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If A Person Starts To Have 3 Signs Of Foresight, It Is Worth Reading.

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A PersonVisionSigns

One person begins to see 3 signs of foresight.

What is "foresight"? When many people talk about farsighted, they are talking about some big and empty concepts, what is far sighted and strategizing.

In other words, very ungrounded.

What is foresight? How can we be far sighted? Here is the best explanation. You only need to see if you have 3 signs, so you can check yourself.

On the definition of foresight, Luo Zhenyu once said:

The vision of people who really work is to grasp the current and future trends in time, to view things from different perspectives, and to maintain adequate possibilities for iteration.

Learn to learn from young people, constantly accept new things and information, keep necessary vigilance against the passivation of knowledge structure and skills, and you can guarantee that you will not be left behind by the times.

From the perspective of future, we can grasp the value of looking at things from different perspectives.

When the sun shone, it began to repair the roof, constantly breaking through the comfort zone, and maintaining a sense of hunger for the cause.

All in all, this is foresight.


Learning from good young people

It's a shortcut to synchronize with the times.

"Ginger is the old spicy", "I walk through more salt than you eat"...

The admiration of the elders, or the elders' obsession with their abilities, can be seen everywhere.

When I was a child, I hated it from the age of the elderly.

However, after 30, I can see that 20 year old people will also disdain.

Until 2016, something happened that changed me.

One day, a young man of my unit pushed me to the public number of a knowledge-based blogger.

Elder sister, you usually like to read, this number is one of my younger brother's office, publish a book to dismantle a book every week, also have voice, very interesting.

I haven't seen much of it at the beginning. I've read for more than 30 years. Do I need to read such an article to listen to such a speech?

In case someone else's interpretation is wrong, does it not affect their ability to read a book?

After a while, he sent me a link saying that the knowledge blogger started teaching and taught people how to read a book and become a storyteller.

The younger brother sent her two places.

Now that I have been named, I can only learn.

Unexpectedly, I listened and listened, but I couldn't stop it. Later, he tried his method. It really worked.

From this, I started a special way of writing: "listening to books" for all listening columns.

In less than half a year, I signed several platforms, and wrote books every month, earning more than my main business.

Turning hobby into a means of making money is a skill that young people give me.

Young people have a strong sense of smell, and many of the things they do represent the trend of the times.

In his column, Mr. Liu Run mentioned the "post metaphor culture" that we learn from young people.

The term was proposed by Margaret Meade, an American anthropologist.

Meade said: "all of us must learn from the outstanding young people.

It's not because they understand the future better, but because they make the future. "

The change is faster and faster.

This means that the accumulated value of past experience is getting lower and lower.

It can even be said that the truly valuable experience comes from the younger generation.

Therefore, the manager will only regard "reverse tutorial system" as one of the 8 management principles that will lead to the future.

That is to say, senior managers should learn new ideas and new technologies from the younger generation. You are not only their mentor, but also their students.

In this regard, good managers can keep a clear head.

Luo Zhenyu once said to Peking University students, "if I have some ideas different from yours, those 80% are my mistakes."

The fastest and most convenient way to reach the future trend is to stare at the powerful young people around them, to see what books they are reading, what to do and what they are interested in.

Learn to learn from young people, you have vision, can be synchronized with the times, and even become the leader.


Anticipate the results before doing things.

Learn to seek value for the future.

I particularly like what Stephen Covey once said:

"Many people work hard, but in the end they find that the ladder of success