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LV Parent Company Said: Strike Hard Purchasing Is Good News For Luxury Industry.

2018/10/11 16:36:00 156

LVMHLuxury Brand Industry.

LV's parent company's revenue grew more than 20% in the third quarter.

Jean-Jacques Guiony, chief financial officer of LVMH, the world's largest luxury group, said yesterday in a conference call after the third quarter earnings report that China has stepped up its crackdown on purchasing agents.

Luxury industry

It's good news. LVMH has been doing the same thing in other markets other than China in recent years.

According to its disclosure, sales in the mainland of China increased by more than 20% in the third quarter, which has become the main driving force for Asian market performance.

However, he stressed that although China's import tariffs have been reduced,


It will not deliberately adjust the price of its brand in the mainland of China. "Our loyal consumers will understand the price difference of products in different markets, because this is related to the cost of landing."

Ralph Lauren shares fell more than 8%, hitting a 20 month low.

It is understood that by the global geo economic uncertainties continue to strengthen the impact of the U.S. luxury brand Ralph Lauren yesterday, the largest stock market share price decline in the largest luxury brands, at the close of the stock price fell 8.44% to 116.9 U.S. dollars, a new low since February 2017, the current market value of about 9 billion 500 million dollars.

To speed up the growth of performance, Ralph Lauren opened the first official online flagship store in China in September, and supported consumers' free return online and offline.

The Ordinary parent company's official website has been closed, Ultra Beauty said it had no intention to purchase.

According to the news, after the announcement of the announcement of the closure of the video on Monday by the founder of Brandon Truxe at Instagram, the website of Deciem The, a parent of minority skincare brand, has ceased operation and the offline stores have been closed.

It has been reported that Ultra Beauty, another beauty retailer, had deliberately introduced the brand since The Ordinary quit Sephora.

In response, Ultra Beauty spokesman said The Ordinary is not in their consideration for the time being.

It is noteworthy that Estee Lauder group's growth potential of Deciem group's brand has become an investor of the group last year and acquired about 28% of its shares.

Estee Lauder group said it had no decision-making power on the Deciem group's suspension of business, so it did not comment. Brandon Truxe did not respond further.

Levi's recorded double-digit growth for four consecutive quarters.

Us jeans brand Levi s Levi Strauss released its third quarter earnings report for the year ended August 26th, during which its net profit rose 58% to $130 million over the same period, and sales increased 9.9% to $1 billion 390 million.

Among them, the United States is the most powerful market, with revenue growth of 7% to 793 million dollars and direct retail sales by 13%.

The company has achieved two digit profit growth for four consecutive quarters, and this year's sales volume is expected to enter the club of 5 billion dollars.

Furla's performance began to slow, revenue growth in the first half of 5.8%

In the first half of June 30th, Furla sales of leather goods brands in Italy increased by 5.8% to 252 million euros over the same period, of which the Asia Pacific region's growth was the most significant, up 28.6% from the same period last year, accounting for 27% of total sales.

Alberto Camerlengo, chief executive of Furla, said that sales of brands doubled in the past three years, mainly due to the brand's emphasis on creativity and the optimization of supply chain and technology systems.

MCM poaching Adidas appointed Dirk Sch o nberger as creative director

According to the news, as soon as possible to enter the $1 billion club, luxury brand MCM has recently appointed Dirk Sch o nberger as the first creative director.

Since 2010, Dirk Sch nberger has been a creative director in Adidas, and has launched several popular series with Rick Owens, Raf Simons and Kanye West.

It is reported that MCM will set up a design studio specially for Dirk Sch o nberger in Berlin, Germany, and plans to set up a design team of about 25 people for the designer.

Although the group belonging to MCM is not listed and does not disclose its performance, according to industry sources, sales in MCM 2016 are about $700 million, and it is expected to reach US $1 billion in 2020. Currently, there are about 500 sales outlets in 40 countries.

Vogue, the parent company of Kangtai Nash group, continues to shake its top digital officer.

Kangtai Nash group announced on Tuesday that its Fred Santarpia, the chief digital officer who took office in 2012, will leave in November 2nd, which is part of the merger and reorganization plan of the US and international products and technology businesses.

In recent years, Kangtai Nash has been trying to adapt to the digital media era because its audience and advertising are constantly shifting to the Internet. Its goal is to integrate all its websites into a global digital platform to improve the efficiency of the whole team.

