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The Big Crowd Is Gathered. SORONA Brings You To Explore The "Elastic" World.

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SORONAFunctional Underwear FabricsDupont

Guangzhou has always been the holy land of the tide brand gathering. It is a creative place full of sky and sky. And we have always promoted the whole industry chain as a whole. Therefore, let's get together in April 26th.


DuPont Sorona is holding the first fashion tour in 17 years. We will assemble the leading brand in the industry to bring you the most innovative fabric and explore the world of bullet.

Now let's talk about which heavyweight downstream customers will come to show their SORONA baby.

Fu Li Da group Hangzhou import and export company / Fu Li Da group Hangzhou economic and Trade Industrial Co., Ltd.

Fu Li Da group Hangzhou import and Export Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, and owns the Hangzhou economic and Trade Co., Ltd.

Relying on the group from pulp, viscose staple fiber, polyester new materials to spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, "research, production and marketing" integrated textile industry system and the annual production capacity of 200 million meters of textile fabric dyeing and finishing capacity advantages, the construction of customer oriented core product R & D, manufacturing, supply and service collaborative operation mechanism and innovation alliance system, rapid response to user demands, to provide customers with high-quality one-stop fabric solutions.

The company currently has two categories of Sorona products:

One is the traditional T/R imitation wool products, which are added with Sorona spun short fiber and viscose blended yarn, so that the product has better handle and resilience.

Some have blended with Tencel and hemp and have good wearability.

The other category is all kinds of interlaced products containing Sorona long filaments. These products are comfortable and elastic, cotton type and other popular elements. They are popular in the market, and are suitable for windbreaker, Parker, jacket and so on.

China Textile Limited by Share Ltd

Huafang Limited by Share Ltd, built in 1976, is located in Binzhou, Shandong.

It has an annual output of 2.8 million tons of dyed fabrics, more than 10000 varieties of colors, 40 thousand spindles of ring spinning, 28 thousand spindles of compact spinning, 2 million pieces of clothing and total assets: 2 billion yuan.

Trade scale: annual sales income 3 billion yuan, export earn foreign exchange $300 million.

The company is one of the world's most professional manufacturers of uniform fabrics and casual wear fabrics.

Huafang is a partner of many excellent raw materials, and also an important customer of DuPont SORONA fiber.

The existing SORONA products:

There are cotton / SORONA mix blended shirt / casual pants fabrics, T/C/SORONA /SORONA blended work fabric, Tencel /SORONA and linen SORONA fashion fabric.

The fabric made of Sorona short fiber / filament has comfortable handle and moderate elasticity. It is well liked by domestic and foreign customers.

Beijiang textile

Founded in 1995, Beijiang textile is a fast growing international textile company which provides one-stop cowboy fabric sourcing services for R & D, design and manufacture of global customers.

From pulp dyeing, weaving to finishing, Beijiang textile is equipped with world-class modern production equipment to achieve vertical integration of production and operation, with a production capacity of 80 million yards and an annual output value of about 1 billion 500 million yuan.

The company officially became the first Chinese cowboy fabric enterprise in 2016, and the second bluesign partners in the world. It has obtained the certificate of high-tech enterprise, and is also a member unit of BCI and COTTON LEADSTM.

We insist on working with world-class suppliers to select raw materials and ensure product quality.

The existing SORONA products:

We developed five sets of jeans material containing SORONA fiber, Sorona short fiber and filament, and the cloth numbers are RA3493BK, RA3546-31, RA3773KW, SA2581-6, SA2914-1.

It brings us the innovative materials of the cowboy industry, whether it is hand feeling or elasticity, and can be greatly improved. The bulging problem that consumers worry about is also solved.

We will continue to work hard to make more products that customers want.

Guangzhou Jinxing textile bleaching and dyeing Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Jinxing textile bleaching and dyeing Co., Ltd., the parent company of Jinxing International Holdings Limited, was founded in 1993. Jinxing international has become a large textile enterprise integrating weaving, dyeing, printing, yarn dyed and garment manufacturing. It is a world-renowned high quality knitted fabric, yarn dyed yarn, color line and garment manufacturer, and its products are well known in the world and in China.

Enterprise vision is to become the world's textile industry as the core of the diversified development of outstanding enterprises, to provide customers with quality products and excellent services.

The existing SORONA products:

The SORONA and pet shirts are soft, plump and light.

And the comfortable elasticity can make the movement more free, and wash and wear repeatedly, will not lose elasticity, and extend the life of clothing.

Many famous brands in China are using these products, and I believe such a good product will become more and more popular.

Haixing Mstar Technology Ltd

Haixing Mstar Technology Ltd is a strategic partner of DuPont SORONA in the application of Shu Dun staple fiber. It is committed to providing all kinds of high-quality differential materials for domestic and foreign apparel fabrics.

SORONA spun rayon short staple not only can be blended with all kinds of natural materials (linen, viscose, polyester, cotton, Tencel, modal, wool) for different applications, such as shirts, trousers, jeans, sweaters, etc. it has natural cotton feeling and gives comfort and flexibility.

SORONA can also be used as a filling material for garments and home textiles. It is safe, environmentally friendly, healthy and washable.

Haixing will also bring the latest research and development products to the site, and we will wait and see.

Dongguan Dongcheng chemical fibre Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1986, it is the earliest professional manufacturer of thermal insulation filling materials in Guangdong and even the whole country.

At present, the Sorona products include swart cotton, biological velvet and suede velvet, which are mainly used for sleeping bags, bedding, gloves, mattresses and other applications.

Its fluffy, warm, wide range of applications, easy to use and flexible.

It is an ideal choice for clothing and home textile filler materials.

Bellison group (International) Holdings Limited

Bellison group is an innovative company that closely cooperate with China Textile Science Research Institute and other textile research institutes, and domestic and foreign large-scale knitting fiber production enterprises to develop, produce and sell all kinds of ecological, environmental protection, fashion, new yarn and knitted fashion fabrics.

The company has nearly four thousand women's fabrics.

And each year maintains nearly 500 new fabrics development speed, especially after the cooperation with SORONA, has become a loyal fan of him. The newly developed SORONA brand fiber pants skirt fabric and high-end mercerized women's fabric has been continuously favored by the market.

At the recently concluded Shenzhen underwear exhibition, research and development

SORONA functional underwear fabrics

It comes from the cicada wings, soft and smart, and appears to be hidden.

Liang Pu custom dress (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Focus on the use of environmentally friendly fabrics, for high-end customers to do a temperature design, self expression, return to life.

The new fabric made of SORONA cotton fiber, combined with the market trend, has designed and made daily comfortable living clothes, casual wear, fashionable bell bottoms, fishtail skirts, suits and beautiful gowns. It keeps pace with the trend of the times and fully displays the comfort and durability of fabrics.

We hope to meet you.


DuPont Sorona

Looking forward to meeting you!

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