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Luo Jianfan'S Views On Local Children'S Clothing And Children'S Industry

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According to the data, there are 220 million children under 14 years of age in China, accounting for 16.6% of the total population of the country.

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From the perspective of development, its market capacity will reach 250 billion yuan in 2016, and there will be more than 12% growth every year.

However, the growth of children's large industries in the future will reach trillion yuan in the Chinese market.


Luo Jianfan, the brand's founder, has repeatedly emphasized this data on several occasions to express his confidence in the future growth of the children's industry.

In July 28th, the bell ringing ceremony of the "new three boards" of Beijing Tongchuang Tongxin network Polytron Technologies Inc, the brand operator of the children's wear brand, was held at the center of the share pfer system of the national small and medium enterprises.

The company's landing on the new third board has made Luo Jianfan, who has always been low-key, come into public view.

In the interview with Luo Jianfan, he also let reporters understand the current and future views of the head of the kingdom of parkingland, the local children's clothing and even the children's industry.

Children's clothing industry is fierce competition, but the opportunity is bigger.

From the launch of the "two child alone" policy to the implementation of the "comprehensive two child" policy, the dividend policy of "two children" has made more and more enterprises win the market.

Besides the local clothing enterprises have launched a series of children's wear, overseas children's wear brands have also increased the layout of the Chinese market.

At the same time, the pformation of consumption patterns brought about by the development of the Internet has a huge impact on the original children's clothing market, especially in the field of children's clothing business. Low quality and low priced children's clothing is plaguing the whole market, and the competition in the industry is fierce.

In the face of increasingly fierce market competition in children's wear industry, Luo Jianfan is not worried.

"China's children's wear market has large capacity and stable growth, and it can accommodate a large number of excellent children's clothing enterprises.

Children's clothing industry is facing fierce competition, but the opportunity is even greater. "

As the brand of children's clothing established in 1994, Parker LAN has maintained close contact with the consumer market through the powerful sales network built over the years.

This also makes the brand's potential and growth appeal to the Chinese children's wear market profound.

"Although the economic growth is slowing down, social wealth is still increasing and consumption upgrading is continuing. This has led to changes in the distribution of consumption among many families, and investment in tourism, children's clothing and education has been increasing."

Luo Jianfan told reporters that the parents of the second tier cities have always attached great importance to their children's wear. The biggest change is the parents of the three or four line cities who used to invest in their children's education, and now pay more attention to their children's dress.

The improvement of parents' attention to dressing for children is evident from the data of children's clothing consumption in recent years.

The reporter has learned that although the economic downturn has led to a decline in sales of luxury children's clothing, the average consumption level of children's wear market has been growing.

It is worth mentioning that, according to the data of some network sales platform, the price of some brands has maintained a year-on-year growth of 30% over the past year.

"In the face of such market capacity and growth space, I believe that as long as the brand is excellent enough, we can find our own development space in this blue ocean."

Luo Jianfan told reporters that parkland's landing on the "new three boards" is to build a big industry for children with the help of capital strength and seize the huge opportunity of the children's consumer market.

"I am particularly optimistic about the growth of the future brand in the e-commerce platform."

Not only traffic, but also a new communication platform.

When Parker Landy landed this new three boards, one thing is worth pondering.

The brand does not use the brand name of the children's wear brand, which has a certain influence in the terminal market, as the name of the securities, but is the main body of the "three boards" listed by Tong Chuang Tong Xin, the company's main electricity supplier business.

In this regard, Luo Jianfan explained to reporters that the use of Tong Chuang Tong Xin landing on the new three boards, in addition to the Internet business concept in the capital market more popular considerations, but also on behalf of the company for children's clothing online future development opportunities are very optimistic.

"At the same time, we will also tilt to the electricity supplier more in the future strategic layout of the brand."

It is undeniable that children's wear has been developing rapidly online in recent years.

The convenience of online shopping and the break of its sales barriers to time and space make it fast becoming an important selling position for many children's clothing brands.

Parker lane, who has always been a physical channel, is also experiencing tremendous growth in the layout of online channels.

"Although online sales are not big in the total sales of the brand, the growth is very fast."

Luo Jianfan told reporters that the company predicted that the rapid growth of brand online sales next year will continue.

The rapid growth of children's wear online is closely related to its lower development base.

"The environment of the electricity supplier is changing every year. The online growth rate of children's clothing will continue to slow down in the future, but the total market will continue to increase."

Although the growth potential of online sales is huge, Luo Jianfan believes that enterprises must take appropriate online marketing strategies if they want to seize the opportunities of e-commerce.

"Many companies use online platforms to sell stocks, which I think is wrong.

Online platform is an important communication platform between brand and consumer. It is also an important position for brand image promotion. It is more suitable for finding a bestseller, helping enterprises understand consumer demand and is more suitable for centralized sales of large commodities.

Luo Jianfan said.

Especially in the face of the new generation of post-80s and 90s parents, their enthusiasm for online shopping can make the brand promising on the electronic business platform.

"Now the marketing environment has changed greatly, and consumers' attention and consumption behavior have been fragmented.

In this regard, making full use of the mobile Internet can enable the brand to achieve good communication with consumers, which is also an important marketing focus for our future. "

Luo Jianfan told reporters that at present, Parker has been working with IP, such as McDull and other young people, to communicate and communicate with young people.


Using closed loop ecosystem to maximize benefits

"Clothes are not standardized products, and the threshold of R & D innovation is higher and higher.

In this regard, the electricity supplier brings new sales channels to the brand at the same time, but also enables the brand and consumers to achieve close contact, understand consumer demand, thereby achieving a full range of children's product development.

Luo Jianfan believes that children's clothing brand trust is high, enterprises can take advantage of this opportunity to expand the entire range of products, around children's services and children's interest in culture and other products and services that can be delivered through the Internet platform, and create a closed loop ecosystem to maximize the benefits of enterprises.

This is also the core and key of future children's clothing enterprises to build their own competitiveness.

Luo Jianfan told reporters that unlike the development of international children's wear brands, the local children's clothing industry is not too competitive, but the market is too dispersed, which is also a huge development opportunity for enterprises.

"In the future, after making contact with customers through clothing sales, Parker Lane will continue to interact with them. On the one hand, we will find potential users in the community, while providing diversified product services, building a benign ecological circle, and striving to become a leading child group in China."

Luo Jianfan said.

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