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The Arrival Of Capital Cold Winter, The Wave Of Layoffs In Small And Micro Enterprises Is Coming.

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The arrival of capital cold winter, the wave of layoffs in small and micro enterprises is coming.

Recently, layoffs and downsizing of enterprises have aroused many people's nerves.

Entrepreneurs &i black horse from Zhaopin recruitment data also side confirms many companies "thin" facts.

In the second quarter of 2018, the demand for small and micro enterprises was 26.6% lower than that in the first quarter.

In the winter, enterprises are extremely difficult.

If you are lucky enough, you can survive in the cracks, borrow some rations, and continue to walk alone. If you can't carry on, you can lay off, stop the damage or simply shut down.

The tide of layoffs is rolling forward, and everyone feels the pain deeply.

Author Cao Ke Chang Haojing

Editor Wang Genwang

A month ago, Zhao Jing (a pseudonym) began to consider laying off 5-6 people.

Zhao Jing is the founder of a film and television company.

Capital fever, policy tightening, a series of changes, so that the whole industry "trembling", everyone is clearly aware of the storm brought about by the wind and drastic changes.

Zhao Jing said that the company had more than 40 people, if the implementation of the new social security policy, annual cost increased by nearly 20%, approaching 10 million yuan.

At present, the company's funds are only enough to support for three months, which puts Zhao Jing under pressure.

"They are not enough to eat, how to feed so many people?" being forced to do so, Zhao Jing began to strictly assess staff performance. "People who can't create value through performance must of course go. The streamlined personnel must be able to fight hard. In the future, companies will recruit new people if they have new development, but they must be better soldiers and stronger soldiers."

However, it is inevitable that Zhao Jing, who is a female founder, will be entangled with a long and deep staff.

5 days ago, a senior executive who had followed her for 6 years did not wait for layoffs to mention his resignation, which made Zhao Jing very sad.

She could not bear to kick him out of the WeChat group. He still felt that he was a member of the company. He could not bear to retire from the group, but he still helped the company to do something.

"Sometimes I need to butt up some things, I will let other colleagues to inform him. This kind of diaphragm feels very painful. I can see that the chair of the leaving senior executive is empty, and my mind is empty."

Zhao Jing told the entrepreneur &i dark horse.

Not only Zhao Jing, but many entrepreneurs around her have layoffs.

A new media company with more than 1000 people has planned to lay off 20%-30%, and strictly assess KPI. By the end of next year, all new projects will be stopped, and projects that will not be profitable in half a year will be cut down.

In addition, companies also spend the winter in the form of "employee partnership, employees' basic salary + bonus".

A person named "looking up at the stars" on Sina micro-blog Tucao: "recently, the company's business is not good, the boss layoffs, the Department will lose troops, only one of us, when the head commander."

There is a kind of melancholy in my heart. I don't know how long I can hold this day. "

Industry downturn, many enterprises demand and willingness to drop suddenly, and even adopt "only out of" and "layoffs" strategy to cope with the cold winter.

Walking alone in the cold winter is also a helpless measure for enterprises to protect themselves.

Over the past decade, it has been the golden age of the gaming industry.

However, this year, domestic games seem to be suffering from "disaster".

In August 30th this year, the implementation plan of comprehensive prevention and control of children and adolescents myopia mentioned that "the total amount of online games should be regulated and controlled, the number of online games added to the new online games should be controlled, the age appropriate prompting system in line with the national conditions should be explored, and measures should be taken to limit the use time of minors."

This means that the game industry will be worse.

Earlier, the slowdown in the game industry, the demographic dividend disappeared, the approval of the suspension of the number.

A series of crackdowns have made the entire domestic game industry in a precarious way, and the growth rate has been seriously declining. Even the big factories such as Tencent and NetEase are suffering from the double kill of share price and performance.

For a while, the game industry seemed to press the pause button.

Some game companies want to pfer the market to Southeast Asian and African countries in order to seek a way out.

Dakwa, a founder of a game startups, said to entrepreneur &i dark horse that he was planning to pfer his business center to Southeast Asia.

