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Can The Girl's PINK Rally Help The Victoria To Turn The Corner?

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Recently, American underwear Victoria's Secrets Two major events are going on. One is to announce the annual list of Victoria's underwear show models, the other is the Pink series, which is a sub line brand with a serious decline in its sales, and is about to come back in a new form.

According to Fashionnetwork, Vitoria's Secret Victoria's Secret will be September 22nd Restart the secondary line brand in Chicago, USA Pink 。 In addition to a big party that will be held on that day, the new Pink will also introduce a new brand loyalty program, a Pink Nation APP and a tourist bus with the words "pink Pink".

Among them, Pink Nation will launch special services for exclusive members of Pink. On the APP, Pink members can enjoy not only special discounts and privileges, but also interact with other users and win weekly Pink gift cards through games.

As one of the second line brands of Wei MI, the Pink series has attracted many loyal fans for Victoria since its launch in 2002. It is different from the sexy underwear that Victoria has always been pushing. Its style is more inclined to casual clothing, including high waist underwear, sports bikini and pajamas. The target sales groups are mainly female consumers in high school and university.

In 2013, Stuart Burgdoerfer, chief financial officer of L Brands, the parent company of Victoria's mother company, said, "girls aged 15 or 6 tend to want to become more mature. They want to be as cool as adults, and the Pink series is for this group of people."

In fact, Pink has been very popular for a long time. In 2010, Wei Mi launched the first independent store of Pink series, and then continued to expand. Up to now, the Pink stores in the US and European markets have reached nearly 140 stores.

Although L Brands group did not disclose the details of PINK's revenue, Morningstar's analyst Bridget Weishaar has revealed that the Pink series has grown into one of the core of Victoria's brand and is a crucial part of its brand growth story.

In order to better expand the core series, Victoria also made various attempts on Pink. It has included a special area on the brand website, selling blankets, storage boxes, laundry baskets and other peripheral products.

However, this series has encountered many problems in the process of rapid growth. For example, in 2013, Pink used the slogan "Bright Young Things" (youthful and frivolous) as the slogan, which aroused the discontent of the overwhelming majority of parents. They believed that such slogans made young girls too much connected with sex and not suitable for teenagers' clothing.

In August of this year, Vitoria's secret store sales in August were 5% lower than the previous year, down from 3.8%. Its parent company L Brands 2018 grew 8.3% to 2 billion 984 million US dollars in the second quarter of fiscal year, but its net profit fell 29% to only 99 million US dollars. Among them, the PINK series, which was once the main force of its sales growth, began to slow down in the second half of 2017, and then declined in the second quarter.

Though a large part of the reason is that the brand's sexy underwear is no longer attractive in the comfort oriented underwear market, the quality of the Pink series is also one of the reasons why consumers are leaving the brand as a close fitting garment for young girls.

However, it is obvious that Wei is not willing to give up the brand of the secondary line which has once been another fan. Not long ago, the company announced in a statement that the chief executive of the Pink series, Denise Landman, will retire at the end of this year, which will be replaced by Amy Hauk, head of sales and product development of Bath&Body Works.

This also means that the Pink that restores itself will probably show greater changes in the coming year. It is hard to tell whether this change can bring back the glorious era.

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