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Care For Children In Mountain Area CAMKIDS In Action

2017/6/3 13:55:00 41

CAMKIDSMountain AreaPublic Welfare

A group of children, a cold wind blew their skin, ice and snow froze their hands and feet, they were hardship, but the firm eyes were still full of hope. They were thin and weak, but the strong heart made them stand upright. They believed that the cold wind could not blow away the hope, and the ice and snow could not help the warmth.

CAMKIDS also believes that warm and comfortable world, warm winter action warm heart!

Cloudy Monday, cloudy Monday, cold weather.



The warm winter action has once again begun to send supplies and school supplies to the mountains.

The school is a small village under the jurisdiction of purple school in Qijiang district. The school is located in a mountainous area with an altitude of more than 800 meters. At the junction with Guizhou, the students are mostly poor students and left behind children.

Material is thin, dripping is love!

Give roses to others, leave your hands fragrant.


CAMKIDS children's wear

Stick to social responsibility and keep your promise!

What we can do is this responsibility, this warmth!

In the five quarter of CAMKIDS's "warm winter action", we also have a group of lovely, responsible and persistent love partners.



Jiaoguang radio, Zhongrun self driving, Zhongqing Hui, Zhongbai hundred new century group, Mao Ye Department store, Dayang department store and Wangfujing department store are your CAMKIDS. "Warm winter action" can be carried out for a long time.

We also want to thank the business community "family" magazine. It is your full publicity that allows us to collect enough winter supplies.

We also want to thank all the children and people who are involved in the warm winter action. It is your support that enables us to strengthen our faith and keep doing it.


public welfare

You insist!

CAMKIDS promises will always insist on doing it!

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