"The game industry has been monopolized by the oligopoly. Now, coupled with the demonization of the game industry in China, the industry will be more bumpy in the future, and small and medium-sized companies will hardly survive."

In his view, killing domestic is a dead end.

If all of the business focus is pferred to Southeast Asia, it means the staff is streamlined.

He said that he only considered retaining 30% of the core personnel, and all the other staff were recruited locally.

This means that nearly 70% of the people will be laid off.

Mr Da recalled that in 2014, when the game industry was the best, there were only 5 people at that time, but every month they could make ten million of the water.

However, since 2016, their survival has become more and more difficult. In 2018, it is "explosive."

Tataka said that the company's revenue decline this year is very severe, and can only be described as "miserable".

Tataka frankly said, because it is hard to protect itself, 70% of the employees will be laid off. "Why not? Why?" the company's first duty is to make money, and other sounding things earn money.

It does not mean that only unprofitable companies can lay off workers. The whole industry, whether or not making money, is considering layoffs.

Some of Shanghai's game companies have laid off 15%-20%.

Another industry insider revealed that some game company founders gave HR the arduous task of layoff 30% before the national day.

More than just layoffs, many game companies' demand for personnel has also dropped sharply, "only out."

According to data provided by Zhaopin recruitment by &i entrepreneur, the online game is one of the most obvious industries in the second quarter of 2018.

The demand for online games companies of 20-99 people dropped by 54% compared with the same period last year, and the recruitment demand for companies under 20 was 84% lower than the same period last year.


(click to enlarge the picture)


(click to enlarge the picture)

In 2018, 4, 5 and 6 demand for recruitment in the three months showed that only 20 people in online games grew in the chain in June, while others declined.


(click to enlarge the picture)


(click to enlarge the picture)

The game company's layoffs are often used to discourage games through KPI projects, problems in the overall output and input of the project, or the adjustment of the project group because of the progress of the game development or the performance of the game.

Zhang Ming (alias)'s two co roommates are trying to discourage employees in this way.

Zhang Ming shared a roommate Ma Yu (a pseudonym) company, the way of layoffs is to carry out monthly assessment, but not to retreat, half of the salary will be refunded.

Zhang Ming, another rented tenant Zhang Tiantian (pseudonym) company, because chess card game type but trial, all kinds of chess and card games have been abandoned, resulting in nearly 20 or so people's U3D project group almost instantly run out, leaving only two people.

Zhang Ming, who plays the role design in a game company in Guangdong, has had a hard time recently. "Just finished the work of the game art field that I am not good at, and then I will be the scene that I am not good at in the original painting."

Finally, Zhang Ming prayed that he hoped to go through the difficult days of "clearance".

Game industry earthquake, P2P net loan industry big thunder.

According to incomplete statistics, in early July of this year, 45 P2P platforms exploded.

As of the first half of this year, the number of normal operation platforms in the P2P industry has decreased to 1836.

This means that most of the P2P players or outgoing employees are being laid off on a large scale.

Li Le (a pseudonym) entered a P2P company a month and a half ago.

This month and a half, the company's staff dropped from 100 to 30. Li Le took part in the whole process of "persuaded to return to help resume" - "leaving office - sending again".

Li Le remembered that at most, seven or eight colleagues were sent away every day.

Li Le's way of persuaded his colleagues is to tell them the true situation of the company: "the company is in recession, ready for it, you can look for better development opportunities, and you can leave at any time after you find it, and the company will not drag you."

Li Yue will let colleagues send her resume to help her employees to resume their resume.

With the help of Li Le and other HR, many people have found their new owners.

Li Le said frankly that the move is also aimed at reducing compensation.

However, some people disdain to take this person's favor.

Those who are unwilling to be persuaded to retreat are mostly buying the products of the company, losing their money badly, and attacking their hearts with anger.

Such a person is the most difficult to deal with. Whenever Li Le tries to chat with them, they refuse to talk, and roar in the office, loud enough to hear more than ten meters away. "Buy it, pay for it! Why not give compensation? Why!"