US chain corporation Sears filed for bankruptcy protection

According to foreign media reports, the US chain corporation Sears has hired M-III Partners LLC, a consultancy, to prepare for bankruptcy. It may be submitted as soon as possible this week.

It is reported that the Department hopes that the debt restructuring plan will be adopted to avoid bankruptcy applications, but its creditors refuse to support the plan, which will make bankruptcy the only option.

According to data, Sears has lost more than 11 billion dollars since 2011, and its annual sales plunged 60% to 16 billion 700 million US dollars. The company needs to raise more than US $1 billion a year to maintain its operation.

South Korea's skin care brand Skinfood debt 17 billion won has been submitted to bankruptcy application.

According to South Korean media, the skin care brand Skinfood was exposed to bankruptcy in August, which has far exceeded its existing liabilities. In order to ensure its normal operation, the brand has been taken over by the court.

Skinfood spokesman said that because the group is in a liquidity crisis due to debt, filing for bankruptcy reorganization is a good decision for investors.

At present, Skinfood's current liabilities are 16 billion 900 million yuan higher than current assets, or about 103 million yuan. If the Skinfood fails to repay the loan of 2 billion 900 million won before the end of this year, the group will face bankruptcy.

Skinfood was founded in 2004, and now has retail stores in 19 countries, including the United States, China and Japan. Its sales volume recorded 174 billion 600 million won, or 1 billion yuan, 5 years ago. After the expansion of international expansion, the MARS epidemic and the Saad event in 2016, its brand performance slowed down in 2014.

Following the Swatch, Kunlun watch will also exit the Basel watch and clock show.

According to foreign media reports, following the announcement of Swatch group's no longer attending the Basel International Jewellery and watch exhibition, Swiss watch maker Corum Kunlun has withdrawn from Switzerland's largest watch trade exhibition.

Because of the changing media and retail environment, many brands choose to withdraw from such large-scale exhibitions. They believe that such trade shows can not promote contact with consumers.

J chief executive R meBiard, Kunlun chief executive, said that the main goal of the brand is to establish close ties with end users, retailers and the media.

After ten years, UNIQLO will once again work with Alexander Wang to launch a series of cooperation.

It is understood that Japan's fast fashion UNIQLO will launch a new series of cooperation with Chinese designer brand Alexander Wang, which covers basic styles such as underwear, Bottomwear and conjoined clothes. All designs will be made of UNIQLO classic Heattech fabrics, priced between 15 and 35 dollars.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first cooperation between the two sides. In 2008, UNIQLO invited Alexander Wang to design an exclusive series for him.

Dunhill will win 10 million yuan for trademark infringement in China.

Dunhill, a luxury brand, has announced that its trademark rights protection case in China has won. The intermediate people's Court of Foshan, Guangdong Province recently ruled that there was trademark infringement and improper competition in the men's wear brand Danhuoli, which required compensation of Dunhill1000 million yuan, or about 1 million 470 thousand dollars.

Dunhill said that the victory could be seen as a landmark victory for global brands in China, and its compensation amount far exceeded the average value of other trademark infringement cases in China.

Kangtai Nash appointed Lindsay Peoples Wagner as new editor of Teen Vogue

Media giant Kangtai Nash recently announced that Lindsay Peoples Wagner is the new editor of Teen Vogue.

Before joining the Teen Vogue, Lindsay Peoples Wagner has been the fashion editor of New York magazine The Cut. Some people in the industry say the appointment is a great leap for her.

Phillip Picardi, the original editor of Teen Vogue, will formally leave the office at the end of November and join Out magazine.

Alibaba Jingdong and other 10 appliance manufacturers promise never to sell fake products or cheat consumers.


E-commerce law

The official implementation of the 10 e-commerce websites of Ali, Gome, Jingdong, Suning, Ctrip, the US group, jumei.com, beautiful Union, NetEase, vip.com and so on has made a formal commitment to resolutely not make fake sales, tax evasion, inducement, deception or threat consumers to modify the after sale evaluation.

Snap shares fell more than 5%, a record low.

According to foreign media reports, the release of the new version of APP has failed to help push up Snap's share price.

Snap shares hit a record low on Wednesday.

After the release of a new program called Snap Originals, the stock price fell 5.68% to $6.59 on Wednesday. The cumulative decline this year has been over 50% and its market capitalization is about 8 billion 400 million dollars.

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