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T-Shirt + Shorts, Minimalism, Sporty Style, Cool Summer.

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T-ShirtShortsSports StyleCollocation

Bright blue, small lovable, with white shorts and black sunscreen, color is eye-catching and refreshing, while sunscreen is also full of fashionable fads. With the leopard print leisure sports shoes, you can go to the streets in the United States, or have a hearty exercise.

The cartoon tiled pattern T-shirt is full of girls' temperament, with high waist.

Denim shorts

And sports shoes are more relaxed and full of sportsmen. This collocation is mainly based on simplicity, which is indeed a great beauty for summer sportswear.

Navy Striped Shirt


Jeans shorts and white sunwear are full of seaside style, fresh and natural, and sporty shoes and big jeans bags are really full of sense of movement.

So comfortable sportswear is not fast enough to wear.

Lace letters T with bright red.


With the little white shoes, the jackets are full of sportsmanship, full of the sense of the American baseball team uniform.

With bright and bright shorts, it's best for summer sports and girls are still not moving.

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