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Financial Guide: 2016 Investment And "Stealing Chicken" Is Very Difficult.

2016/12/25 13:51:00 34

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Once again, the annual war of ending, the seemingly calm year has daunting the investors. It seems that the annual line is still underfoot, but investors are not profitable. All of these may be blamed.

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It is also necessary to blame the birth of the "monster stock", and even blame the "strike" index for a year of domineering. All these regulatory errors have to be paid by hundreds of millions of investors. Investors have reached the heartbreaking stage, and even the market is even called the "dead fish" market. Then what can be done? Who allowed you to come to the forefront of reform and opening up, and can only accept your fate, and only hope that the coming year will be better!

In last week's analysis report, the author has clearly pointed out that "rising space is very small", we should pay attention to Wednesday is an important time window, maybe there will be a short-term high point. As a result, the Wednesday big market rebounded after overfall, and the closing gap of the Federal Reserve raised interest rate was rebounded by the close of the closing line. I promptly reminded in micro-blog that "the gap has been filled up, and there is no reason for any attack". As a result, there has been a downward trend on Friday. The closing is already at the 3110 important point. This position is an important average line in May.

From a technical point of view,

Shanghai index

Depending on the market capitalization, the annual line is located near the 3000 point. On the top of it, the closing should be a foregone conclusion, and the national team won the competition. The annual line of the small board and the gem is at 6790 points and 2160 points respectively. Since the beginning of the "monopoly" period, the annual line that has broken down has not been recovered for a whole year. It is obvious that the investors who invest in the two small board this year are very disastrous.

The author expects that investment and "stealing chicken" in 2016 are already very difficult. If you do not have enough "steal chicken" skills in the market of "killing the rich and not making the poor", the road in 2017 will be even more difficult because the reason is very simple: what is the investment under the annual line?

The end of the war is the place where the institutions fight. No matter where the closing position is, I have to remind investors: the fall is far from over. Although 3030 to 3050 points will support, but it is very difficult to operate. Do you have this skill? Without this ability, investors who have invested a year or a loss this year will first sum up the experience and lessons of failure. Next year when the market is in panic, they will come in again.


"More effective.

Many friends may wonder why today is the trend of diving. Actually, there is no need to look for reasons everywhere. The atmosphere has already told you that there are no mainline themes and stocks, and stocks can not be warmed up very much, and the persistence of stocks is very bad. Where can this index support the index rise? Again, the reason is very simple.

Therefore, next week, we should pay attention to the warming of the plate atmosphere in the next week. If the atmosphere of the plate can warm up (such as the emergence of the theme plate, the intensity of the stocks, the large area warming of stocks, etc.), there may be a rebound in the market. Next week we will continue to stare at this disk signal.

We still operate on the old strategy, we must have the idea of separate warehouse layout, local market can not even warehouse to one.

Then we must recognize the trend of the index. The trend is not good. We should control the positions and control the positions. We should not deal with the downward trend with the bull's thinking. If that happens, it is easy to fall before the dawn.

Short term positions follow the good atmosphere of the market to see the right opportunity to start again, how to operate the central location or how to operate, but it is best to control the positions to deal with the current uncertain trend.

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