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China'S Economy Is Unlikely To Land Hard.

2016/3/10 21:59:00 23

China'S EconomyDevelopment Trend And Economic Situation

In view of the fact that there is a voice in the current society that is playing an inevitable role in the Chinese economy and the hard landing of China's economy, Li Hongzhong, the head of the Hubei delegation and the Secretary of the provincial Party committee, who attended the fourth session of the Twelfth National People's Congress, said in an interview yesterday: "I think the Chinese economy is unlikely to land hard.

This "hard landing" argument is bound to fail and go bankrupt.

Li Hongzhong said: I have an image analogy for the argument about China's economic growth. One is wearing sunglasses, one is wearing myopic glasses, the other is wearing polarizing glasses.

The so-called wearing sunglasses to see, because wearing colored glasses, see what is black.

Since the reform and opening up, we have experienced several international arguments about China's economic development. But every time, the fact that China's economic development is getting better and better is the result of the failure of the Chinese economy.

This time I believe it will be the same.

The so-called polarizing lens is like polarizing mirror, which selectively filters light from a certain direction, stares at some aspect of China's economic development, generalize the whole problem, and enlarge the problem with "magnifying glass". It is biased and unfair.

Li Hongzhong believes that China's economy is an important force to stabilize world economic growth.

At present, the world economic environment is still grim and complicated, but China's economic fundamentals remain strong and will continue to make important contributions to world economic development.

Rational, objective and fair view of China's economic development is not only related to China, but also to the whole world.

Those who wear sunglasses should take off their sunglasses and look at them with a plain mirror.

Those close to the view glass should focus on the long term and see the nature.

People wearing polarizers should change their views and look at panoramic views.

As long as we remove the sunglasses, we only need to adjust the light and see far, so long as the perspective is panoramic, we will come to China's economy.

Benign development


The so-called "bad" argument is not objective and unfounded, it will inevitably fail and bankrupt.

The so-called short-sighted glasses, that is, he shortsighted, close to see, do not look at the long-term, do not see the essence.

From the point of view of speed, economic growth has changed from high speed to high speed. Although the speed has slowed down, it is still in a reasonable range, and our increment is very impressive. Last year, the national GDP increased to 67 trillion yuan on the basis of 60 trillion yuan in 2014. The increment is equivalent to the total economic volume of two Hubei provinces. This increment is very impressive.

From the perspective of structure, consumption has been increasing as a dominant position in the three major demands, and has become a strong driving force for economic growth. In the industrial structure, traditional industries are upgrading and upgrading at the same time of "going to capacity and going to stock", and the rapid growth of high-tech industries and strategic emerging industries, and the continuous optimization and upgrading of the economic structure, laying a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the economy.

From the perspective of growth momentum, the Chinese economy has shown "three persistence", one is the continuous enhancement of new kinetic energy, and the other is the driving force of factors.


Driven by innovation driven innovation, innovation has become the "first power" to lead the economic growth; two, the reform continues to deepen and the market vitality is further released, forming a thriving situation of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation"; three, the continuous improvement of people's livelihood, so that the people have more sense of gain, and the most lasting and fundamental motive force for the reform and development.

It can be said that the speed change, structural optimization and dynamic pformation under the new normal are not only the objective laws of economic development, but also the active choice and positive action for us to adapt, grasp and lead the new normal.

If we only see the slowdown in the economic growth and the temporary difficulties, we will not understand and grasp the new normal from the great logic of China's economic development in the coming period.


Transformation and upgrading, and the pition from good to better, the inevitable and inevitable phenomenon is obviously suffering from myopia and myopia.

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