Li Le had no choice but to feel wronged in her heart. "I never flickered what they had bought. They wanted to make money, but they didn't see the market. How could they blame me?" Li Le told the entrepreneur &i dark horse that she had no idea how much money she had even bought from her colleagues.

At first, Li Le, who had never met such a thing, did not know how to face it. "But what can we say and buy?"

Li Le has learned how to deal with it. He has to wait until they finish their anger and talk about it.

"What have you seen in HR?" if you only look at what Li Le said, many people will never guess that she just graduated from college last year.

Now, she can see it very well. "As long as we don't beat people, we'll be casual."

Seeing that so many people have left, Li Yue also wants to go, and "will definitely go, only a matter of time".

But she said, "manpower always sticks to the end."

The city gate is on fire.

As a large number of P2P companies explode, it has also spread to the venture capital field, so that every individual in the chain of "P2P- listed companies - investment institutions - start-up companies - employees" is deeply affected.

Zhang Xin, a founder, is suffering from this situation.

In January this year, Zhang Xin personally invested 2 million yuan as start-up capital, and the company opened it.

But money is running out of use.

So Zhang Xin was looking for help from the wind.

After repeated communication with a VC institution and basically finalizing the investment intention, the accident suddenly dropped.

Originally, the LP of this institution is a listed company, and the funds behind this listed company come from a P2P company.

With the P2P company successively blasting, the organization has no money, Zhang Xin can not easily talk about the financing of such a "yellow".

Recently, VC investment has become more cautious. Zhang Xin's start-up capital has been burning up 2 million, and he is getting more and more worried on the way of financing.

Not only was Zhang Xin so, but a media carried out mass layoffs in 7-8 months because of its investor involvement in the P2P thunder scandal.

This year, 4 months into the media Li Lei (alias) said, at the beginning, he did not know that the company in large-scale layoffs.

But slowly, he found that the total number of companies was decreasing every day.

Later, some colleagues told him privately that the company would cut from 122 to 20-30.

After hearing the news, Li Lei was in a panic. He had been in the office for three months, but he still had not received the notification.

When he returned home that evening, he began to throw his resume when he didn't have any food. He went to a company for an interview on the second day.

To make Li Lei more nervous, his direct leader told him privately that he should prepare for both hands. The boss also mentioned in his meeting that "funds are tight and wages are tight at first."

In fact, when Li Lei left in mid August, he did not pay in July.

Now, Li Lei has found a new employer, but some former colleagues are not as lucky as he is - they are still working at home.


(click to enlarge the picture)

Entrepreneur &i dark horse also learned that due to the sluggish gaming industry and P2P layoffs, a series of chain reactions were also triggered, and the headhunting industry was deeply affected.

According to Wang Pan, founder of search company, this has led some of the headhunters in these industries to go back to inhouse (entrepreneur &i black horse note: headhunting professional terms, referring to internal personnel management) to do HR.

In addition to the difficulties in the survival of small and medium enterprises, the star enterprises and unicorns are also having a hard time.

According to the report of electronic enthusiast network, in June 15th, Meizu had launched a massive mid year layoff. The number of layoffs has exceeded 2000, including 1500 employees and more than 600 Meizu service personnel of third.

Subsequently, in the evening of the evening, Meizu Technology Department issued a letter saying that the company will adhere to the principle of "streamlining and efficiency", and the relevant people confirmed that the Meizu will lay off 610 people.

Mito is also rumoured to be cut off by poor performance.

In August 21st, Mito released the first half of June 30, 2018's earnings report, showing that the first half of the US revenue was 2 billion 52 million yuan, down 5.9% compared to the same period last year.

After that, it approved the layoffs and said that "optimizing and reorganizing the internal staff is aimed at matching the next stage of strategic planning and improving organizational efficiency".

Even the recruitment website of the hook hook network has been handed down layoffs.

In August 28th, some media broke the news about the recruitment website CEO, who had left in July. After the founder of the company, Xu Dan became the company's actual manager, the company had frequent personnel turnover, from the top to the grassroots level. It is estimated that the number of people leaving is about 200.

