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Yes, The Third Baiyangdian International Clothing Culture Festival 16 Activities Time And Place Specific Arrangements Came.

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BaiyangdianThe International Clothing Culture FestivalXiong An

Recently, the Organizing Committee of the third Baiyangdian International Fashion Culture Festival officially announced the detailed schedule of this cultural festival.

On September 15th -17, the 16 outstanding events of the second Xiong an marathon, the opening ceremony and the Golden Summit, the fashion Xiong an summit and the China Textile Industry Federation annual meeting will be unveiled one by one. It is reported that this is the first large-scale cultural activity held by the new district after the introduction of the Xiong Anxin district planning outline in Hebei.

The third Baiyangdian International Clothing Culture Festival news conference

According to the organizing committee, the 2018 national textile industry cluster working conference will first enter Xiong an, and will be held at the Xiong an Civic Service Center at 14 September 15th.


Textile industry

The main leaders in the pilot area of the cluster, the textile associations and garment associations, the business representatives, the China Textile Industry Federation and professional associations, the representatives of the professional institutions, and the professional media representatives gathered in the provinces and cities. The 700 people gathered together to pay attention to the changing trend of the industrial form and scale structure in the process of upgrading and developing the industrial clusters in Xiong an new area. The problems faced by the current textile cluster development were discussed, and the new experiences and planning development ideas of the government and trade associations in the cluster areas for the development of the textile industry were summarized.

From September 15th to 17, the third Baiyangdian International Costume Culture Festival will focus on the theme of "happy life, fashion and safety", and carry out a series of rich forums, shows, exhibitions and competitions to show the fashion charm of Xiong an New District in the new era.

Among them, the series of customized theme activities will include the opening ceremony of the Xiong modern fashion center, the opening ceremony of the Xiong an original fashion design center, the modern fashion customization International Forum, the fashion custom theme show and so on. We will integrate the development of the Xiong New Area on the local traditional industrial characteristics, focus on the theme of customized quality life through the fashion focus of the Cultural Festival platform, and provide a new perspective for the Xiong New District's customized industrial culture and creative design culture.

The third session

Baiyangdian International Fashion Culture Festival

The International Forum on modern fashion customization will be


Customization is the theme, inviting experts from domestic and foreign high-end fashion and customization industry to make unique views.

The leading men and local industry representatives of the London men's clothing association and the well-known high definition clothing brand will share their brilliant views on customized technology and customized industries according to their own experience and research.

In September 16th, at Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology, Rongcheng.


Industrial Park, Xiong an modern fashion customization center and Xiong an fashion original design center will be unveiled.

This is the first original custom center in Xiong an New District, where the modern fashion customization center, in line with the theme of the quality of life, offers a new perspective for the customized industrial culture of the New District, and builds a multi-dimensional interactive display platform to explore the customizing pformation of the traditional manufacturing industry.

The original fashion design center is located in the platform to inspire original design and fashion original culture, and to integrate excellent designers and fashion buyers, relying on the industrial base of the new area, and sharing resources to achieve the rapid realization of original design and purchase, and actively cultivate professional orders and terminals.

consumer market

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