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40 Years Of Reform And Opening Up, Connecting The Chemical Fiber And Terminal

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With China

chemical filament

The development of industry,

Since 1980s,

China's chemical fiber weaving industry has begun.

In 2000, the output of China's chemical filament fabrics was 4 billion 180 million meters.

In 2010, the output of China's chemical fiber filament fabric reached 32 billion 700 million meters.

In 2017, the output of China's chemical filament fabrics exceeded 48 billion 200 million meters.

In 2018, the Pingchang Winter Olympic Games ended in the "Beijing 8 minutes" stunning global audience, 24 roller skating actors wearing white uniforms, helmets and roller skates, showing a sense of technology and a sense of future.

The costume is light, warm, windproof, breathable, fashionable and beautiful. Its fabric is finished through filament weaving.

At present, the color and variety of chemical fiber filament fabrics are changing with each passing day, and new products emerge in endlessly.

There are not only silk fabrics but also imitation fabrics such as wool, linen and Imitation cotton, as well as many functional products (such as Li).

Sub cloth, shading cloth

It can also be widely used in home textiles, car interior decoration, military products and other industrial applications, such as covering cloth, bulletproof vest, parachute and military equipment.

At present, silk weaving enterprises are mostly distributed in coastal developed areas such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Fujian.

Due to the lack of unified supervision, enterprises have been in a state of free development.

Some enterprises have developed into a leader in the industry by virtue of their relatively perfect management mode. However, most enterprises still have problems such as irregularities in enterprise management, waste water discharge at random and low reuse rate of water.

As a result, China's filament weaving Association came into being.

In August 18, 2011, the China filament weaving Association held a founding meeting in Shengze, Jiangsu. It is now the seven year. In the past seven years, the development of the industry is obvious to all. The association has led the enterprises to achieve outstanding results in product development, technological innovation, investment and pformation, marketing, personnel training, and green development.

Nowadays, China's chemical filament yarn

Weaving industry

The capacity, output and demand of the whole industry have been growing at a high speed, and domestic and international market demand is strong. The chemical fiber filament weaving industry has become one of the fastest growing pillar industries in China's textile industry, and has gradually become one of the industries with the most market vitality and the most technical vitality.

Association and industrial cluster to perfect industrial chain

To promote the development of industrial clusters, China filament weaving association has been actively carrying out pilot projects in industrial clusters.

The chemical fiber filament weaving industry has strongly promoted and supported the development of China's textile industry. China's unique textile industry cluster has made significant contributions to this.

As of May 2018, China's silk weaving industry cluster has 1 famous cities and 6 famous towns.

They are Shengze town in Wujiang District of Suzhou city of Jiangsu Province, Heping Town in the seven cities, Changxing County, Changxing County, Zhejiang, Changxing County, Changxing County, Jiaxing, Xiuzhou, Wang Jiangjing and Fujian town of Fujian province.

At present, Siyang County, Jiangsu Province,

Xiao Hai Town, Dafeng City

The chemical fiber filament weaving industry in Langxi County of Anhui province has been relatively concentrated.

Since the establishment of the association, it has been closely linked with all the governments in the clustered areas, and has jointly developed good policies. It has broken the difficult problems of development and formed an atmosphere of industrial pformation, upgrading and development with complementary advantages and concerted efforts.

The product mix adjustment of various industrial clusters has made remarkable achievements, especially in the key technologies such as differentiation, functionalization and high simulation products. There are new breakthroughs in the key technologies of the products. The industrial structure is constantly improving. On the one hand, resources are closer to the dominant enterprises, R & D strength is enhanced, technological progress and innovation have been broken down, on the other hand, the industrial chain of each cluster is constantly improving, and the application area of products is constantly expanding, especially in the field of industrial application.

With its complete industrial chain and strong economic foundation, industrial clusters are gradually becoming an important part of guiding the development of the industry and enhancing the international competitiveness of the industry.

Transformation and upgrading of energy saving and consumption reduction, and actively promoting green development

Energy conservation and emission reduction is the only way for enterprises to pform and upgrade, and it is also the social responsibility of the whole industry.

With the rapid development of the textile industry and the increasingly fierce market competition, the association vigorously promotes the new technology of energy saving and consumption reduction, firmly establishes the development concept of "green water and green hills, is the Jinshan Yinshan", and unswervingly follows the path of green development, vigorously promotes the pformation and upgrading of enterprises, and tries hard to realize mutual promotion and win-win situation of environmental protection and economic development.

In response to the association's appeal, enterprises should enhance their awareness of environmental protection, strive to implement more stringent environmental standards, actively promote green procurement, and create green industrial chains through superior resources.

In the past seven years, with the active guidance of the association and the continuous efforts of the enterprises, breakthroughs have been made in sewage treatment and reclaimed water reuse. More and more enterprises have adopted advanced water treatment and reclaimed water reuse technology, and the recycling rate of advanced water has reached nearly 100%.

At present, the industry can independently carry out sewage treatment enterprises including Bashan Group Co., Ltd., Hengli Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Tai Hua new material Limited by Share Ltd, Xiamen East Lun Limited by Share Ltd, Fujian Longfeng Textile Science and Technology Industrial Co., Ltd., Xiang Xing (China) group and Jiaxing Ming Ye Textile Co., Ltd. and many other enterprises, the water reuse rate can reach 100%.