However, the founder of the hook hook network, CMO Bao Ai Le responded to the entrepreneur &i dark horse said that the company's personnel did not flow frequently, and now the people who go are mainly bad sales.

And a set of resume refreshes of the entrepreneur &i dark horse (entrepreneur &i black horse note: resume refresh, including the number of new resumes and resume updates) shows that in May 2018 -8 months, the number of monthly resume refreshes increased sharply, much higher than that of the same period in 2017.

In June 2018, it grew by about 18% over the same period last year, up 41.3% in July 2018, and 33% in August 2018.

This means that a new group of people looking for jobs has been added to the job market.

Over the past few years, China's venture capital industry has been bursts. Countless entrepreneurs and investors have stepped onto the stage, and investors are making a lot of money. In order to grab people, venture companies are willing to pay higher salaries than BAT to attract talent.

Now the downward pressure is increasing.

Ding Anhua, chief economist of China Merchants Bank, pointed out that the development of China's private economy, especially private enterprises, has been in an unprecedented dilemma in the past 40 years of reform and opening up.

Under the guidance of "deleveraging" policy, the asset liability ratio of private enterprises increased significantly from 52.2% to 55.6%, while interest expense increased by 11.8% over the same period last year.

As the weakest part of private enterprises, venture capital companies are becoming more and more difficult in the environment of venture capital.

Entrepreneur &i dark horse understands that a first-line investment organization that has accumulated billions of funds has recently invested in a project less than 20 million yuan, and has voted 7 times.

"In recent months, the investment environment has been quite cold, and the investment speed of many investment institutions has slowed down by half." Cheng Hao, founder of the thunder company and founder partner of remote hope capital, said to entrepreneur &i dark horse, "in capital cold winter, the most important thing for a company is to control costs."

Cheng Hao stressed that layoffs are only a means to save costs, not to lay off layoffs blindly, and more to adjust according to the needs of their own business development.

"During the 2008-2009 year subprime mortgage crisis, the thunder also laid off workers in response to the crisis, but in fact, it was a blind layoff."

Wang Gongquan, founder of the Qing Pu tourism and former founder of CDH venture capital, also advises entrepreneurs to share their business with the dark horse college. It is the first priority for them to get their own growth funds and living capital, not to take into account the price. At least, the funds should be reserved to the end of 2019.

"Live past, spring is yours."

Yi Kai capital CEO Wang Ran told the entrepreneur &i dark horse that this year's "C death" phenomenon is likely to reappear.

Those middle and late companies that only rely on financing can survive. If they do not recognize the trend of the day and adjust their valuations, they will probably not survive this winter.

"This is a game of awakening speed."

Wang Ran said.

In addition, Wang Ran suggested that entrepreneurs should start at the end of 2019.

Two, entrepreneurs should not be too entangled in valuations.

The three is to give the lead parties some special sweeteners and try to turn the people who just want to vote into independent investment.

"The money in the company's account is only enough to support for another three months," Zhao Jing told the entrepreneur &i dark horse. "All executives feel that I am a good boss and feel that we are a happy and happy company. But who is more clear than I am when the company is in crisis?"

In the cold winter, many founders share a similar situation with Zhao Jing.

But, "entrepreneurs are children in winter, many great companies are born in the winter and achieve in the winter," said Niu Wenwen, chairman of the venture black horse. "When others are afraid, it is time for brave entrepreneurs to grow and grow in batches."

Wang Shiyu, managing partner of dangerous peak cloud management, also told the entrepreneur &i dark horse that the winter has the advantage of winter. The competition environment of startups is not so fierce. So this time, we should do well in internal work, plan the financing rhythm ahead of time and manage the cash flow well before we can survive the winter.

Niu Wenwen believes that capital winter is not a serious challenge to real entrepreneurs.

Generally speaking, every 7 or 8 years, there will be an economic downturn.

Now, due to industrial upgrading, the cycle of economic downturn is faster.

Therefore, for startups, it is necessary to experience one or two winters from starting a company to a listed company, or fighting for a company to survive. Winter is normal for entrepreneurs.


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