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Detailed Marketing Secrets Of Pacific Bird LED' IN Lok Ting

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Pacific BirdLED' INMarketing

In this highly competitive clothing market, sales of Taiping bird LED'IN Lok Ting are rising. Today, we will closely count the marketing secrets of Taiping bird LED'IN Lok ting.

Bundling classic IP to play cross-border is really not as simple as you think.

This year is

Tinker Bell

Officially renamed the 50th anniversary of Dora A dream.

At this time node, Taiping bird's girl clothing brand LED'IN Lok Ting launched a new duo A dream special cooperation series, joined the familiar IP classic to create cross-border products, and for the first time tried online and offline synchronization.

After nearly 3 months of multi-channel preheating, not only set off the enthusiasm of consumers for the purchase of IP cooperation, but also reawakened the memory of the classic IP duo A dream after 80 and 90 years. A wave of memories began to sweep across the Internet. WeChat's interactive topic reading volume increased by nearly 6 million. Micro-blog KOL hot topics read more than 7 million 400 thousand, the number of people who participated in the comment and forwarding exceeded 10 thousand, and the number of points was over 10 thousand, which made people wonder about the tremendous influence of classic IP cross-border cooperation.

What are the components of a successful content marketing?

Search for TA commonalities: match each other to get on with each other.

In the era of everyone calling cross boundary ecology, fans economy is a topic that can not be circumvented by IP cross-border cooperation, because IP means the adhesion of fans, which is the biggest bargaining chip of IP economy and the foundation of IP's realisation.

Although IP crossover is nothing new, competition among brands is fierce. But as long as we break through the internal relationship between brand and IP, we can kill a "blood road".

This premise is to have a common target group. How to establish a new connection with the brand and the pformation of the IP with the fans of classic IP is the primary consideration for any cross-border marketing. That is, the so-called "match each other", and the cross-border cooperation between the fashion brand and classic brand is no exception.

For the 80's and 90's, duo A dream is the classic memory of everyone's childhood. As a super IP that has lasted for more than 40 years, it has a broad and strong mass base. The blue fat man, who is deep in his memory, seems to be able to open up his time memory every time. He has the magic power to bring people back to his childhood and feel the innocence of childhood again.

Duo A dream IP consumer group characteristics and

LED'IN Lok Ting

Positioning the young consumer market coincides with the age of 18-25.

On the basis of both sides' emphasis on activity and avant-garde, the consistency of consumer philosophy makes the combination between them readily acceptable to consumers without any emotional barriers or chasm.

In addition, this consumer group is mostly college students or white-collar workers, independent personality, pursuit of novelty, and unpredictable interest. Social media and e-commerce platform are the most effective way to touch them. These prerequisites have laid a good foundation for subsequent screen cleaning and sales.

Deepening product connotation: enhancing brand value through cultural integration

With the popularity of IP becoming a scarce resource, many brands will be tied to the same IP at the same time.

So the conventional IP marketing strategy will not be able to cope with the fierce competition in the market. The key to cross boundary marketing is whether we can plan and create content with a burst point to attract consumers' attention.

Under such a white hot competition, only by trying more new ways to dig deeper into the IP spirit core is it easier for the brand to "live" from the "fire" of IP. Only by combining the brand with the hot IP can we avoid the embarrassing situation of "running away".

From this perspective, the classic IP, the brand wants to use IP elements to achieve its true value in marketing promotion needs to find a suitable contact point. Sublimation of product culture is undoubtedly the most direct and effective way to cut in.

The mature classic IP has rich role image and story background. It not only supports the list of hot topics, but also gives the brand a special connotation.

Moreover, as an international IP, duo A dream has a wider audience and a better reputation, and cooperation itself has unwittingly promoted the image of its own brand.

LED'IN Lok Ting is catching the trait of Dora A dream IP, not only simply adding the dream of Duo A to the clothes, but by opening duer A dream to become the participant and actor of the brand story, opening the window of participating in brand emotion for the users; meanwhile, with the interaction of the IP role and the brand image, it produces new stories and extends the emotional premium. The fusion of the two cultures directly affects the product design philosophy and philosophy, thus producing the special cultural pboundary "chemical effect", which is the core of cross-border content marketing.

Grasp the rhythm of marketing: integrate effect with online, offline and linkage

The content marketing mode of cross-border IP cooperation has existed for a long time in LED'IN Lok Chai's brand marketing. The image of the first IP cooperation of LED'IN Lok Ting was "Simpson", which has been on the market 4 years ago.

Just LED'IN Lok Ting's early IP cooperation was based on offline stores as the main publicity channel, while the product focused on the clothing itself, and did not make full use of IP's omni-directional diversification value.

Since the beginning of last year, the image of IP itself has become more and more hot and topic oriented. The application of IP in LED'IN Lok Ting has begun to turn to more variety. It tries to have the overall planning of event marketing, and more services to the brand rather than the clothes itself. At this time, the marketing demand of LED'IN Lok Chai combined with the online user's data matches the cartoon data of the 80 and 90's loved ones, and enhances the user experience through the online offline interaction to create a more stereoscopic brand image.

In 2015, after the movie "Dora A dream" was released, it became a certain timeliness of IP.

The first wave of LED'IN Lok Chai's preheating is carried out around the "Dora A dream" renamed the 50th anniversary activity to announce the cooperation between Yue ting and duo A dream.

1 months before boarding the shelves, it is the "golden period" for preheating. LED'IN Lok Ting covers red Xiu,

YOHO girl

OK fashion and other fashion trends, bazaar fashion, ELLE, Chinese, YOKA, fashion, Cosmo and other fashion media, as well as Sina fashion, Sohu fashion and other large portals fashion channel; also in the social media, APP or self media has carried out intensive publicity, through the poster preheating, and topic discussion, create topic fever, and more use micro-blog, WeChat and micro Amoy, combined with micro-blog big V Ding Yichen, from the media V gogoboi and so on in a more diversified way to expose products.

Cross boundary IP is not a strange thing in the marketing world. Only now, marketers' attention to content marketing has gone far beyond the past.

More and more famous brands begin to use the influence of classic IP to seek synergy of strong alliance.

The fusion of LED'IN Lok ting and Dora A dream has penetrated into the brand culture, from pure animation to highlighting the concept of brand. This kind of depth brings a spiritual appeal.

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