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Go Deep Into Chemical Fiber Printing And Dyeing Town, Textile High Training Class Enter Tongxiang And Xiaoshan

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Advanced Training CourseTong Kun GroupNew Feng Ming GroupZhejiang

It is the autumn and high season, on September 8~9, by the China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, the China Textile Engineering Society, Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology and China cotton.

Textile industry

The eighth training courses of the 2018 national textile complex personnel training project jointly organized by the association and other eighth courses were held in Tongxiang, Zhejiang.

Coming to the town of chemical fiber dyeing and printing, the students went further into the Limited by Share Ltd of the Tong Kun group and Limited by Share Ltd of the new Feng Ming group.

Zhejiang group

Holding Company Limited visits on site, strengthens the understanding and mastery of relevant industry knowledge, and studies the management and technology of advanced enterprises.

Wang Yuping, vice president of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, attended the course.

Widening theoretical knowledge from differential fiber to dyeing printing


Wang Xiuhua from the school of materials and textiles, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

The professor first talked about the differentiation, functionalization and application of general chemical fiber in Tong Kun group.

Although it was Saturday, nearly 100 technical staff of Tong Kun group also came to attend. The conference room was packed.

Wang Xiuhua's main research area is function.

Fiber material

With rich practical experience, she gave a brief explanation on the classification, characteristics and new product development and application of differential fiber and functional fiber, and introduced several new products from abroad, pointing out that green (coloring of raw liquor, atmospheric dyeable, biomass fiber, biodegradable fiber, recycling of waste textiles, etc.), multi-functional composite (fiber appearance, skin affinity, function, comfort, etc.) are the trend of new product development.


The second lesson is Professor Zhi Ping, Professor of textile chemistry and dyeing and finishing engineering, Donghua University.


Fu Li Da group

The topic is fabric dyeing and printing.

Mao Zhiping's main research directions are textile functional finishing and green environmental auxiliaries. He has made professional explanations on basic knowledge of dyes, including dyeing, dyeing equipment and methods, and dyeing of vat dyes and temporary vat dyes, acid dyes and

Acid mordant dyes

Dyeing, disperse dyes, cationic dyes and reactive dyes were used to comb the participants. Finally, printing technology, textile printing equipment and related methods, conventional printing and special printing were introduced.

This course is chaired by Xu Jiawei, general manager of the fourth high training class and Jilin Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.

Ye min, general manager of the fourth phase of textile high training class and general manager of Hangzhou Zhuo Da dyeing and finishing company of Fu Li Da group, also introduced the dyeing and finishing machinery and related technology and products for the students.

The sharing of experience among students is also advocated by the textile high training class.

Enter the new look of Tong Kun and Xin Feng Ming in the chemical fiber leading enterprises

For the high training class, the emphasis is placed on leading enterprises, representative enterprises visiting and exchanging learning.

More than 50 textile high training students first entered the Tong Kun group, visited the Tong Kun impression center, listened to relevant introduction, and had a cordial communication with Chen Shinan, vice president of the group.

As a large joint-stock listed company based on PTA, polyester and polyester fiber manufacturing, the Tong Kun group, founded in 1982, has been developing for more than 30 years, and now has 4 million 200 thousand tons of PTA, 5 million 200 thousand tons of polymerization and 5 million 700 thousand tons of polyester filament production and processing capacity, ranking the first in the world's production capacity and output of polyester filament.

Since its inception, the Tong Kun group has been concentrating on the research and development of polyester filament, and its technological innovation capability and overall strength are at the leading level in the industry.

With more than 30 years of "characteristic difference function" in the field of polyester filament manufacturing, in 2017, it won the national single champion demonstration enterprise of manufacturing industry.

Tong Kun's special products, such as four seasons feel polyester fiber, its R & D and industrialization technology is listed as "China made 2025" supply side reform major research and development project; TS bio cable elastic wire, polyester / nylon spandex coated wire, no torque hybrid fiber polyester low elastic wire, etc., all outstanding performance.

