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Accelerate The Construction Of Intelligent Production Line Of Oasis Hemp Textile

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The picture shows the intelligent production line of hemp textile in oasis of Goldsmith Industrial Park.

Construction site of phase I workshop

Shanxi oasis textile limited liability company's Hemp textile intelligent production line project is progressing smoothly.

At present, the construction of the first phase of the plant has been completed by 150 million yuan, and the two foundation project of the spinning workshop and weaving workshop is under construction. It is expected that the main structure and matching engineering of the workshop steel structure will be completed in September.

Germany, Italy, Belgium and other high-end imported equipment and part of the domestic advanced spinning and weaving equipment tendering work carried out simultaneously, with a total investment of about 400 million yuan. After the completion of the tender, the equipment installation will begin at the end of October.

It is expected that the first phase of the project will be completed and put into trial operation at the end of the year.

Shanxi oasis Textile Co., Ltd. oasis cotton textile intelligent production line project is located in goldsmith Industrial Park, Shanxi traditional industrial upgrading project, this year has been included in the provincial and municipal key projects.

The project covers an area of 204 Mu and a total investment of 1 billion 26 million yuan.

The construction scale is 100 thousand compact Siro spinning spindles, 300 air-jet looms and 100 warp knitting machines.

After the completion of the project, 10 thousand tons of high end Siro spun hemp blended yarn can be produced annually, and the fabric will be 30 million meters, with an annual output value of 1 billion yuan, a profit of 160 million yuan, and more than 690 new jobs.

At that time, oasis mahjong will become one of the largest and strongest technology and best textile enterprises in China and even the whole world.

According to Yuan Baowei, chairman of the project and chairman of Shanxi oasis Textile Co., Ltd., six advanced spinning and weaving production lines have been built in the oasis hemp textile intelligent production line project, which is completed in two phases.

The spinning production line adopts the German turtzle blowing carding unit, the Swiss riedle drawing frame, the thick and thin joint and the Italy suweo automatic winding machine, the automatic packaging system and other spinning equipment. The weaving production line adopts the German Carle Mayer warping machine, the sizing machine, the automatic warping machine and the Japanese Tsing Chi air jet loom and other weaving equipment, so as to realize the continuous, automatic and intelligent production of the whole textile process.

Shanxi oasis Textile Co., Ltd. is a state-owned textile enterprise controlled by Shanxi Economic Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd., a national marijuana textile product development base recognized by the authoritative department of China Textile Industry Federation.

In 2017, oasis cannabis was successfully selected as "the ten major influential brands of China's Hemp textile".

The company has engaged in research and specialized production of hemp textile products for more than 30 years, has 9 national patents, and has formulated 9 national standards for hemp textiles. 8 new products have been included in the national key new product plan, 51 kinds of fabrics have been included in China's popular fabrics, and the "Oasis brand" hemp cloth has been awarded the title of "China famous brand" product.

Over the years, the company has achieved many key technical problems in hemp spinning by relying on technological innovation and the development mechanism of industry university research cooperation. It has conquered many technical problems such as hemp degumming, carding, spinning, weaving and finishing, etc. it has introduced over 500 kinds of products, including cannabis yarn, compact spinning, core spun yarn, slubby yarn, twist yarn, pure hemp, blended, interwoven, elastic fabric and so on.

At the same time, the company has focused on upgrading and upgrading the equipment to form the only complete production line of the whole nation, which is "hemp degumming - combing spinning spinning weaving finishing processing". The processing line of three major fiber products, hemp, linen and organic cotton, has formed a one-stop production system from raw materials to spinning and weaving to clothing, clothing, bedding and other end products. The product has developed to a new pattern of multi-level, multi variety and multi style direction. It has been exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as the United States, Britain, Germany and Japan, and is the fabric supplier of the international fast fashion fashion brand.

In recent years, hemp textiles have been widely concerned at home and abroad due to its characteristics of being green, soft and comfortable.

Yuan Baowei said that the main technical equipment of oasis hemp textile intelligent production line project adopts the world-class high-end textile equipment, which will promote the pformation and upgrading of hemp textiles from rough, thick and heavy to thin and delicate high-end products. The quality, grade, technology content and added value of the products will be significantly improved, making the company the first choice of the domestic first-line leisure brands, such as Spanish ZARA, American GAP, Sweden H&M, Japan UNIQLO, Muji, and other domestic brands.

(reporter Wang Jinzhi)

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