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Haining Leather Industry In China Is Stepping Out Of Fashion Based On Fashion.

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In June 28th, the twenty-fourth Haining China Leather Fair and the "Haining road leather garment exhibition" along the way opened in Zhejiang Haining Convention and Exhibition Center.

The people said that the current

Leather industry in Haining

In the direction of "fashion", we are speeding up to the international market.

"Leather clothing enterprises in Haining are already very mature in designing and producing fashion brands, and at present, many leather products in many domestic and foreign apparel brands have been placed in Haining for a long time, including Armani's international brand."

Zhang Yueming, chairman of Limited by Share Ltd of China Leather City, Haining, said.

According to introduction, in recent years, leather city in Haining is in leather and large.

Latest fashion

There have been many successful attempts in fusion, such as different material mix and match, Nei conquer, cashmere coat and other products.

In 2016, the total profits and taxes of Enterprises above Designated Size in Haining leather fashion industry reached 1 billion 16 million yuan, up 13.6% over the same period last year, and the profit was 590 million yuan, up 35.5% over the same period last year.

In 2017, the number of international exhibitors of Haining China fur and leather raw materials exhibition increased from 13 last year to 15, and for the first time, NAFA (North American fur auction house), one of the world's four largest fur auction houses, was exhibiting.

In recent years, the international cooperation in fashion industry in Haining has speeded up. It has established trade links with Russia, Turkey, Italy, France, North America and other countries and regions along the belt.

Among them, the China Haining Leather City, established in Moscow, Russia, now has thousands of related companies in China, Italy and Turkey, and is expected to open in the autumn of 2017.

The "international element" of this Haining Leather Fair is also outstanding. Haining China Leather City signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Italy Bermuda college, one of the four top fashion design schools in the world.

In addition, during the Expo, 2017/18 China International leather fur clothing fashion trend, and North American fur auction house NAFA participated.

Zhang Yueming said that Haining China Leather City will seize the opportunity of "one belt and one road", and will further enhance the global allocation of resources and competitiveness of Haining's fashion industry by raising the ladder and shipping by sea.

Haining China Leather Expo is China's domestic

Leather fashion industry

The oldest, most influential and influential exposition.

The theme of this Expo is "poly core". During this period, Haining fashion industry conference will be held, 2017/18 China International leather fur fashion trends will be released, and the Tenth China Leather Fashion Week will be held.

Haining fashion industry promotion conference

On the afternoon of June 28th, "Haining fashion industry upgrading conference" was held at Haining Convention and Exhibition Center. The signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between Haining leather city and Shenzhen Garment Industry Association on Shenzhen Haining garment industry was held, and the tablet of "strategic cooperation brand of Haining fashion wholesale center" was granted to the enterprise representative.

This conference not only attracted the participation of Haining leather city and the surrounding fashion enterprises, but also made a special trip to Beijing, Dahongmen, Shanghai Cheap Road, Jiangsu Changshu, Hangzhou Sijiqing, Guangzhou white horse, Guangzhou thirteen lines, and so on.

Shenzhen garment industry association has specially organized a group of Shenzhen brand women's clothing enterprises to attend this event.

Deep accumulation accumulates power for industrial upgrading

After more than 20 years of development, Haining leather industry is one of the largest and the most perfect leather industry chains in the world. In the past twenty years, more than 5000 enterprises have been produced and 365 billion industrial output value has been generated. Haining Leather City, as the industry leader, will focus on resources such as original design, flexible supply, fashion quick response, precision marketing and other resources based on the advantages of international Accessories Center, G fashion wholesale center and Haining fashion pioneer park, so as to promote and implement the upgrading and development of Haining fashion industry.

At the press conference, Haining China Leather City Limited by Share Ltd and Shenzhen garment industry association signed a signing ceremony on the strategic cooperation between Shenzhen and Haining garment industry.

The reporter learned that, earlier, Limited by Share Ltd, Haining China Leather City, organized the Shenzhen (Shenzhen) International Garment and apparel fair, which was organized by the Haining garment industry association, to organize Haining local representative leather enterprises and designers to take part in the works.

This time, the Shenzhen garment industry association, as an industrial strategic partner, organized Shenzhen local clothing enterprises, designers, brand leaders, fashion buyers, channel traders, media and other professional spectators to watch the show.

In addition, Huang Shunqiang, general manager of Hangzhou porcelain ornament Garments Co., Ltd., Liu Yue, general manager of Haining Tian Tian Shang Garments Co., Ltd., respectively, has the intention to enter the Haining fashion wholesale center.

