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Zhangjiajie Travel Code: Bringing Non Heritage To The World Stage

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ZhangjiajieBrigadeNon HeritageTujia BrocadeAnd Miao Mei Tujia Brocade.

Intangible cultural heritage is an important part of the fine traditional culture of the Chinese nation. Under the new era, continuous inheritance and innovation will give new vitality to the intangible heritage.

As a national intangible cultural heritage

Tujia brocade

(Karp) R & D, design, production and promotion of enterprises,

Zhangjiajie good youngest sister Tujia brocade Development Co., Ltd.

Relying on the background of Zhangjiajie's great tourism, we have established the train of thought of "culture + tourism + poverty alleviation", and are committed to the rescue, integration, development and inheritance promotion of national cultural resources.


Tujia brocade

As a traditional handicraft representing Tujia nationality, it has very strong national and regional characteristics, and the audience has certain limitations.

So how can we combine traditional and modern applications to meet the market demand and how to better open up the market? For this reason, Zhangjiajie Gumei Mei Tujia brocade Development Co., Ltd. has been growing continuously, though encountered many problems in the process of opening up the market.

Adhering to the "national is the world", the company positioning Tujia brocade as a high-end market, the European market just to meet this position.

The company's relevant person in charge said, "our intention to expand the European market with the help of the Textile Fair's Paris exhibition is to make the" good younger sister "Tujia brocade able to go to the world, to be able to connect some high-end brands in the European market, and to enhance the awareness and influence of Tujia brocade with their brand and creative design, so as to better open up overseas markets.

Facts have proved that the decision of Zhangjiajie Gumei Mei Tujia brocade Development Co., Ltd. is correct.

The company takes brand building as the engine, and focuses on creating "good girl" brand. The product is a product design concept of "Tujia elements and fashion expression". It is characterized by originality, handcraftsmanship, differentiation, individuation and cultural connotation, covering the collection of works of art, home decoration, and so on.

Clothing, clothing

There are more than 600 kinds of practical products, and in sales channels, the main selling channels are overseas markets, domestic second tier cities and local high-end tourism market.

European market, Southeast Asia

It is very popular and has achieved good reputation and sales.

Turning to the experience of developing the international market, the head of the company said that it is very important to develop products that are suitable for the market. If the product can be accepted by the international market, the establishment of the brand will also have a foundation.

The company should fully understand the needs of the international market and the marketing mode of the international market, so as to provide products and marketing modes that are suitable for the international market.

It is understood that the "good girl" Tujia brocade has now distributed three main production bases in Yongding District, Wulingyuan district and Sangzhi County in Zhangjiajie, equipped with more than 300 looms and more than 300 employees. It is currently the largest Tujia brocade R & D center and production base in China. The Wulingyuan base has been included in the poverty alleviation project of key industries, and 1463 poor people have been lifted off poverty and become rich. Basically, the development mode of "company + base + farmer + market" has basically formed, and has gone out of a special way of "integrating tourism with tourism and promoting industry to help the poor".

As a result, the winner of the Zhangjiajie Miao Mei Tujia brocade Development Co., Ltd. has won awards. The company has won the honor of "Hunan province quality start-ups", "Hunan province's most potential development traditional skills project", "Hunan special color brocade product export brand", "Hunan characteristic brocade product export cultivation base" and "Zhangjiajie gift".

Tujia brocade Development Co., Ltd. of Zhangjiajie is a career that they will strive for all their life. They will never give up. They will also regard the inheritance and development of heritage as a mission, guarding the national context and inheriting the beauty of intangible heritage.

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