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Doing Well In Reception Work Needs To Grasp The Etiquette In Reception Work.

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Conference reception is a regular work of the reception department, which provides necessary material conditions and service guarantee for the successful holding of the conference.

Conference reception has comprehensive characteristics.

It is also a systematic project from concierge service to accommodation arrangement, vehicle protection, medical and epidemic prevention, safety guard, from venue layout, pfer station to reception dinner design, inside and outside liaison.

Large conferences, especially various festivals, economic and trade exchanges and other large festivals, the number of guests is high, the level of service is particularly heavy, involving many aspects.

The comprehensiveness of conference reception determines the comprehensiveness of conference reception etiquette display.

The success of the conference reception requires not only careful organization and careful arrangement, but also requires that the personnel who take part in the conference reception have higher professional quality and etiquette training, so as to ensure that the conference reception process is unified, standardized, efficient and fluent, so that all links and aspects can reflect higher vocational standards and etiquette standards.

The conference reception staff regards zero errors, zero accidents and zero complaints as the working objectives.

To achieve zero errors, zero accidents and zero complaints is also a requirement, expression and confirmation of reception etiquette.

Conference reception etiquette runs through the whole process, all aspects and all aspects of the conference reception service.

Reception etiquette is based on standardization of reception services.

Because of the large number of guests and the complexity of the guests, the reception will be more frequent and the reception will be more extensive. Therefore, the unified reception process and standards should be standardized and standardized.

Whether service provision is standard refers to whether service technology skills, actions and procedures are in place, as well as service efficiency, proficiency and civilization.

The starting point of the standard is to standardize the customer service, and the goal is to satisfy the guests' needs to the maximum and satisfy the guests.

At present, the problems usually exist in the process of service: too much attention to individuation, neglect of standardization, or inadequate implementation of standards, or unscientific service standards.

Speaking from a large scale, there is no uniform standard for meeting reception service.

Standardization of reception services requires all receptionist to be proficient in the work processes and standards within their duties.

Define the responsibilities of a job, that is, what work you should do in your work, and master the work process and evaluation criteria for completing a job.

Any mistake or mistake in the reception process will bring inconvenience to the guests.

From etiquette perspective, it will be rude.

For example, a meeting will be arranged for guests in two hotels a and B.

On the day of the meeting, the reception work of a hotel was very good.

But on the side of the B hotel, there were no receptionists waiting to be on duty, so that the guests could not find the place to sign in. Many guests could not find the restaurant at dinner, causing guests dissatisfaction.

Again, the meeting was arranged for field visits. When the convoy walked nearly 100 kilometers, it found that the road ahead was repaired.

This road is blocked, so we have to turn back and go to the destination from another road.

This "toss", guests can feel the mood.

These two cases, at least, indicate that our work is not meticulous, but also the reception service process and standards are not in place, resulting in errors and impolite.

Obviously, to do well the service work in the conference is to do well the preparatory work before the meeting, especially to establish and perfect the reception service processes and standards.

According to the requirements of the meeting, we should organize a service working group with clear objectives, responsibilities in place and different functions.

coordinating mechanism

We should scientifically plan and compile various work plans and contingency plans, and implement them closely, such as on-site inspection, implementation of relevant details, and training of concierge reception teams.

Persisting in preparing for the rainy day, thinking ahead of the problem, doing the work ahead, resolving the contradictions before, and enhancing the initiative and foresight of the work.

In the reception project, we must adhere to unified command, co-ordination and coordination, cooperate with each other, cooperate with each other, seamlessly, pay attention to details, realize standardization and standardization of services, and ensure the uniform, standardized, efficient and orderly operation of all kinds of work done by concierge.

Reception etiquette is reflected on the one hand through service standardization, on the one hand, through service personalization.

One to one "housekeeping" service for important guests should be carried out in a timely manner to understand the personalized needs, customs and habits, religious taboos and emotional preferences of guests. Accordingly, individual arrangements should be made for catering, accommodation, travel security, health care and other matters, so that every guest can be happy and satisfied.

Judging from the current situation of our services, the existing or more important problems are the lack of standardization. The causes of errors and mistakes are mostly due to the standardization of reception preparation, such as poor coordination, poor contingency and poor service skills. But there are also problems of lack of personalities, which mainly focus on the individual personality of the guests, and less attention to the "individuality" of the participants.

To achieve "personalized" service, we should not only emphasize the individuality of the guests, but also pay attention to the "individuality" of the participants.

