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New Action Of The Company: Join Hands With Korean Sports Brand BALLOP

2017/6/30 16:54:00 193

Yin ManSports BrandBALLOP

June 29th news, Yin Mei's parent company, Mei Mei Group and Han Guochao light weight

Sports brand BALLOP (Bai Le step)

At the signing ceremony in Guangzhou, the two sides announced that they will carry out strategic cooperation.

It is reported that BALLOP will enter the Chinese market with the help of its Internet operation capability.

According to the introduction, BALLOP is Korea's sports fashion brand, is a production in Korea.

Ultra lightweight shoes

On the basis of the original hydrophilic shoes market, enterprises have also researched and developed several series.

Data show that it is a good time for overseas outstanding niche brands to enter the Chinese market.

According to the analysis, the main factors that affect the purchasing decisions of young consumers include product design identification, product quality and brand story.

As one of the main categories of consumption upgrading, clothing categories are becoming more refined, personalized and interesting.

With the rapid growth of fitness population and frequent overseas travel, more consumption demand has been excavated. Sports fashion style is a subdivision category after apparel industry upgrading.

In 2014, Hui Mei Group set up the yoga clothing brand "SAMYAMA", facing the consumer demand of the new life style.

At present, the brand has maintained the first place in category 11 sales in major events such as double line.

Hui Mei Group said that Guangzhou, the birthplace of the company, is a well-known gathering place of garment industry in China. The clothing manufacturing ability here has produced many young brands, and the competition in the industry is fierce.

However, problems such as brand innovation and product quality have been gradually revealed.

At the same time, most of the traditional clothing brands in China are also facing an aging crisis.

In the context of the industry, Hui Mei group wants to build a fashion eco circle. Up to now, there are 12 sub brands in the group, initially building a brand camp covering different consumer groups and styles.

Hui Mei Group responsible person said that cooperation with BALLOP can enrich the sports fashion category of the Hui Mei Group, meet more consumer groups, and at the same time help.

Overseas brands

Innovation and manufacturing capabilities.

In recent years, Hui Mei Group has been implementing the new retail strategy under the integration of online and offline channels. Up to now, nearly 500 stores have been opened in the whole country, and the overall profit has been achieved.

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