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Xinji: A Total Of 98 Illegal Leather Finishing Enterprises Have Been Banned.

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XinjiLeather And Processing Enterprises

Leather industry, as a landmark industry in Xinji, has great economic contribution and wide employment impact. It has contributed half of Xinji's industrial added value. However, behind the sunshine industry, some people are lucky enough to illegally engage in leather finishing industry outside the tanning area.



The Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau jointly organized a joint law enforcement team with public security, electric power and township governments. After the thunder investigation, a total of 98 illegal leather finishing enterprises were banned.

It is understood that the banned enterprises have neither environmental approval procedures nor pollution prevention measures. In the process of production, the smoke and dust produced by the small boilers not installed in the dust removal facilities and the volatile organic pollutants generated by the shotcreting machine are wilfully emitted. The blue silk and waste leather blocks produced by peeling process are not standardized, and are the "fifteen small" enterprises prohibited by the state.

The joint law enforcement team resolutely banished the measures to cut off water, cut off electricity and clean up raw materials, equipment and products.

Up to now, the special rectification action has been destroyed.

Tannery industrial area

The 98 leather finishing enterprises in Xinji town and Hetian Jia Zhuang township have exercised the rapid response ability of law enforcement teams, effectively curbing the momentum of "fifteen small" enterprises to pollute the environment and effectively eliminating them.


Hidden danger and hidden danger.

In the future, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau will strengthen the supervision and investigation of the "fifteen small" enterprises at the same time while strengthening the inspectors.

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Leather industry is the foundation of China's leather industry, and also the starting and source of the industry chain.

China International Leather Fair is a stage for tanning enterprises. Every year, there are large, medium and small scale enterprises that make self-made leather products. The exhibits range from pigskin, cowhide and sheepskin.

At this year's exhibition, tanning enterprises not only showcase all kinds of exquisite leather, but also focus on shaping the image of corporate environmental protection.

We see that many enterprises put the signs of "genuine leather logo eco leather" as well as the signs which are certified by the international environmental protection laboratory, and set out the concept of environmental protection for the buyers.

"In the past two years, we really feel the changes in China's leather making enterprises, especially in terms of environmental protection, they pay more attention to investment in science and technology, and very forward-looking."

One European buyer, who came to purchase, said.

As the forerunner and outstanding representative of the industry's environmental protection, the "genuine leather logo eco leather enterprise" holds high environmental protection and low carbon banner. Once again, the collective appearance of the exhibition, Yatai tanning, rising star tanning, Zhejiang Fubang, brother tannery, Hebei Dongming, Xin Jibai, Xinji, Hong Sihai, Tai Huan nine Bao en, Jin Xin tanning, Kaiyuan tanning, Guangdong Xinyu FA, Kuroda Akiryo and other ecological leather enterprises have constructed the most beautiful green landscape of China International Leather Exhibition.

Many exhibitors say that with the trend of low carbon economy, eco leather products have become a favorite market.

Some enterprises have increased production site renovation, equipment renewal, new product technology research and development, and developed many new eco leather products. They not only created excellent achievements in production and marketing, but also rapidly expanded the market share; some enterprises, relying on the quality advantages of products, hit the leather label eco leather brand in the domestic and foreign markets, attracting large numbers of high-end customers at home and abroad, and successfully realized the "adverse market trend".

"Our leather contains carbon, but it contains bamboo charcoal". When a company introduced environmentally-friendly bamboo charcoal leather, it was amazing. Before the booth, many visitors were gathered.

The product is made of high quality bamboo charcoal as raw material and processed by nano technology. It is soft, comfortable and natural breathable. It is used for furniture, automobile cushion and interior decoration. Because bamboo carbon is added, it can adsorb and degrade harmful gas.

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