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"Double 11" Advance Booking Should See The Pre-Sale Rules.

2015/11/3 21:09:00 23

Double ElevenAdvance BookingPre-Sale Rules

When shopping cart and favorites are full, just wait for "double 11" to start buying online shopping buttons. Suddenly, some stores have launched the "pre-sale mode".

As long as the deposit is paid now, you can enjoy the same price as the "double 11" day.

At the same time, the store owner also put forward several "Regulations", such as deposit, no refund, no support for 7 days, etc.

Experts remind consumers to read the agreed terms provided by merchants carefully, because the difference between deposit and deposit is equivalent to a kind of guarantee, which is bound by both parties after the deposit is paid.

But not supporting the 7 day return is contrary to the consumer law.

Open Taobao home page, "double 11" pre-sale goods have formed a separate web page.

Reporters randomly browse to find the pre-sale situation.

A shop selling health care products, the price of 6 bottles is 1188 yuan, and the "double 11" price is 356 yuan. Now, if you pay a deposit of 59 yuan, you can enjoy the price of "double 11".

But when you click the gold box again, there will be hidden rules, including deposit, no refund, no support for 7 days, etc.

Yesterday, Ms. Guo, who likes online shopping, said in her circle of friends: "no longer need to wait for double 11" to stay up late, but now the deposit can be made early.

"She is talking about the pre-sale mode launched by some stores on the e-commerce platform.

As long as a certain percentage of the deposit is paid, the preferential price can be enjoyed, and the tail can be paid on the day of "double 11" activities.

Zhang Hao, a lawyer of Beijing Dacheng Shenyang law firm, explains that in law, the difference between deposit and deposit is obvious.

A deposit is a guarantee for payment. In a buying and selling relationship, the buyer pays part of the sum of money to the seller after signing the contract as a guarantee for future payment. If the buyer fails to perform the contract, the seller can not refund the deposit.

If the seller fulfil the obligations of supply in accordance with the contract, the deposit will be converted into payment if the seller fails to fulfill the contract.

Supply obligation

It should bear the responsibility of double return deposit.

The deposit is generally regarded as an advance payment. Even if it is regarded as a performance guarantee, this guarantee is unilateral. It forms a constraint on the seller, and even if the buyer breaks the contract, it can also return the original deposit.

A deposit is equivalent to a guarantee, which makes both the seller and the buyer bound.

After paying the deposit, the buyer determines the ownership of the commodity. If the goods are not wanted, the seller has the right to cancel the deposit.

For some pre-sale goods, there is no reason to replace it within 7 days.


He said that this is contrary to the provisions of the consumer law.

The new consumer law stipulates that operators sell products in the form of Internet, television, telephone, mail order and so on. Consumers have the right to return the goods within seven days from the date of receipt of the goods, without giving reasons.

But consumers custom-made, fresh and perishable, online downloading or consumer packaged audio and video products, computer software and other digital goods, delivered newspapers, periodicals and other commodities, which are based on the nature of the commodity and are confirmed by consumers at the time of purchase, should not be returned.

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