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"Blowing" Slippers Are Flooded With Online And Offline Disasters.

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Blowing slippers are a new type of slippers based on PVC raw materials. They are also the latest popular slippers in the market. Because these materials are finalized, the amount of auxiliaries is low, the cost is low, the process is simple, and they are also the first choice for many slippers manufacturers. On the other hand, the slippers are relatively light, comfortable and skid resistant, and consumers purchase too much.

In the technical specification for pollution control of waste plastics recycling and reuse, it is stipulated clearly that waste plastic regenerated products or materials should meet the quality standards of relevant products, and signs of regeneration should be marked on the surface.

Reporters at several large supermarkets in Beijing saw the figure of inflatable slippers everywhere.

In particular, some children's inflatable slippers are very bright in color and shape. The twisted shoes are linked to the soles, and some children's shoes are decorated with cartoon characters such as bow tie and Mickey.

"A pair of slippers is 11.9 yuan, but also a package. It feels pungent to receive goods."

Liu Min, who just bought a pair of slippers from Taobao, told reporters.

At the same time, another piece of news about slippers is also worthy of attention. Jiangsu Kunshan inspection and Quarantine Bureau announced that Jiangsu fast deer Shoes Co., Ltd. recently decided to recall the products from January 21, 2016 to January 22, 2016, and from February 26, 2016 to February 2016 27, which produced 2260 CLS1603 pairs of children's inflatable slippers.

The problem is that the content of o-benzoic acid two is over standard and the content of lead is over standard.

It will cause damage to the male and children's body.

Consumers need to be reminded not to pursue low prices blindly, but to guard against injuries caused by unqualified slippers.

Market: "blowing" slippers are full of online and offline, while on the Internet, the direct search of "blowing slippers" has only 36 results. It can be seen that blowing slippers are not known to the public, nor are they important selling points.

But look carefully.


The information is not hard to find. Many plastic slippers are blowing slippers.

These blowing slippers vary from 10 to 60 yuan, depending on the degree of refinement.

The reporter looked carefully at the slippers and found that the labels on these slippers were not labeled with chemicals. They simply indicated that the ingredients were PVC material.

And the slippers that cost more than ten yuan smell smells great.

It is reported that most of the slippers that are pungent are adulterated with old materials.

How can the old materials become slippers? So how can these slippers that are pungent and not fit? Before, Hebei TV's investigative reporter once witnessed the whole process of changing the shoes of the old slippers in a "small old workshop" in nanxuan village, Dingzhou, Hebei.

The processing flow of these old slippers is very simple. After putting the sorting slippers into the machine, they can be sent to the shoe factory to make shoes directly.

Introduction of old shoe Recyclers


The raw material of slippers is about 6000 yuan, and the recycled materials they produce are only 3000 yuan, even if they are more than 1000, they can be made for large factories.

According to the requirements of China's technical specification for waste plastics recycling and recycling control, waste plastics recycling or storage sites (enterprises) must be approved by the Environmental Protection Administration Department of the local people's government for environmental protection, and there are corresponding pollution prevention facilities and equipment.

But this small workshop can't reach that standard.

However, none of the slippers manufacturers visited by the Hebei satellite TV reporter went to such a way, and even some slippers did not even have certificates.

What is the harm of unqualified slippers? It is understood that the recall problem of slippers relates to the excessive content of o-benzoic acid two and the excessive lead content.

Let's talk about o-benzoic acid two, which has effects on male reproductive system, female breast cancer, children's liver and kidney and sexual development.


O-phthalate two

It is a necessary material for shaping and fixing shape. It is widely used in toys, food packaging materials, medical blood bags and hose, vinyl floor and wallpaper, cleaning agents, lubricants, personal care products (such as nail polish, hair spray, soap and shampoo) and so on, but it is seriously harmful to human health.

Because it is easily absorbed by the skin through the human body.

Generally speaking, the poorer the quality of the raw materials, the higher the usage of o-benzoic acid two, and the stronger the pungent taste.

In cosmetics, nail polish has the highest content of o-benzoic acid two, and the aromatic components of many cosmetics also contain this substance.

This substance will enter the body through the female respiratory system and skin. If used too much, it will increase the risk of breast cancer in women, and it will also endanger the reproductive system of boys born in the future.

In addition, o-phthalate two can interfere with the endocrine of the human body and affect the reproductive system of the male, especially on the liver and kidney of children, which may induce precocious puberty in children.

The harm of heavy metal lead is even more known. It is a toxic heavy metal which is harmful to human body. Lead and its compounds will cause harm to nervous system, hematopoietic, digestive, kidney, cardiovascular and endocrine systems.

Lead can affect the growth and development of children, which may cause mental retardation, cognitive dysfunction and even nerve damage in children.

Experts remind children that children are at the stage of physical development. Children's shoes should be paid attention to safety, functionality and fitness.

Try not to choose cheap and brightly colored children's shoes. The smell must not be bought. The shoe material is made of cotton and leather. This kind of shoes are light, comfortable and breathable, which is good for children's activities and feet development. Children's muscles and feet are tender and soft, and the size of shoes should be suitable. The small size will affect the development of the muscles and ligaments of the feet, and too much will affect walking and activities.

For more information, please pay attention to the world clothing shoes and hats and Internet cafes.

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