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Han Du Yi She Relies On Live Program Culture To Create New Marketing Tools.

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Han Du Yi SheLive ProgramMarketing

In the era of Internet development, making full use of the Internet can bring huge profits to the garment enterprises.

Consumers lose interest and interest in simple and rude promotion methods such as price reduction, discounts and so on.

Internet celebrity

+ live broadcasting has gradually become a popular marketing tool for big business providers. How to satisfy consumers' needs for higher level shopping experience and product quality, how to play their own characteristics, and truly do well in Internet content marketing has become a new test for the major e-commerce brands nowadays.

1. live broadcast, attract audiences with quality content.

In July 20th, Li Aiai, the fashion anchor, came to the studio early.

As time went by, with the help of the hosts and models, we began to introduce the techniques of make-up and dress matching to the fans of different live platforms.

The wide studio, bright lights and carefully arranged programs are different from the live broadcast of the ordinary network.

This is Han Du Yi she United.


Daphne's "fashion trainee" brand climax.

In this brand activity that is completely completed by online live broadcast, fashion designers make a make-up to the model step by step under the guidance of the host, and match the clothes and shoes with different scenes, and carefully answer the questions about the makeup skills, matching tips and trends of the audience.

2016 Gianna Jun's autumn dress was also exposed through this event. This is the first season of clothing that was first taken by Gianna Jun, the brand spokesperson of Han dresso, and the fashionable trend of autumn this year is also cleverly reflected in the collocation.

Many fans' messages that watched the live broadcast said that the live broadcast of that night looked more like a carefully packaged TV program, and this impression was exactly what the brand wanted to leave to fans.

2. fans sharing, multi brand joint marketing scenario

In this live broadcast, Han Du Yi house joined hands with the three sides of Daphne and the poetry and wind chanting. Through the live interaction of scenes, the quality content and quality merchandise were provided to consumers.

It also opened up several live platforms, and introduced the presentation of clothes, shoes and cosmetics to the program so that fans and audiences could understand the fashion skills more intuitively.

This kind of cross border live cooperation with high quality fashion content and better quality products is undoubtedly a marketing promotion method that caters to young consumers.

The data released by Han Du Yi house show that in the "fashion intern" brand activities, the live platform of participating activities has received nearly 400 thousand users' praise.

And the live broadcast of fans' brand awareness has been promoted more obviously. Many fans who have paid attention to Korean clothing house have also learned the skills of make-up and shoe bag matching in live broadcast. They not only understood the style of poetry and Daphne, but also strengthened the recognition of the fashion attributes of Korean clothes house.

Similarly, the flow of fans among brands has brought the activity to a 1+1+1 > 3 effect.

3. content marketing is the common direction of platform and brand.

The "fashion trainee" official said, "with the endless variety of live broadcast of different brands, the quality of differentiated content, real-time interaction and colorful scenes are also more important to the user's shopping experience.

In the past, consumers did not know how to match the clothes they bought when they bought them.

And live broadcast can bring more immersive and intimate consumption experience to consumers.

"Fashion trainee" is just like this live broadcast from a full range of dress, makeup and collocation. We sincerely hope that we can provide quality products and export the brand view and understanding of the brand.


The quality of the content is provided to the consumers. "

And the head of Daphne's activities agreed with this view. "Live broadcast should not be single and empty, but need to create a scene for the vast number of young consumer groups.

The live broadcast economy is often just a direct cashing of personal charms, but this time, it can join with the Korean family clothing house, from clothing to shoes and then to beauty makeup, to open up the fashion category, and focus on brand content marketing.

I think content marketing is also the direction for the platform and the brand side to work together in the future.

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