With its distinctive label, the Tong Kun group has the national enterprise technology center, the national accreditation laboratory, the national new synthetic fiber product development base, the academician expert workstation, the postdoctoral workstation, the provincial enterprise research institute and other R & D institutions and platforms, not only has its own strong R & D capability, but also has deep cooperation with the famous universities in China, and has hosted many national science and technology support projects during the "fifteen", "11th Five-Year" and "12th Five-Year" periods, and hosted the "2016 green manufacturing system integration project", presided over the "2017 textile manufacturing intelligent manufacturing demonstration project". It presided over the "2018 intelligent manufacturing new mode application project", participated in the "national key research and development plan for 2017", undertook 9 National Torch programs and 1 National Spark Program and many other national and provincial scientific research projects. Technological innovation is Tong Kun.

Through hosting the participation in the national projects, Tong Kun not only achieved a series of scientific and technological achievements and independent intellectual property rights, but also fully played the leading role of leading enterprises in scientific and technological innovation, and won the two prize of national science and technology progress and 22 awards for scientific and technological progress at the provincial and ministerial level.

The above scientific and technological strength is embodied in the workshop of Tong Kun Heng Bang factory. It is also a shock to the students. The factory area, which covers a total area of more than 800 Mu and has a total investment of 6 billion yuan, produces an annual output of 1 million 800 thousand tons of chemical fiber polyester fiber filament, with an annual sales volume of 16 billion yuan.

Here is the world's first set of polyester and spinning integrated design device, also the first full process automation intelligent manufacturing factory in China. The whole production process adopts automatic intelligent equipment, from the DCS centralized control system of polyester, to the automatic winding machine, automatic winding, automatic conveying and intelligent intermediate library, automatic packaging system, and automatic intelligent three-dimensional warehouse. It realizes the automatic intelligent manufacturing process from raw material to factory and product outgoing, and deduces the evolution from "traditional manufacturing" to "green intelligent manufacturing".

Located in Tongxiang, another large chemical fiber group company, the new Feng Ming Group Limited by Share Ltd, was set up in 2000, including polyester, polyester spinning, firing, import and export. It has a total assets of about 16000000000 yuan, covers an area of about 3000 mu, and has 13 subsidiaries and 9000 employees.

In April 18, 2017, new Feng Ming officially landed on the Shanghai A stock main board market and took the capital market new journey.

In an exchange with Shen Jianyu, executive director of new Feng Ming, he said that the development of new Feng Ming is not based on expanding into the unfamiliar domain and diversifying business, but constantly excavating, discovering and utilizing internal resources, strengthening the main business and speeding up the adjustment and upgrading of traditional industrial structure.

For more than ten years, the company has been concentrating on industrial production, concentrating on making chemical fiber, improving in the continuous summary and Surpassing in continuous improvement.

In 2003, the company's technology center, Tongxiang chemical fiber development research center, was listed in the ranks of the provincial science and technology center, aiming at developing new products with high performance, high technology and high added value as the main objectives. It further increased ties and learning with universities, research institutes such as Donghua University, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Jiaxing University, Contas, Bama and so on, and built the platform of industry university research and research, and achieved good results: successfully developing new products such as nano anti ultraviolet functional fiber, Eacool moisture absorption and sweat perspiration fiber.

These products were awarded the provincial and municipal science and technology progress awards respectively. Many of them were included in the national torch plan, the national Spark Program and the national key new products.

In 2011, the company set up expert workstations of Jiaxing municipal academicians, and in 2016, it was awarded the "national expert academician workstation". In 2017, the Research Institute of the company successfully approved the provincial key enterprise research institute, focusing on polyester and polyester technology innovation, product development, energy saving, product upgrading, scientific research declaration, etc. in January 2018, the company's postdoctoral workstation was officially unveiled. The company's project "key technologies and equipment for flexible production of large volume short flow melt direct spinning polyester filament" and "organic recovery technology in polyester esterified wastewater" were awarded the two prize of national science and technology progress, the first prize of science and technology progress of China Textile Industry Federation, and the award of management innovation achievement award.

