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China'S Home Fair (Shanghai) Highlights The Global Home Life Paradigm.

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In the exhibition of all kinds of powerful demons such as clouds, the two industry giants jointly build 400 thousand square meters exhibition scale, assembling more than 1300 domestic and foreign brand enterprises and dozens of wonderful home China Fair (Shanghai) to become the focus of their own traffic.

On September 10~13, Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center, the forty-second China Home Fair (Shanghai) brought an industry feast to highlight the "global home life paradigm". What are the secrets of the flow? The new upgraded version of the China family Expo (Shanghai) will be revealed one by one.

Optimizing exhibition pattern and leading industry trend

After decades of wind and rain baptism and industry upgrading,

China Home Exhibition

The industry has changed from a red hot fire to a great exhibition to a solid and well run exhibition.

And changing rapidly.

Home market

Only by grasping the industry hot spots can we closely follow the market demand and lead the development of the industry.

This year's home furniture exhibition area is closely following the upgrading trend of industrial consumption.

The import Design Hall (Hall 3) combines well-known imported home brands with Chinese local excellent designs, presenting a diverse understanding of home life styles. The high-end custom Pavilion (North Hall) converge on the well-known high-end custom home brands in China to satisfy your imagination of home furnishing.

In addition to the upgrading and upgrading of civilian furniture exhibition area, this Expo will further play the advantage of the whole industry chain.

First introduced

Wood-based panels and lumber

There are two main themes of initial processing equipment, and the industry extends to the upstream.

The outdoor and home accessories and home textiles themes are adjusted from the two floor exhibition hall to the first floor of the 1 and 2 pavilions, with a more reasonable layout to meet the one-stop household purchase needs.

Whether it is to optimize the layout of the exhibition with scientific thinking, or expand the industrial chain from a global perspective,

China family Expo

(Shanghai) take the best posture to meet the market and industry inspection.

Multi channel business force service upgrade

The China Home Fair is committed to improving the service aim of the exhibition. To enhance the business atmosphere of the exhibition, it will add more unexpected results to the exhibitors and spectators.

More than 1100 mainstream media around the world are making joint efforts, and millions of buyers and buyers from home and abroad have made precise requests for data.

Only East China covers 7 provinces, 76 cities, 390 stores, points to the point, faces 4.5 merchants and more than 140 thousand dealers, invites, and hosts 32 tour roadshows and conferences in 25 stores of Red Star MC, accurately locking the core shopping group with the most commercial value.

To further optimize the trade matching service, this home Fair has held a number of trade matches between buyers and exhibitors at home and abroad.

Special overseas buyers specially for civilian, office, outdoor and ornament home textiles are specially invited to enhance the quality of distributors.

The exhibition site also has a "exclusive business negotiation area", once the exhibitors brand and dealers "trade quick match" after the success of the real exhibition, shop, commerce and trade in one stop.

If the layout of the exhibition is an important foundation and hard power, then the matching business service is the embodiment of the upper level soft power of the exhibition.

Excellent home textile matching industry

At the booth of Haining home textile exhibition hall,

haining city

Cao Yaoqiang, President of Home Textile Association, told reporters that as a group of exhibitions that participated in the Expo for many years, Haining home textile home furnishing industry chain is very direct.

Since the beginning of this year, the market situation has been relatively difficult due to a series of factors, such as the economic environment, financial risks and trade friction, raw materials rising sharply, and weak consumer demand.

For home textile enterprises, we should highlight the advantages of innovation in the process of production capacity, and adjust the product structure in the process of cross-border.

In business mode, we should train and guide the optimization of the industrial structure with consumers as the main body.

At the same time, extend the correlation between upstream and downstream industries.

Albert Kristensen general manager accepted the media visit at the booth of Shenzhen home limited.

Our home life is under the banner of REGENT HOLDING, and is an international professional home accessories brand.

It advocates creativity, freedom, comfort and elegance and integrates culture, art and design.

This exhibition will display mainly new products, mainly by jewelry, through the layers of paint, polished, old, let the product get the traces of time, these retro style works will inadvertently make your home full of romantic colors.

