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The Sensitive Nerves Of Market Investors Are Affected By The Stock Market.

2016/3/10 21:47:00 19

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In February this year, Liu Shiyu took over Xiao Gang as the new chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

So, after that, Liu Shiyu's latest statements on the stock market in public have more or less touched the sensitive nerves of market investors.

In fact, since Liu Shiyu took over Xiaogang, he has made many related statements on public occasions.

Shortly after his taking office, news came out. Liu Shiyu commented on the remarks made by the SFC officials that the current tasks include supervising the market, strictly investigating and manipulating the stock market, and guiding the capital to enter the market.

Up to now, President Liu Shiyu has been in office for less than 1 months.

However, there are still many problems left for Liu Shiyu to solve the long-term abnormal development of China's stock market.

Perhaps, in his term of office, the "stable" two words are very critical, and only when the stock market continues to operate smoothly can it be allowed.


Work is proceeding more smoothly.

At the same time, recently, media reports, Liu Shiyu publicly mentioned "I hope you all want to buy stocks, do not sell stocks."

In this regard, this statement, but also caused widespread heated debate in the market.

However, from another angle of thinking, from his emphasis on "guiding capital into the market" to "we want everyone to buy stocks" and other standpoints, the essence of its starting point is to hope that the market will have confidence in China's stock market. It can be seen that Liu Shiyu, chairman of the new SFC, is painstaking.

Obviously, for Liu Shi Yu, who has sufficient supervisory experience and adequate crisis response capability, it is a more appropriate candidate to take over the current stock market with a high volatility.

However, for the current Chinese stock market, the pformation from "ox to bear" has been completed. In the background of the continuous decline of stock market investment confidence and the increasing difficulty of stock market reform, in fact, it is necessary to test President Liu Shiyu's wisdom in dealing with the city and the ability to deal with crisis emergency.


Liu Shi Yu

The latest form of statement, whether to emphasize the supervision of the market, the strict inspection of the stock market, or the appeal to lead the capital into the market, hope that everyone should buy stock, and so on, all show that he has enough confidence in the healthy development of the Chinese stock market.

At the same time, it also reflects his goal of working after taking office.

However, in the face of China's stock market, which is still in the doldrums of investment confidence, it is also a difficult task to achieve the goal of guiding capital into the market and to buy stocks.

In fact, for China's stock market, it is still indispensable.


Gold is the driving force.

In other words, "become a capital, lose money".

At the same time, looking back at the performance of China's stock market in the past, it basically showed the situation of "short bear and long bear".

In this regard, in the stock market, "cattle turn to bear", often need to undergo a long process of confidence repair, and then can achieve the purpose of enhancing market confidence in investment.

Obviously, for the new chairman of the securities and Futures Commission, Liu Shiyu, if we want to achieve the goal of guiding capital into the market and hope that we can buy stocks, the biggest premise is to boost the confidence of the stock market and fundamentally activate the market funds that are sleeping for a long time.

I believe that to boost stock market investment confidence, on the one hand, we need to speed up the pace of introducing long-term funds such as social security funds, pension funds and foreign capital funds to achieve the purpose of raising the share of institutional investors in stock market, and lay a solid foundation for the long-term stable development of the stock market, but at the same time, we need to strengthen institutional investors' self-discipline behavior so that they can play a guiding role in rational investment in value.

On the other hand, we need to speed up the market asymmetry and unfair trading system, and speed up the revision of the securities law, so as to provide an effective legal basis for investor protection in essence, and ultimately create a relatively equal trading environment for investors.

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