According to the contents of the conference, there are various kinds of meetings. There are party and government work conferences, economic and trade exchanges, large-scale celebrations, sports events, cultural exchanges, etc., which belong to different types and have specific themes, thus forming the "individuality" of meetings and participating groups.

Because of the large scale of conference reception and the large number of guests, the implementation of one to one "butler service" can only be directed at some important guests.

Therefore, to grasp the characteristics of the meeting and the "individuality" of the participating groups, to provide targeted reception services and unify the standard of reception service, can not only reduce the difficulty of our work, but also enhance the effect of "personalized" service.

At the same time, we should not only pay attention to "object individuality", such as the personalized needs of guests, the characteristics of meetings, but also give full play to the "individuality of the main body", that is, the personality of the receptionist and the reception area, which are the local characteristics and cultural characteristics of the reception.

The correct handling of the relationship between enthusiasm and diligence and thrift is a topic that the reception department and reception personnel can not get around.

Passion and thrift reveal the essential characteristics of etiquette from different aspects.

Enthusiasm is a psychological characteristic, a positive emotion and emotion. It reveals the psychological essence and spiritual characteristics of etiquette from the emotional and psychological aspects: respecting guests, paying attention to details and giving guests the experience of being respected, welcomed, comfortable and pleasant to form a harmonious and harmonious reception atmosphere.

Frugality is a kind of moral character related to consumption. In Chinese culture, it is frugal and respectful.

Confucius said, "courtesy, rather than luxury, is more frugal."

"The book of Rites" cloud: "Gong Jian Zhuang Jing,"

And raise the diligence and thrift to the height of national governance: "look at the former country and family, and become diligent thrift and extravagance."

Enthusiasm and simplicity are the fine traditions of our party's reception work.

In the official reception, we must persist in thrift and frugality, advocate the beauty of plain and simple, frugal, frugal, and persist in the unity of passion and thrift.

Realize the unity of hospitality and hospitality, and demand correct understanding.

Reception service

Materiality and spirituality and their relationship.

We should not only see the materiality of service provision, but ignore the emotional and spiritual nature of service provision, and even interpret "enthusiasm" as "ostentation, ostentatious, extravagance and waste".

Reception service always requires a certain material supply as a carrier to meet the needs of guests to eat, live and travel.

However, this material is not only practical, but also ideographic.

Frugality is also the content of ideographic.

Therefore, it is by no means extravagant and extravagant, the more valuable it is, the more etiquette it can express "enthusiasm".

Zhao Leji, Secretary of the Shaanxi provincial Party committee, said when choosing "gifts", we should emphasize the selection of small gifts and souvenirs with regional characteristics.

Gifts and souvenirs are actually a gesture to express their meaning.

A small gift from a foreigner, with three layers of three layers and outside, looks very beautiful, but in fact it is not worth a few dollars.

Therefore, it is not necessarily expensive and valuable to take bribes in a sense. When it deviates from the principles and standards of public service reception, the result is a waste of manpower and material resources, a heavier financial burden and a waste of public resources.

And the connotation of affection released by this "enthusiasm" is actually distorted.

Interpersonal relationship

The relationship between upper and lower levels makes the relationship between people and subordinates vulgarization.

From the angle of hospitality etiquette, it is actually disrespectful and rude to guests.

Enthusiasm is first reflected in the standardization and standardization of hospitality services.

In the reception standard, we should think about the problems, do our best in the right way, live within our means, calculate carefully, and do less money, do more work and do good deeds.

From the current situation, there is a lack of unified reception standards, and although there are standards, but the implementation is not in place, these two problems exist at the same time.

To achieve unity of passion and thrift, we must give full play to the individuality of the main body.

Reception etiquette is the degree of civilization and beauty of people and interpersonal relationships that are expressed by the service attitude, service efficiency, service etiquette, service skills, and the demeanor of service personnel.

At the same time, we should make good use of the special resources and cultural characteristics of the reception area, highlight the connotation and individuality of reception, constantly innovate the way of reception, control unnecessary ceremonial and social activities, start from reality, frugal and plain, pay attention to actual effect, control the scale, time and number of participants, and reduce the cost of meetings.

In the reception process, we should pay attention to dynamic control.

In ensuring the quality of service and normal work needs, according to the guest information and work progress, the logistics support measures should be adjusted in a timely manner to maximize the cost savings.

We must strictly implement the expenditure examination and approval system and the asset acquisition registration system of "application for approval before examination and subsequent review and reimbursement", strictly carry out staff assessment and registration, strictly monitor daily expenditures, strictly control the number of hotel meals and standards, and make every effort to reduce all unnecessary expenses.

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