We hope that we can develop our company's internal and external sales business with the platform of exhibition, and bring better product experience to our customers.

Over the past twenty years, the American home textile brand, the American century home textiles, is still a pure American style home furnishing at this exhibition.

Yang Yongliang, manager of the century home textile company of the United States, said that the home furnishing furniture industry chain supporting the home fair is highly targeted and relay. For the home textile enterprises, the precise docking at the exhibition is also one of the important factors that have been selected for many years.

The person in charge of home textile enterprises such as Unicorn Xianju and non Shu art shows that as a home textile enterprise, they are willing to participate in the home fair, mainly because of the consideration of customizing production and embodying the style of the product in combination with the overall home furnishing decoration.

The home furnishings fair furnished with all the industrial chains of home furnishings can bring a more targeted and personalized modern production mode for bedding products.

From the concept of modern home textiles, home textile products have been added to the production of furniture from the furniture manufacturers.

That is to say, it is a matching design product that is presented to the market and consumers. This is also one of the trend of home textile concept in the future.

Enjoy the fun and design the carnival.

After appreciating the brands and their skills, they must be the most professional buyers or designers.

Apart from the exhibition itself, the China Home Fair (Shanghai) has arranged eight kinds of design activities with interest and depth.

Design Exhibition

As an old friend of the China National Fair (Shanghai), the exhibition will meet again with the theme of curatorial exhibition of "different things and interesting things".

There are two well-known curators, Zhu Xiaojie and Hou Zhengguang, who have made great efforts to create, and with the help of the famous design studio and famous media, they must be interested in the "Wall Art Gallery", the "youth fair" that lights up the youth, and the salon of big coffee.

Milan & Shanghai creative Shuangcheng

Under the testimony of the Shanghai municipal government and the Milan municipal government, the China Home Expo and the Shanghai Design Center for promoting the success of the "Sino Italian design cooperation forum" jointly organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce will take the theme of "a new way of excellence in urban life" as the theme and formally open the prelude to the creative Shuangcheng of Shanghai and Milan.

At the exhibition site, the two sides will jointly create the theme exhibition of "Shanghai Milan" Shuangcheng new designer joint exhibition and "Florence home" to expand the influence of Chinese local design in the international design circle.

Pinnacle Design Asia Pacific Awards

The Asia Pacific awards, the co sponsored by the China Home Expo, the American Furniture Designers Association and the high point furniture fair, are the only "international furniture home design professional awards" in the Asia Pacific region.

This year, the 16 prize items have fallen to anyone, but the design circles are looking forward to great events.

After the game, there are also works of internationally renowned designer Campion Platt.

China Design Forum

The creative forum founded by the founding fund is the first professional design forum with the most professional academic depth and wide influence.

Compared to the "ten round table ten topics" in 2015, the "five round table five topics" in 2016 and the "round table one topic" in 2017, the forum is paying more attention to the new generation of young designers, setting up an open space for their craftsmanship, highlighting the immersive experience and words of creative design.

China soft assembly Conference

2018 (Autumn) China soft assembly will focus on the theme of design and starting point, focusing on the infinite exploration of elements such as design, art and life aesthetics.

This year's Home Fair held 6 carefully designed industry forums, including CampionPlatt, Ceng Jianlong, Tang Zhonghan and other famous designers in the industry.

The design tour of Shanghai

This family Expo first launched the Shanghai city design tour. During the exhibition, it linked Shanghai's Creative Park, art gallery, design studio, popular mall, special store, museum and fashion block. It launched 8 boutique lines, 100 creative sites and linked more than 50 design activities.

In addition to the already renowned gardens and commercial landmarks at home and abroad, such as bridge eight, M50 Creative Park, Xintiandi and so on, there are more red net landmarks on the Aegean Sea shopping park, Sheng Sheng and so on.

All of them are wonderful activities that fascinate people. A wave of designers and fashion trends are coming.

This forum has achieved seamless docking between designers and exhibitors through various forum activities.

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