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The Four National Standards Will Be Held In Tongxiang, Zhejiang.

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National Standard Examination CommitteeZhejiang"Small Lake Sheepskin"

The National Leather Industry Standardization Technical Committee organized the four national standards Examination Committee of "small lake sheepskin", "racoon dog skin", "yellow weasel skin" and "sleepee skin" in Tongxiang, Zhejiang. More than 20 committee members from all over the country participated in this standard certification committee. The director of China Leather Association fur Specialized Committee

Huang Yan Jie

Attend the meeting.


Establishment unit

This paper introduces the compilation and revision process of the four national standards, and reports the main amendments.

The four standards passed smoothly through the Standardization Technical Committee, and entered the approval process, which will be promulgated and implemented after the approval of the National Standardization Technical Committee.

The conference examined four national standards carefully, and the four national standards from the definition, classification, quality determination, inspection methods, inspection rules, packaging, pportation and storage of small lake sheepskin, racoon dog skin,

Yellow tiger skin

And cunzi skin put forward clear requirements in rough processing, manufacturing and market circulation in the future.

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The second session of the national footwear Standardization Technical Committee SAC/TC305/SC1 (hereinafter referred to as the "shoes committee") was held in Wenzhou for the four time.

Zheng Xiukang, chairman of the Kangnai group, chairman of the shoes Committee, chairman of the leather shoes branch, Wenzhou shoes Committee, the senior advisor of leather shoes Committee, Yan Huai Dao, deputy director of the China Leather Association's office, vice chairman of the leather shoes Committee, Lu Hua, the director of the Institute of quality and technology supervision and inspection of the forest, Jiang Xin, and other representatives, members, observers, business representatives and testing organizations from all over the country. A total of 46 people attended the meeting.

The meeting was presided over by Zhang Jingwu, vice president of Wenzhou quality and technology supervision and testing institute.

The meeting should be attended by 38 members of the shoes Committee, and 30 members and members. 8 members did not attend the meeting because of their work reasons.

8 members who did not attend the meeting submitted the leave of absence, and the information was delivered to them. They all agreed in writing about the voting content of the meeting.

There are 15 members of the footwear Standard Committee's working group on physical and mechanical properties (hereinafter referred to as the WG2 working group of the footwear Standards Committee). There are 11 members present to the meeting and members. 4 members have asked the Secretariat for leave of absence because of their work. The working group has sent the information to the conference. 4 people have replied to the letter and agreed in writing on the proposal of this conference.

First of all, Zhang Jingwu, vice president of Wenzhou quality and technology supervision and testing institute, welcomed the speech on behalf of the host. He also summarized the work carried out by the Secretariat since 2016 and gave full recognition to the Secretariat's work achievements this year, and gave direction to the Secretariat's future work.

Yan Huai Road, senior consultant of China leather and footwear industry research institute, spoke on behalf of the higher level tender committee.

He expressed his heartfelt congratulations and thanks to the Secretariat of the shoes Committee on leather shoes for its 8 years' work since its establishment, the care and support for members, the support of the Secretariat in all aspects and the hard work of the Secretariat staff.

At the same time, he pointed out that the GB is now modifying the standard system. It will integrate the standard system and introduce a series of group standards. It is hoped that those engaged in standardization work can follow the direction of this reform, adjust their direction of work, and explore more innovative group standards.

China Leather Association shoes industry special committee director, shoes Standard Committee Vice Chairman of leather shoes branch Lu Hua introduced the recent shoemaking industry's present situation and the development situation.

At the meeting, chairman Zheng Xiukang made a summary of the work in 2016, summed up the work done by the shoes Committee in 2016, and put forward the 2017 annual work plan.

Secretary General Yang Zhimin reported to the General Assembly on the 2016 annual financial statements of the shoes Committee, and put forward the 2017 financial budget.

In accordance with the requirements of the regulations of the National Professional Standardization Technical Committee, the General Assembly held a vote by hand and voted in full.

The afternoon standard review will be chaired by Yang Zhimin, Secretary General of the shoes Committee, and proposed and approved by the senior consultant of the national footwear Standardization Technical Committee, the head of the inspection team. The five industry standard "composite shoe soles compression performance test method", "shoe bottom welt and round bar flexural performance Test Method", "whole shoe shoe breaking strength and elongation test method", "heel repeat compression performance test method", "shoe upper leather impact friction test method" draft and its preparation instructions will be examined.

Yan Huaidao, the head of the review team, and the representatives attending the meeting made positive remarks in the light of the serious and responsible attitude of the industry. They examined the terms of the standard one by one, and finally agreed to pass the examination. They requested the Secretariat and the drafting unit to sort out the five standards in a timely manner according to the amendments proposed by the review conference.

The five industry standard reviews will form separate minutes of the review conference.

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