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The Paris Exhibition Is Featured By Its Characteristics And Quality.

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17~20 September,

The twentieth China Textile and clothing trade exhibition (Paris) and the Paris international fashion and dress exhibition will be opened in Paris's bocjoy Exhibition Center.

This year is the second year of the Ministry of Commerce's "independent brand export growth action plan". Many excellent brand enterprises will once again shine in Paris.

The creation of a brand to promote a brand can tell too many stories. It is a coincidence. It is an initial dream, a love of a cavity or a persistent belief.

Let's go into a series of reports on "paying tribute to the brand" to review the path that these brands have gone through.

In recent years, women's consumption habits, structures and concepts have changed a lot. The styles of women's clothing chosen by women both at home and abroad have become more diversified, especially silk products, which has become a unique product.

Market segmentation

It is no longer the exclusive product of Chinese consumers, and has become an important part of international T high-end clothing.


Silk clothing in Wujiang

The company's brand "cransfield" takes silk fabric as the raw material, mainly European and American women's style, and displays the natural beauty and curvilinear beauty of the female with the French top fashion design. The style is rich, changeable, concise and atmosphere. By tailored to the greatest extent, it meets the tastes and needs of all ages, and has won a batch of loyal fans at home and abroad.

Finding a way out with characteristics and building up brand image

Wujiang Silk Clothing Co., Ltd. is located in the "silk capital" - Shengze Town, which relies on the advantages of Shengze's industrial agglomeration and historical traditions.

mulberry silk

12 years of experience in the production and marketing of silk products and clothing.


There is an absolute advantage in production and technology.

Its brand "cransfield" is dominated by European and American women's styles. Its style is rich and varied, and its design is concise. It pays attention to the combination of comfort and texture.

"With the development of the company's business, we gradually realize that the high-end silk household clothing products are" vacant "in the domestic market - old style and poor workmanship.

Talking about the original intention of brand building, Wang Jianfeng, general manager of Wujiang silk garments Co., Ltd. said, "it is this opportunity that enables us to derive the idea of inheriting and spreading silk culture and silk products in the form of branding."

In 2012, the company began to pform from the OEM mode to the self brand direction, and the "Silk rush" Silk household clothing brand came into being.

Mainly in Europe and the United States women's clothing style, using France's top fashion design to show the natural beauty and curvilinear beauty of women, rich and varied styles, concise atmosphere, tailored to meet the tastes and needs of all age groups to the maximum extent.

At the beginning of the establishment of "sfield", sales began on Taobao, Jingdong, Tmall and other online platforms.

Then, with its high-quality fabrics, exquisite technology and fashion design, as well as many years of experience in product production and sales, Sheng Zedong became the first brand entity store in 2016.

Wang Jianfeng said proudly.

The creation of brand is a long-term project, and there are many difficulties in the process of creation.

Talking about the difficulties of brand building, Wang Jianfeng felt that "brand building requires constant investment and can not be rewarded immediately."

The company has shifted from OEM to self brand, and has zero experience in design, production and sales. Whether it is capital or design, we are struggling.

In particular, the rising cost of raw materials and other production in 2017 brought a great impact to the company.

However, in the face of setbacks, "sfield" did not give up, but constantly adjust the operation mode, adopt a multi style and a small number of production mode, save resources and at the same time let customers have more selectivity, so as to promote the brand's sustainable development; through the brand design layering to meet the needs of customers in different regions and ages.

With regard to the feedback information of domestic sales, customers have highly recognized the quality and service of "sfield".

"Sversfield" also has a group of loyal fans, which has further strengthened the company's confidence of "going out".

Build a reputation for quality and layout the European market.

Europe is a huge economic consumer. It is also a gathering place for the forefront of fashion. Opening up the European market can enhance brand awareness and let the brand go to the international market.

Therefore, in the market layout of "sfield", the European market has always been the preferred place for brand promotion and product sales.

"With the great changes in women's consumption habits, structures and concepts over the past two years, women's styles at home and abroad have become more diversified. Silk products, as a unique market segment, are no longer the exclusive products of Chinese consumers, and have gradually become an important part of high-end T apparel.

So I think it's a good idea to use silk clothing to open up the European market.

Wang Jianfeng said.

Because of the different cultural history, there are many differences between European brands and domestic brands in brand value, brand culture and brand operation. Although many European brands also choose silk as the raw material, most of the products will be blended with sexy elements to design underwear, body clothing, swimsuit and so on.

"Because of the high cost of foreign brands, their retail prices are very high. Only a small number of customers can accept their prices. Therefore, we believe that there is much room for development in the European market.

Wang Jianfeng said.

The Silk family has the prophase development and production capacity of design, plate production and production, plus the sales channel of "sengsfield" in China has been opened. It already has certain brand fans and fans. The international side has many years of experience in OEM sales, and is familiar with European brands in France, Italy, Britain, Germany and so on.

In addition, in recent years, the company has been advancing with the times, pioneering and innovating, introducing young people into the company's design and sales team, and constantly innovating in the development, design and sales channels, successfully opening up sales channels such as mobile phone APP.

Everything is ready except for the east wind.

The brand of "sfield" should be displayed on the larger international stage, and it needs the help of the "Dongfeng" exhibition of the textile industry branch of the China Council for the promotion of international trade. "Paris exhibition."

Wang Jianfeng said, "the professional exhibitions sponsored by the Council are always excellent platforms for publicizing brands and displaying products." "sfield" wants to stand taller and go further. It needs the help and guidance of the Trade Promotion Council. It also needs Paris to develop such an authoritative and professional exhibition platform.

September 17~20, the twentieth China Textiles and clothing

Trade Fair

(Paris) & Paris international clothing and accessories

Purchasing Exhibition

The curtain is about to begin.

At that time, "showsfield" will carry out the show of products, so that European buyers can understand Chinese silk dress and let more people know and understand the brand of "sfield".

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