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How Can We Scientifically Select The Best Radiation Protection Clothing With The Best Shielding Effect?

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With the development of modern science and technology, people's lives are becoming more and more convenient. After meeting the basic needs, they pay more attention to health, especially when electromagnetic radiation is prevailing today.

Radiation-proof clothes

To protect electromagnetic radiation, the gradual radiation protection clothing has become the most effective and hottest shielding electromagnetic radiation.


Which is good for pregnant women's radiation protection clothing?

And what kind of radiation protection clothing for pregnant women is good? It becomes a new difficult problem for pregnant mothers, and it is not afraid of ambiguity in purchasing.

There are thousands and thousands of brands of radiation protection clothing on the market. How to scientifically select the best radiation protection clothing for the best shielding effect?

The screening effect is the best on the market now.


There are two kinds, one is metal fiber, the other is silver fiber.

Radiation protection clothing can shield electromagnetic radiation because the fabric contains two kinds of fibers, and the production process is very complex, shielding effectiveness is averaging about 50DB, experts say, the higher the DB value, the better shielding performance, the less harm the fetus receives electromagnetic radiation.

Silver fiber radiation protection clothing

Although metal fiber and silver fiber are the two mainstream fabrics in the market, compared to the two, the comprehensive performance of silver fiber fabric's radiation protection clothing is better than that of metal fiber fabric.

1: what is silver fiber radiation protection clothing?

Silver has the most effective antimicrobial properties.

Silver fiber anti radiation fabric made of silver containing fiber using nanotechnology is the latest radiation protection technology in the world after metal radiation shielding fabric. It has the functions of radiation protection, antisepsis and pollution suppression. It is an ideal fabric for producing radiation protection clothing.

The radiation proof clothing made of this fabric is silver fiber radiation proof clothing. The shielding performance is very good. The Italy Jing Qi silver fiber radiation protection clothing is made of pure natural silver fiber material. The silver fiber content is as high as 100%, which can shield 99.9999% electromagnetic radiation.

This fabric is softer, more comfortable and more vertical than ordinary fiber. It can be worn and washable, and the price is economical.

2: Jing Qi silver fiber radiation protection clothing has special properties.

Because of the chemical properties and physical properties of silver, the silver fiber radiation protection clothing also has the special function that metal fiber radiation protection clothing does not have.

Silver ions on the surface of silver fiber can rapidly adsorb the deteriorated protein and reduce or eliminate the odor. Therefore, silver fiber radiation protection clothing has the function of deodorizing. Silver ions are easy to combine with other substances to block the respiration and reproduction process of bacterial cells. Therefore, silver fiber has the bactericidal effect. Silver is a natural element formed in nature, so pregnant mothers do not have to worry about wearing silver fiber radiation protection clothes and allergies, and pregnant women with allergic skin can also wear, so silver fiber radiation protection clothing safety has no side effects.

So what kind of radiation protection clothing for pregnant women? Jing Qi silver fiber radiation protection clothing to help you solve radiation problems during pregnancy.

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