The trainees visited the polyester flexible production workshop and listened to the introduction.

Relying on the listing platform and favorable policies, based on the needs of development, Xin Feng Ming submitted a refinancing application to the SFC at the end of 2017, and was successfully approved in January 2018. In the light of the new goal of "three years of reinvention and a new phoenix", the company will continue to invest more in the next few years, strengthen its main business and improve its industrial chain.

Rich and beautiful, the world is weaving the pattern of printing and dyeing industry.

Qian Juemei, director and vice president of the Rita group in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, held a brief welcoming ceremony for the students of the high training class and delivered a speech.

She said that the predecessor of Fu Li Da was a small textile factory in the two state farms and farms. With the development opportunities of reform and opening up, the spirit of Xiaoshan people's hard work and pioneering spirit had been carried out, and only thirty struggles were carried out until today.

In the past thirty years, the company has laid a good foundation for the healthy development and sustainable development of enterprises through the road of industrial extension and development, the development of one-stop service, the technological pformation and standardization, the path of product development, and the path of green and sustainable development.

The future development of the company will be more focused, more focused and more professionally based on the textile industry, focusing on the integration and utilization of the group's industrial resources, giving full play to the existing resources advantages, and doing well the work of "addition and subtraction and multiplication and division" in the pformation and upgrading of enterprises in the new era, so that the title of "high quality fabric overall solution provider" is further worthy of the name, so as to enhance the overall efficiency of enterprises.

As an outstanding entrepreneur and pioneer of industry, Qian said that the textile industry has always been the most market-oriented traditional industry. No matter what the economic situation is, people's pursuit of quality of life must be continuously improving. The textile industry is the most vigorous and dynamic industry. The basic life of the people begins with dressing and dressing. The textile industry is still the most fashionable industry. It not only brings people happiness but also brings happiness and adds luster to our life. The textile industry is also an industry with the widest range and technological content, and also involves pportation, aerospace, medical and health industries.

But in the eyes of many people in the society, even some government departments think that the textile printing and dyeing industry is an industry without technical content, tradition, backward and pollution. Secondly, the problems faced by enterprises such as low profit, difficult recruitment, high cost, environmental protection pressure, industrial rectification and so on, make us feel confused and helpless.

But we still believe that the future trend of the industry will be better and better.

In the new period of social pformation and upgrading, in the new start-up period, how to go and how to do the textile enterprises requires all of us to have new thinking and new ideas, to apply new technologies and new kinetic energy, to find new methods, new formats and new vitality.

I believe we will use our wisdom and ability to make the textile industry more scientific, green, fashionable and brilliant. This respectable female entrepreneur has hearty applause from the heartfelt feelings.

At present, it has formed an integrated textile industry system covering pulp, viscose staple fiber, polyester new material, spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, and supporting basic industries such as thermoelectricity, environmental protection and so on.

The group has 10 subsidiaries, forming a diversified industrial chain along the textile industry chain and extending to the two ends of the industrial chain.

Weaving and dyeing are the origins of the brand of the group.

On the same day, the trainees visited the modern exhibition hall of modern fashion, and learned the layout of the group at the front of the sand table. They also visited the dyeing factory and learned about the development of the dyeing and finishing core business in the first-line workshop, and explored the successful experience of the development of the enterprise.

"This study is fruitful!" "a worthwhile trip! Look forward to the next course!" the two day trip to Tongxiang and Xiaoshan has benefited the trainees.

As we all have said, the brilliant lectures of College experts have given insight into the trend of textile technology. The exchange of visits among benchmarking enterprises has opened up our vision. The combination of theory and practice is the most beneficial.

The innovative spirit and persistent pursuit of the three leading enterprises are admirable. The strength of China's chemical fiber industry and printing and dyeing industry is full of confidence.

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