Huang Shunqiang made a detailed introduction to porcelain Xuan clothing brand, and expressed his strong intention to enter Haining. He said that influenced by the overflow of clothing industry in the first tier cities in China, and the recognition of Haining's good leather industry foundation and policy support, supporting resources and pportation location in the past 20 years, many garment enterprises in Hangzhou were very active in Haining.

Liu Yue, general manager of Haining Yimen Garment Co., Ltd., a representative of Haining leather enterprise, believes that the historical opportunity for the development of Haining leather industry from leather products to fashion industry has arrived. As a representative of Haining leather industry, enterprises should take the lead in responding to the call and actively promote the upgrading of formats and products.

At the meeting, Zhang Weiqiang, deputy general manager of Haining Leather City Limited by Share Ltd, awarded 6 enterprises' representatives to the "Haining fashion wholesale strategic cooperative brand" plaque. It is reported that the Haining fashion wholesale center has a good investment situation. The relevant responsible person of the Ministry of investment said that this investment has access threshold, and the intention to enter enterprises from the product positioning, fashion, design and R & D capabilities, cargo capacity and other aspects.

Leather and fur clothing are an important part of the fashion industry. After decades of accumulation and the guidance and promotion of Haining Leather City in the past 23 years, Haining has become the largest creative design, production and processing, fashion display, brand incubation and product marketing base in the leather clothing industry of the Asia Pacific region.

In recent years, many fur and fur brands have successfully expanded and upgraded to big fashion. "

Haining China Leather City Limited by Share Ltd chairman Zhang Yueming said so.

"When it is time" to enter fashion, "time waits for no man".

The clothing industry spillover of the first tier cities in North, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the great shift of garment industry and the accumulation of good foundation for 20 years' autumn and winter clothing industry in Haining, are located in the core area of the core of the director, located in the heartland of the two core metropolitan areas of Shanghai and Hangzhou.

In the face of historic opportunities, Haining has another twenty years of gold coming face to face.

Zhang Yueming, chairman of China Leather City Limited by Share Ltd in Haining, delivered a keynote speech entitled "fashion and another golden 20 years in Haining", explaining the background, advantages, ambitions and blueprint of the strategic upgrading of Haining's fashion industry.

He said that as the largest trading base of leather clothing industry in Haining, after 20 years of development, industrial clusters have reached unprecedented heights.

Not only leather, fur clothing production accounted for more than 1/3 of the country, but also in fashion trends, industry chain building, industry development and many other aspects have always been the leading position.

The expansion and upgrading of Haining's fashion industry relies on the long-term accumulation of core strengths of Haining Leather City, which is not only the need to cope with the new economic normal situation to enhance the competitiveness of Haining's regional economy, but also the further needs of Haining Leather City, and it is also the need for the majority of enterprises to meet challenges and achieve a new round of development.

At the same time, the Zhejiang provincial government has listed the fashion industry as one of the seven trillion industries supporting the economic development of the province. The Haining municipal government has also explicitly proposed that the three traditional industries including leather, warp knitting and home textiles should be built into a fashion industry with a scale of 100 billion in five years.

The expansion and upgrading of Haining leather clothing to the big fashion industry has come to an end.

Three advantage projects to promote the upgrading and upgrading of fashion industry

On the press conference, Zhang Weiqiang, deputy general manager of Limited by Share Ltd, China Leather City, Haining, delivered a keynote speech entitled "three major projects to boost the upgrading of Haining fashion industry", focusing on the Haining Leather City G fashion wholesale center, the international Accessories Center, Haining fashion pioneer park and so on.

At present, the Haining fashion wholesale center has six in one advantage of government support, state-owned enterprise background, 3 million Party base construction, 20 years of industrial accumulation, supporting resources and location advantages. The international excipient center, one of the key items of Haining leather fashion Town, will fully introduce leather fur raw materials, as well as domestic and foreign high-end garment accessories businesses, and build into the major garment industry bases in the Yangtze River Delta region and the national garment accessories development and display and trading center. Haining fashion pioneer park, as the core industrial project created by Haining leather fashion Town, will create a fashion park integrating production, life, ecology and many other micro formats.

Zhang said that the "three big projects" have already made considerable progress in the heavy construction of Haining leather city.

In the future, with the completion of more industrial parks such as Haining fashion pioneer park, it will truly become a comprehensive industrial system integrating raw materials procurement, design and development, fashion production and wholesale sales, and will share this "fashion economy" feast with all practitioners.

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