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What Should The Business Of High-End Sports Wear Market Do?

2015/5/22 8:59:00 163

ElegantAthleticAnti UVSwimsuitVestShortsFashion Week.

In a Bergdorf Goodman luxury shopping mall in Fifth Avenue, New York, a Lucas Hugh tight pants cost about $400.

These colorful pants are not only stylish and stylish, but also used in the Olympic swimsuit's hot suture.

They are highly breathable, quick to absorb sweat and UV resistant. They are designed for comfort functions.

Fashion brand

Female design.

Lucas Hugh is a luxury sportswear brand in London, founded in June 2010 by the former swimsuit designer and Alexander McQueen Intern Anjhe Mules.

The experience of professional swimsuit design has made Mules particularly stringent in terms of functional standards of sportswear, and its manufacturer is a research laboratory for swimsuit design in Europe.

Compared to the Lucas Hugh home page is extremely dynamic.

High waist

Tailoring vests and shorts, and another luxury brand Callens's sportswear is more casual. You can almost walk through the gym to the coffee shop or go shopping in the mall.

Its designer Claire-AnneStroll first appeared in Milan fashion week last September and was described as "when Lululemon meets Loro Piana" campaign series.

Look behind the brand.


We can know its style, Stroll is responsible for the comfort of clothes, and PaulHelbers, who worked in Louis Weedon and Hermes, has a unique design vision. The two people have two swords.

No wonder "VOGUE" once remarked: this thin track and field trousers are so tailored and so thick that they can make you look more effective than real sports.

This autumn and winter, Callens launched new jogging pants and pullovers for everyday wear.

Gym shoes

Don't confuse it with ordinary sneakers. This cashmere and natural fabric Italy craft brand uses satin, velvet and cashmere to create this sneaker to ensure comfort.

At present, a tight pants cost nearly 500 dollars. "I never considered how to persuade customers," Stroll said. "When you see products, its quality and value are obvious."


According to NPD Group, an American market research firm, sales of sportswear in the United States increased by 9% in the first quarter of 2015, and predicted that the total market in the United States would reach 35 billion dollars in October.

The expansion of the sports market has led more luxury companies to share their cake and focus on individual sports.

Luxury brand

Also began to enrich the product line, eyeing the overall sports market.

Tennis brand Monreal released its sports series for the first time in 2013.

The technology of its elastic net pants has been applied to the 340 dollar tight pants, which is suitable for running, Pilates, boxing and yoga.

Although he is keen to be loyal to the Monreal tennis complex, designer StefaniGrosse is also hard to resist.


The potential temptation is "that is the real future".

"The emergence of some new brands is improving the overall sportswear to the level we have never seen before," said Roseanne Morrison, fashion director of trend research firm DonegerGroup.

But fitness has just started in the hot domestic market, and the habit of high-end sports consumption has not yet been cultivated.

After all, when you wear Callens sportswear with an elegant Italian style, you may be very concerned that sweating will affect your image.

Facing the market that has not yet started, as Caletha Crawford, Professor of Parsons design school in New York, said, "let people buy such expensive sports pants. Pre education is indispensable."

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