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Suzhou Residence Registration Relaxed Two Types Of Market Players To Speed Up Development

2016/10/18 23:14:00 17

Registration Of ResidenceRegistration Of Companies In Suzhou

According to the news from the Suzhou Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce, since the end of August this year, the two main market players have been developing faster.

One is industrial parks, science and technology parks, business incubators, and innovative space carrier enterprises.

According to the Wuzhong District Market Supervision Bureau registration window responsible person, a few days ago, Suzhou Dongshan Group Co., Ltd. applied for cluster registration, becoming the first city in the city to enjoy this policy.

The company is located in the industrial park of Bi Lo scenic area, Dongshan Town, Wuzhong District. It has 10000 square meters of houses, and it is expected that the enterprises will reach 1000 households.


Cluster registration

After registration, the enterprises registered in the industrial park will be more convenient to register in the future. When submitting residence registration materials, it is no longer necessary to provide the residence proof materials such as the rental agreement, sublease certificate, copy of the property certificate, and so on, just submit the copy of the registration notice of the permitted residence (business place) cluster.

So far, 13 enterprises in the park have enjoyed the advantages of clustered registration.

City industry and Commerce Bureau responsible person said, at present, the city is like this kind of bidding or has already handled more than 5 enterprises.

The other is business secretarial company.

According to the head of the registration window of Kunshan Market Supervision Bureau, the business secretary company refers to the company that provides residence hosting services for entrusting enterprises, and entrustment to provide other business agency services such as collecting legal documents.

In the past, due to the large number of start-ups in such companies hosting projects, there was uncertainty in their operations.

Place decentralization

And so on, for its application for registration of registration to submit residence related material requirements are stricter, such as the hosting of the project business field all requirements, slow development.

The policy was introduced, even though it was a trusteeship.

enterprise operation

The project also has a limited scope, such as "Internet +", e-commerce, software and information technology services, research and experimental development, technology promotion and application services, literary and artistic creation, etc., but there are many consulted and visited the windows.

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