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Changchun Industrial And Commercial Bureau: Footwear Commodity Sampling Results Announced

2016/12/25 14:47:00 53


Learned from the official website of the Changchun Administration for Industry and commerce, the third quarter of 2016, the Department carried out footwear products in some shopping malls in the city.


A total of 130 batches of samples were collected, and the 27 batches were unqualified, with an unqualified rate of 21%.

This sampling inspection is based on GB 20400-2006 "leather and fur deleterious substances limit" (GB 28011-2011 "footwear steel hook" 3 "QB/T 1002-2005" "leather shoes" (4) QB/T2955-2008 "leisure shoes", "leisure shoes", QB/T 2880-2007, "children's leather shoes" and so on.

Peel strength of backing

The strength of the upper shoe, the strength of the outsole and the middle sole.

Wear resistance of outsole

And other indicators were tested.

The main problems of unqualified goods are: marking, marking the lower limit of length, decomposing harmful aromatic amine dyes, longitudinal rigidity of the hook, 5, folding resistance of the shoes, and wear resistance of the outsole.

The Changchun Administration for Industry and Commerce reminds consumers that when shopping for footwear, they should first select shopping malls, see brands and choose reputable enterprise products; secondly, try to choose products that are fully identified and avoid "three no products"; thirdly, choose carefully when purchasing, check the appearance, two look at the workmanship, and three smell; finally, choose the material carefully and distinguish the good and bad leather.

If you find suspected fake commodities, please call the industry and Commerce Bureau 12315 complaint hotline.

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In the technical specification for pollution control of waste plastics recycling and reuse, it is stipulated clearly that waste plastic regenerated products or materials should meet the quality standards of relevant products, and signs of regeneration should be marked on the surface.

However, none of the slippers manufacturers visited by the Hebei satellite TV reporter went to such a way, and even some slippers did not even have certificates.

Harm to adults and children

What is the harm of unqualified slippers? It is understood that the recall problem of slippers relates to the excessive content of o-benzoic acid two and the excessive lead content.

Let's talk about o-benzoic acid two, which has effects on male reproductive system, female breast cancer, children's liver and kidney and sexual development.

O-benzoic acid two is a necessary material for shaping and fixing shapes. It is widely used in toys, food packaging materials, medical blood bags and hose, vinyl floor and wallpaper, cleaners, lubricants, personal care products (such as nail polish, hair spray, soap and shampoo) and so on, but it is seriously harmful to human health.

Because it is easily absorbed by the skin through the human body.

Generally speaking, the poorer the quality of the raw materials, the higher the usage of o-benzoic acid two, and the stronger the pungent taste.

In cosmetics, nail polish has the highest content of o-benzoic acid two, and the aromatic components of many cosmetics also contain this substance.

This substance will enter the body through the female respiratory system and skin. If used too much, it will increase the risk of breast cancer in women, and it will also endanger the reproductive system of boys born in the future.

In addition, o-phthalate two can interfere with the endocrine of the human body and affect the reproductive system of the male, especially on the liver and kidney of children, which may induce precocious puberty in children.

The harm of heavy metal lead is even more known. It is a toxic heavy metal which is harmful to human body. Lead and its compounds will cause harm to nervous system, hematopoietic, digestive, kidney, cardiovascular and endocrine systems.

Lead can affect the growth and development of children, which may cause mental retardation, cognitive dysfunction and even nerve damage in children.

For more information, please pay attention to the world clothing shoes and hats and Internet cafes.

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