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Nina Ricci Heir Arlette Ricci Sentenced

2015/4/20 22:32:00 39

Nina RicciHeirArlette Ricci

According to reports, last Monday's ruling was the first time that the Swiss leak scandal was involved in a well-known figure, which was caused by a former official of HSBC, Switzerland, who handed over a list of depositors suspected of having tax evasion.

More similar rulings are expected in the future.

Paris court decision


The granddaughter of Nina Ricci is now 73 years old, Arlette Ricci, who was guilty of tax evasion and money laundering.

The court imposed a fine of 1 million euros and confiscated two properties worth 4 million euros.

The court ruled that Ricci, a lawyer and two related companies returned millions of tax evaded.


Nina Ricci

The brand was founded in 1932 in Paris, the founder of Maria "Nina" Ricci Ricci and her son Robert.

Since 1998, the brand has been owned by Puig, Spain fashion and fashion group.

At present,

Arlette Ricci

The lawyer is considering whether to appeal.

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