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Viscose Staple Fiber Market Prices Stable, Late Market More Empty.

2015/5/22 9:26:00 11

Viscose Staple FiberMarket PriceMarket Trend

Viscose staple fiber market prices are generally stable, viscose factory concentrated efforts to complete pre orders, stable mentality. 5 from the end of June to the beginning of the factory, there is a recovery plan. supply There is a trend of enlargement, which is expected to be more biased. The center market maintained a center of gravity of 12500 yuan, and some of the above orders heard a hundred yuan discount space. The high end 12900 yuan high turnover significantly reduced, the focus of negotiations to 12800 yuan, the local turnover of 12700 yuan / ton. Shaoxing viscose yarn Prices are generally stable. Tight race 50S 60S orders slightly shrink, compact Siro spinning 40S smooth volume, the discussion center of gravity in 21000-21500 yuan / ton, partial supply is tight. Viscose staple fiber market new single transaction continued downturn, late load will be improved. Prices are expected to be stable and weak.

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Due to the decline in export of various enterprises, although the foreign market is still relatively large in traditional markets, only the Middle East and foreign businesses are mainly subscribed by foreign businessmen. The turnover in Europe and America is far from enough. Due to the weak international market demand, the sales of polyester filament fabrics and bags and accessories in the whole market continue to be dominated by weakness.

Recently, China's textile market, the traditional market, many kinds of polyester filament fabrics and bags and accessories are still in stock, and there are still more stock spots in various business outlets. The turnover is mainly small batch, and some small and medium business households are much less than the others. Prices are basically stable. Part of the scale of the operation of the trading market slightly increased, the overall market turnover than the previous stable small rise.

In the recent market, the finished polyester lining and accessories in the bags are still batting in batches and batches, but the turnover in large volume is far from enough. Due to the weak demand in the international market, the export of foreign trade clothing is not good enough. Due to the increase in labor costs, some garment orders are transferred to the Southeast Asian countries with lower cost, resulting in a growing market sentiment. The traditional market operators of polyester filament fabrics and accessories in the bags lack confidence in the market, and some of the more cash traders appear to be insured.

Due to the weak demand for foreign trade and small domestic demand, the purchasing volume of local garment manufacturers is still insufficient. Although the price of polyester fabrics is basically stable, the turnover is still insufficient, and the spot stock rate of many finished products in the retail outlets has increased significantly compared with the previous stage. Although some scale operations still have counterpart customers to place orders, many orders are underdone, but still small batch and multiple batches are the main ones. Owing to the difficulty in collecting credit, some orders are still refused.

Over the past few days, polyester filament fabrics and accessories in bags and accessories are still relatively large, and local turnover is much less. Although the prices of grey fabrics and finished products are mostly stable, some batches have slightly increased. With the gradual compression of the production capacity of the weaving mill, the locality of the grey fabric inventory has dropped slightly, but the surplus stock in the traditional market is still increasing.

Because domestic demand and foreign trade purchasers mostly subscribe for summer fabrics, there are many disadvantages in the consumption of seasonal factors, such as clothing materials and accessories, and the turnover of bulk materials is mainly distributed in small quantities. Large quantities of orders are not enough. In the traditional market, nearly half of the households are waiting in idle time, and the market volume of clothing and materials is still insufficient.

In the traditional market, there was a smooth turnover in the local market. Printing materials and semi gloss FDY and glossy FDY varieties increased slightly. The turnover of batches and batches of medium and high-grade materials is still relatively limited, and the sales volume of polyester FDY filament is lower than that of the previous stage. In the polyester filament filament clothing, the clothing, waist bag and bag and bag cloth in the accessories and accessories of the bags, the local transaction is still basically maintained, and the price is basically stable.

The volume of polyester fabric is relatively large, still 75D bright FDY * 100DDTY spray five satin and 75D bright FDY x 100DDTY spray eight Satin partial turnover is relatively more. 63DFDY * 63DFDY, 190T water jet polyester taffeta, 63DFDY * 63DFDY, 210T water jet polyester taffeta, the transaction is still relatively short, although the textile factory due to limited production of grey cloth inventory rate has dropped, but the traditional market gray fabric and finished goods stock rate has increased.

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