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Harbin Seized A Number Of Questions About Cotton Suspected Of Chemical Fiber "Leftovers"

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Reporters learned from the Harbin municipal market supervision bureau, according to the report, the law enforcement officers in Shuangcheng District Zhou Jia town


During the inspection of the products processing plant warehouse, it was found that a batch of cotton products arrived in Hebei from the processing factory had no factory name, factory address and other information.


Some cotton products are processed into quilts, Mats and other finished products in the processing plant warehouse.

Processed bedding and other cotton products in Zhou Jiada



According to current accounts, the processing plant's cotton products are also sold to Daqing, Hegang, Hulin and other places.

Reporters followed the law enforcement officers to the cotton products processing plant located in Zhou Jia Zhen.

There are three warehouses in the processing plant. The smell in the warehouse is very pungent. Besides a batch of cotton products that have just arrived, they are also filled with cotton products marked with "Xinjiang long staple cotton" and "Shandong baby cotton".

The warehouse leader said that these cotton were pported from Hebei.

One of the warehouses, besides cotton, was stacked with bedding products, and a woman worker was working on quilts beside the sewing machine.

The inspectors fired a bunch of cotton from a package of cotton products labeled "pure cotton" and found that the cotton was smelled with chemical fiber products after burning, and gathered into a ball. It was obviously different from the pure cotton products after burning, and the smell of paper emitting gas was obviously different. It could be judged that the cotton was mixed with chemical fiber material.

Law enforcement officers also found that there were red, black and tin foil impurities in cotton, and suspected that cotton could be made from fiber leftovers.

According to the relevant regulations, fiber products leftovers or their reprocessed fibers are not allowed to be used as raw materials for processing domestic fiber products.

The inspectors checked the samples of all kinds of cotton products in the warehouse.

According to Wang Xukun, director of the consumer protection department of the municipal market supervision bureau, it was observed at the scene that cotton stored in the warehouse was not pure cotton, containing chemical fiber substances, and whether the cotton products in the warehouse were qualified and whether there were harmful substances harmful to the human body, it was necessary to wait for the results of the inspection to be identified.

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