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The Fourth China Garment Science And Technology Development Conference Was Held In Ningbo

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In July 6, 2017, the fourth China garment technology development conference was hosted by China Fashion Association, textile optical technology education foundation, China Fashion intelligent manufacturing technology innovation strategy alliance, national garment Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC219) and Shang Shang Shen Bei (Group) Limited by Share Ltd.



The theme of this conference is "integrating innovation and creating the future with intelligence".

Ye Zhimin, executive vice chairman of the optical technology education foundation, Feng Dehu, President of China textile construction and Planning Institute, consultant of China Garment Association, Li Rucheng, chairman of China Garment Association, Li Rucheng, chairman of YOUNGOR group, vice chairman of China Sewing Machinery Association, vice chairman of China Garment Association, vice chairman of China Garment Association, director of Ningbo economic and Information Committee, deputy director of Ningbo economic and Information Commission, director of consumer products industry of Ningbo economic and Information Commission, Professor of Chinese Academy of engineering, Professor of Donghua University, deputy head of expert group of China intelligent manufacturing technology innovation strategic alliance, and more than 300 representatives from universities, research institutes and enterprises attended the meeting. Sun Ruizhe, President of China Textile Industry Federation, President of China Garment Association, Cao Tingrui, director of textile department, Department of consumer goods industry, Ministry of industry and information technology.

The meeting was chaired by Chen Dapeng, vice president of China Textile Industry Federation and executive vice president of China Apparel Association.

Chen Dapeng, vice president of the China Textile Industry Federation and standing vice president of the China clothing association, presided over the meeting

Chen Bingrong, director of Ningbo Municipal Commission of letters, speaks.

Chen Bingrong said in his speech that Ningbo is

Chinese clothing industry

There are a number of excellent clothing enterprises and brands in the important production base. Under the new normal situation, the garment industry in Ningbo is facing the important task of pformation and upgrading, and it must rely on technological innovation to upgrade.

Ningbo is the country's first pilot city of "made in China 2025". The clothing industry is one of the five industries that Ningbo government has focused on. The government has promulgated a series of policies to achieve the full coverage of the intelligent manufacturing technology pformation of Enterprises above designated size within three years.

Ye Zhimin, vice chairman of the textile science and Technology Education Foundation

In his speech, Ye Zhimin said that the textile science and Technology Education Foundation has two points to consider as a sponsor to support the conference on clothing technology development. First, the conference conveys important information of science and technology from the micro and macro aspects, which coincides with the purpose of textile light. Second, it also shows that the industry's public welfare forces are integrating into the fashion industry represented by clothing.

He hoped that through this conference, the textile optical technology education foundation will get more corporate recognition, and the foundation will strengthen its in-depth cooperation with the garment industry.

Cao Tingrui, director of textile department, Department of consumer goods, Ministry of industry and Commerce

Cao Tingrui said in his speech that at present, high-end textile and garment manufacturing is returning to developed countries, and the low and middle end is diverting to the surrounding countries, which poses a challenge to China's textile and garment industry.

Intelligent manufacturing is the main direction of the development of clothing technology.


The dominant industries will take the lead in changing the situation of big but not strong industry.

The new fashion customization model has become a highlight in various industries, which has changed people's cognition of the lack of scientific and technological content in the clothing industry. Clothing has become a typical industry integrating technology and fashion, and is moving towards the high-end, and reshaping new advantages is just around the corner.

Sun Ruizhe, President of China Textile Industry and President of China Apparel Association

Sun Ruizhe, President of the China Textile Industry and chairman of the China clothing association, pointed out in his speech that "as a basic consumer goods industry, the clothing industry is a traditional industry, a livelihood industry, and an innovative industry that embodies human cultural creativity, technological progress and changes in the times."

The development history of the clothing industry can be said to be a history of the evolution of science and technology, and technological progress has always been an important engine for the development of the garment industry.

Sun Ruizhe analyzed from three aspects: first, innovation driven development is the inherent demand of garment industry development.

Two, the scientific and technological innovation in the clothing industry focuses on integration and synergy.

Three, intelligent manufacturing must stick to goal orientation and problem orientation.

Sun Ruizhe pointed out that "China Garment Association has supported and promoted the Ministry of industry, supported by the relevant industry associations, scientific research institutions and leading enterprises in Beijing." the strategic alliance of Chinese clothing intelligent manufacturing technology innovation "has been set up in the future. In the future, relying on the synergy of" alliance ", we will focus on the whole intelligent ecology of the garment industry, and create an information resource platform, research and development platform and platform for product promotion, so as to accelerate the formation of the ecosystem of the garment scale customization industry and the formation of the flexible supply chain.

Li Peigen, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Academician Li Peigen is a well-known expert in manufacturing informatization in China. He has been engaged in flexible manufacturing research for a long time.

Li Peigen explained the connotation of intelligent manufacturing, and introduced the concept and application of Intelligent Manufacturing Based on automobile, mobile phone and clothing customization.

He said that for most enterprises at present, the main task is digitalization and networking.

The elements of the clothing industry are fashion, small batch and customization. Big data can extract fashion elements, inspire design inspiration, and automatically design fashionable products. Small batch and customization need digital technology to support it.

He reminds us that intelligent manufacturing is a developing direction and a process. We should not blindly pursue, combine with the development goals of enterprises, and ignore the role of human beings in intelligent manufacturing systems.

Wen Lisheng, Professor of Donghua University

Professor Wen Lisheng believes that the intelligent manufacturing of clothing industry should be carried out in stages.

At present, there has been great improvement in the first stage of automatic manufacturing. In the second stage, it takes 2-3 years to implement intelligent automation partially. This requires support from artificial intelligence, robotics, Internet of things, big data, sensors, cloud computing, 3D printing, pattern recognition, AR/VR and so on.

Wen Lisheng boldly predicted the intelligent manufacturing: "as long as we stick to it and do it step by step, I believe that in ten years or so there will be a real garment smart factory in China."

Chen Dapeng, executive vice president of the China clothing association, read the decision on the establishment of the Standardization Committee of the China clothing association.

Shang Gong Shen Bei group and YOUNGOR group sign strategic cooperation agreement

As a member of China Fashion intelligent manufacturing alliance, Shang Gong Shen Bei group and YOUNGOR group decided to carry out strategic cooperation in order to work together to build intelligent chemical plants. At the meeting, the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

Yang Jinchun, vice president of China Garment Association, Jiang Hengjie, consultant of China Fashion Association, Feng Dehu, President of China Textile Construction Planning Institute, and Sun Ruizhe, President of China Textile Industry Federation, awarded prizes to the winners.

The conference also presented awards for outstanding scientific and technological achievements and papers.

Since February 28th, this activity has issued a notice of collection. Based on the principle of fairness and science, the jury has reviewed the results and papers, and submitted the evaluation opinions to the review committee. After examination and confirmation by the China clothing association, a total of 28 achievements were awarded, including 18 of the clothing industry science and Technology Progress Award and 10 of the clothing industry's scientific and technological progress award.

There are 48 papers in the conference proceedings, of which 12 are excellent ones.

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