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How To Be A Happy Donkey In The Workplace

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Life is not a 100 meter race, but a long marathon.

On the runway of life, we should not only see a bit of victory in front of us, but also take a long view of ourselves, and win the final victory is the most successful life.

The division of labor is clear. Not everyone can become a Phoenix. Not everyone is born a Phoenix. Instead of complaining, it is better to learn to adjust their mentality and become a happy donkey.

Believe it, if we are positive and steady


In the face of difficulties, potential is often hidden in difficulties.

In the workplace, the division of labor is meticulous and clear. Not everyone can enter the workplace and become a Phoenix. More people will appear with a donkey when they are involved in the workplace. However, we are so bold and conceited that we come out of the school and then bump into another new unfamiliar environment. What follows is the confusion, anxiety, hesitation and helplessness of the future, and all kinds of feelings come to mind.

But why can't we be a happy donkey?

When I walked out of the school and family greenhouse, I lost my family and teacher's care.

After entering the society, the pressure and test of employment, work, career and emotion are followed, and suffer from the cold wave of reality.

Sometimes I almost collapse when faced with difficulties and pressures. I once thought of myself giving up like this.

In fact, when we first involved


Like donkeys, sometimes we encounter many difficulties and hardships in the journey of life. We will inevitably fall into the predicament of "dry wells". We will be dumped on us by all kinds of difficult "sediment".

At this time, we do not have to abandon ourselves to ourselves, nor do we need to blame others.


Attitude to face.

In the "dry well", we should not cry and yell, and the secret we want to get rid of from these "dry wells" is to shake off the "sediment" and then stand up.

In fact, the difficulties and frustrations we encounter in life are the "sediment" added to us.

Sometimes, we just see the negative side and expose the weak side in the face of difficulties. We only think about why we are so unlucky, but we can not think of how to overcome difficulties.

However, if we look at it from a different angle and face it with a strong and confident attitude, we will be faced with difficulties when facing the difficulties with correct and positive attitude. As long as we perseveringly shake them off and then stand up and step on the difficulties, we will be able to get out of difficulties even if we fall to the deepest wells.

When faced with adversity, your attitude is different, and there will be different outcomes.

If you choose a passive escape, sooner or later you will be buried by difficult sediment and lose the opportunity to get out of the difficult position. If you choose to face it positively, you will surely stand on the difficult sediment and get the chance of life.

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