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"What Do Children Send For Their Birthday? ABC KIDS Birthday Red Shoes ": A Wonderful Marketing Show!

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Marketing is about attack.

In today's society, the phenomenon of product homogenization is serious, and the performance of commodities is no longer the primary standard when people buy.

In the face of homogenized products, people tend to have an earlier feeling. After considering the performance, they tend to promote consumers to make purchase decisions quickly.



That is to attack.

Who can mobilize the mood of consumers and satisfy consumers' emotions can occupy the market.

Insight into consumers, finding demand and meeting demand is the most important thing that enterprises should do at present.


Separation of consumers from users

The first step to understand consumers is to find the target consumers accurately, which is also the most difficult.

In the market, consumers and users of many products are separated.

The younger generation with purchasing power is the main consumer pillar of society, but they are not the only product users.

Many times, they buy products, but they do not use them, for the purpose of giving them to others.

This is the typical phenomenon of separation between consumers and users.

Therefore, such enterprises in the product design and marketing promotion need to consider the psychological characteristics and consumption needs of the two groups of consumers and users at the same time.


Children's products market

User insights

With the opening of the "two child" policy, the children's economy is heating up again, and the further market is an opportunity. But the complexity of the children's products market is also a challenge.

In the children's products market, consumers are parents, users are children, and the two are separated from each other, which has become a big problem for enterprises in product design and marketing promotion.


As a well-known brand of children's products in China.


Insisting on providing children with healthy, comfortable and cost-effective children's products has been loved by many parents and babies for many years and is quite experienced in dealing with the relationship between the two.

In 2018, ABC KIDS launched the "super red shoes" super single product, so that parents and babies could not help it.

On the one hand, it meets the needs and aesthetics of young parents.

In today's life, young parents have a certain purchasing power, and many good products are also seen. How to make a product stand out in many homogeneous products is not a quality, but a reason, a reason that parents can not refuse.

We can easily find that with the enrichment of material life, children become more and more treasure of their parents. Every special day of children is like a ceremony, which is worthy of parents' good arrangement and commemorative, such as being born, commemorating a hundred days, opening speech, learning to walk, and having fixed birthday every year. This commemorative day has spawned many new products and services, such as baby anniversary, portrait and baby birthday.

However, such a commemorative day is too many, especially once a year's birthday, new ideas every year, so that baby satisfaction, this is the desire of young parents, but also difficult.

After busy work, Bao dad and mom may gradually have no energy to prepare surprise birthday gifts for their children.


It is precisely aimed at this demand, the introduction of "birthday red shoes", while supplemented by simple and clear slogan, "children's birthday to send what? ABC KIDS birthday red shoes", so that products and birthday gifts are linked, more emotional and inspiring.


At the same time, when the young parents are all "80" and "90", this group pursues fashion, cares about appearance and requires high quality of life.

So, ABC KIDS birthday.

Little red shoes

In the design, in addition to adhering to the usual comfortable and healthy standard, it is also integrated into the fashion elements. Adopting the fashionable red enduring technology and intelligent LED display, it can be controlled by mobile phone APP, displaying any text, pattern, mood icon, or even dynamic effect.

Very, very cool!


On the other hand, we should understand the mechanism of behavior of children.

Because children are young, they do not have fixed aesthetics, do not understand fashion, and do not pay much attention to the performance and quality of products. Their logic is usually that a child has this thing, so I also want to, this is the imitation behavior of childhood.

If this "little friend" is a star baby, it will lead more children to follow suit. This is the star effect.

ABC KIDS has a deep insight into the mechanism of children's behavior and sponsors.



When the baby saw that little dads appeared on the stage wearing birthday red shoes, or received birthday red shoes from host Le Jia on their birthday, their hearts were yearning and yearning.

The resulting imitation is an important guarantee for product sales.


In the children's market, consumers and users are separated on the surface, but in essence, the relationship between parents and children is the most intimate. The two interact with each other, you have me, I have you.

ABC KIDS, through in-depth insight into the two groups of young parents and children, designed and launched the birthday red shoes, supplemented by a series of emotional marketing tools, so that Bao Bao Bao Ma's "look good" idea, and the "I want" desire of the babies will converge into one place, giving birth to a greater purchase possibility.

How can such a birthday red shoe be "red" all over the street?

Some pictures come from the Internet.

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