In July 24, 2015, the Ministry of industry and Commerce released the key project of industrial pformation and upgrading in 2015, recommended by the China filament weaving Association.

Water jet loom

The wastewater treatment and reuse integration project is among them, laying the foundation for promoting the innovative development and green development of the filament weaving industry.

Shu you commentary first leads the enterprise all-round development

In the past seven years, a total of 50 enterprises have been awarded the title of "China chemical fiber filament fabric quality production base". Each base has its own characteristics and occupies the leading level in the industry. It is an example power for the development of the industry.

A total of 1352 fabrics have been awarded the "national top quality fabrics of chemical fiber filament fabrics", of which 391 pieces of Gold Award fabrics represent the most advanced and high-quality fabric products in the industry. In the past seven years, each batch of Gold Award fabrics has been continuously improved in flower pattern, functionality, market sales and technical level, and has demonstrated the course of product innovation since the event. As of June 2018, 66 papers have been awarded "excellent paper award for filament fabric product development". The number of papers has increased year by year, the scope of the articles has been gradually widened and the quality of papers has been continuously improved. In addition, 34 projects have won the "technological innovation award of China's chemical fiber weaving industry", which represents the great progress made by enterprises in the field of technological innovation. As of June 2018,

In 2018, ten silk fabric brands emerged in the industry: "Nan Yang", "long silk", "SHILK", "Ming Ye", "Ding Bo", "LF", "Ke Wang", "Ruyi house", "Chen Long Xin Sheng" and "Ju Jie". They were respectively awarded the title of "the ten famous brands of China chemical fiber fabrics".

China's filament weaving Association responds to three products strategy, encourages silk weaving enterprises to create brand names, and provides a strong starting point for enhancing the corporate image. At the same time, it also represents a big step forward in promoting the brand building of the association.

Perfecting industry standard and safeguarding enterprise rights and interests

In 2011, at the early stage of China's filament weaving Association, the industry standardization construction system had not yet been formed, but the association knew the significance of the standard for the industry.

Through the efforts of the association in the past seven years, by the end of June 2018, 25 standards have been issued in the filament weaving industry, of which 8 are national standards and 17 are industrial standards.

There are 8 standards for research and drafting, including 2 items listed in the national standard plan, 6 of which are included in the industry standard plan.

In the process of standard development, more and more enterprises realize that product development and standard setting are important pillars for the survival and development of enterprises. More and more enterprises are actively involved in the formulation of industry standards, and the degree of attention has deepened year by year.

The standardization work is an important work of industry management, and has played a promoting role in standardizing the industry.

In 2017, the China filament weaving Association, through its industry standards, helped member enterprises defeat defeat and win the lawsuit. It helped to save significant and unnecessary economic losses for enterprises, effectively avoiding the adverse consequences of product quality problems affecting corporate image.

Carrying out special activities in combination with reality

Over the past seven years, the China filament weaving association has held various special thematic activities, and has held corresponding meetings each year through different themes, combined with the current economic environment and local new policies.

Among them, the annual "national annual development of chemical fiber filament fabric products" invites authoritative experts and professors in the industry to interpret new technologies and trends of chemical filament fabrics, invites outstanding companies to share product research and development experience, and provide more innovative points for more enterprises in the field of new product development, so that the products of the industry can be upgraded as a whole.

In addition, in view of the upgrading of technological equipment in the industry, the seminar on technological progress and innovation of the filament weaving industry has been excavating the upgrading space from the perspective of weaving equipment, inviting international advanced equipment manufacturing enterprises to interpret technological upgrading, creating a good foundation for promoting the overall upgrading of the weaving industry; and having the "grey fabric new material exhibition" and "grey fabric new material supply chain conference", which are oriented to the market and promoting the sales of enterprises, integrate the whole industry chain resources, promote the cooperation between the upstream and the downstream, and build an effective platform for enterprises to continuously expand the market space, optimize the customer resources, and comprehensively promote market trade.

In addition, the "national textile industry silk weaving vocational skills competition", which is also held by all sectors of the industry, has stimulated the enthusiasm of the vast majority of workers in the silk weaving industry to acquire knowledge and learning skills. It has provided the front line employees with a stage to demonstrate their talents, and has learned excellent operation methods through the match match, which provides a better foundation for further upgrading the quality of filament weaving products in the future.

These meetings have coordinated and promoted each other, creating a favorable environment for the pformation and upgrading of enterprises, the development of new products, the expansion of markets, the extension of industrial chains and the training of qualified personnel.

At present, the chemical fiber filament weaving industry plays an important role in promoting the development of spinning technology, fiber simulation technology, weaving technology, chemical fiber printing and dyeing technology, fabric finishing technology, and guiding the development of high-performance multi-functional textiles, connecting the links from chemical fiber to clothing fabrics, household textiles and industrial textiles.

At the same time, as a rapidly developing new industry, a high-tech industry and a rapidly expanding product application scope, the chemical filament weaving industry plays an important supporting role in promoting the textile industry to realize the strategy of "strong science and technology", "brand power", and achieving environmental friendly and sustainable development.

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