furnishing life soft fabric -- man Preiss natural fiber. This is the innovative definition of modern home life concept by microfiber company. It is understood that man Preiss cotton linen fabric products from flax and cotton natural fibers, with environmental zero emissions, durable, natural degradation and so on. Because of the capillary effect of hemp fibers, it has the natural function of moisture absorption and perspiration. This function makes man Preiss natural fiber fabric always cool and comfortable, and is a natural air conditioning material that will breathe. It will not cause skin allergies caused by synthetic synthetic fiber fabrics.

The United States microfibril company combines European and American fashion and technology, making the product not only the presentation of modern design art (Art renderings), but also has powerful functions such as antibacterial, wearable, soft and comfortable, and easy to clean. Sales of products in Europe and America are good because of their good function. 2008, the United States Microfiber company Foshan's southern printing and dyeing Limited by Share Ltd has successfully entered the Chinese market. Tom Himes said: "China has the largest consumer market in the world and has huge market potential. Integrity fabric has always been adhering to the concept of integrity and integrity, has a high reputation in the industry, and has maintained good cooperative relations with many software home enterprises in Chengdu and southwest China. Moreover, the integrity fabric has a very young team, they are willing to learn, to progress, full of vitality. Such enterprises are the ideal partners we are looking for. In the future, we will also conduct in-depth cooperation with honest cloth art. Home Furnishing Consumption trend. "

General manager, southern dyeing and printing Limited by Share Ltd Guan Jian Ming It is believed that the launch of the two new products will boost the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. "First, because our products are manufactured according to the most stringent international standards, we can improve the quality of products from raw materials. Secondly, we have strong technology, which can enhance the innovation and R & D capability of enterprises from the technical level. Finally, with good products, we can enhance brand awareness and lead enterprises to establish good market reputation.

Gao Zi Xin, director of integrity and fabric marketing, said that honest cloth art has been rooted in Chengdu for many years. It has been committed to providing advanced furniture materials for home furnishing in Sichuan. The development of microfiber company in the United States is very strong. Every year, hundreds of new flower types are introduced to cater to various consumer groups in China. Through this cooperation, we hope to bring the most advanced and environmentally-friendly fabric raw materials for the vast number of enterprises and consumers, so as to enhance the quality of enterprise products, improve the profitability of enterprises, and boost the upgrading and development of the industry.

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