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Secret @ East: 2019 "Big Wave Cup" Chinese Women'S Wear Design Competition Starts Again

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The secret, God, is also changeable.

Territory, vast, between heaven and earth.

In the East, there are many talented people.

The beauty of the East is the sight of elegance and the spirit of elegance.

The "secret" meets "the Orient" and opens a journey to explore the mysterious oriental world.

2019 "big wave Cup" Chinese women's costume design competition

This annual competition that shook the industry once again set sail!

In March 12th, the most representative and famous professional event in China's clothing industry -- the 2019 "big wave Cup" Chinese women's wear design competition press conference was held successfully at Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center. The 2019 "big wave Cup" was officially opened as the theme of "secret East".

Launching ceremony

This competition is sponsored by the China clothing association, the people's Government of Longhua District of Shenzhen, the China Textile publishing house, the office of the leading group of the construction of the big wave fashion town in Longhua District of Shenzhen, the China dress magazine, the Longhua Street Dalong Street office in Shenzhen, and the garment Industry Association of Shenzhen.

中国纺织工业联合会副会长杨纪朝,中国服装协会专职副会长周一奇,深圳市龙华区委常委、区政府常务副区长张纳沙,深圳龙华区政协副主席、大浪时尚小镇建设工作领导小组执行副组长仙新民,深圳龙华区工业和信息化局副局长徐红丽,大浪时尚小镇党委副书记、大浪时尚小镇建设管理中心副主任曹宇昕,中国纺织出版社有限公司党委书记、董事长郑伟良,《中国服饰》杂志总编辑李茗芳,中国美术学院设计学院院长吴海燕,“金顶奖”设计师武学凯,法国设计师品牌Daniel FARET、FARET 1901设计总监及市场营销顾问Daniel Faret、总经理Gille Cirelli等领导和嘉宾,中新社、新浪网、搜狐网、环球网、中国网、观潮时尚网、腾讯直播、中国服饰一直播、中国服装网、CFW服装设计、穿针引线网、中国纺织报、纺织服装周刊、中国纺织等30多家综合媒体和行业媒体,以及地方

The representatives of the textile and garment industry association, the representatives of the CHIC clothing brand representatives, the teachers and students of Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology, Donghua University and other garment colleges attended the event.

Deputy editor in chief of China apparel magazine

Liu Xiao Qing

Presided over.

Liu Xiaoqing, deputy editor in chief of China Fashion Magazine

The "big wave Cup" Chinese women's costume design competition, the most representative and famous professional competition of Chinese women's clothing, is the first Oriental design competition with Oriental creative culture as the theme. It has excavated the deep cultural details of Oriental fashion and enriched the latest fashion energy. The theme is from "metamorphosis East", "intensive East", "dream East", "new ecology @ East", "wisdom East", "east to East", "tidal system @ East", which has interpreted the heritage and charm of Oriental Aesthetics and art, philosophy and nature, and deepened the carding of Oriental creative system step by step. In the past eight years,

In the end, they laid the foundation of the "big wave Cup" cultural gene and cultural confidence.

Conference site

In the past eight years, the "big wave Cup" is not only recognized in the present, but also in the future.

She is not only a competition, but also a talent incubator for docking design with the market.

Competition, activated the inspiration of the Xing Hui God, added a perfect talent strategy, set up a full range of talents and the market docking bridge...

The "big wave Cup" is not only the youth footnote of design, but also the fashion of a period of time.

This gene is congealed with new passion, new vision and new beautiful "big wave Cup". In 2019, we will usher in a fashion year of deep innovation.

Most market

Set up a hundred Ge dispute

Zheng Weiliang, party secretary and chairman of the China Textile Press Co., said in his speech that the eight big wave cup design competition for women's wear has been held successfully since last year, especially in the Spring Festival's largest five exhibition. The press conference will continue to contribute to the development, pformation and upgrading of talents in the industry.

Zheng Weiliang, party secretary and chairman of China Textile Press Co., Ltd.

Zheng Weiliang said that oriental culture is tolerant, open and keeping pace with the times.

In 2019, People's Republic of China was founded in 70th anniversary, and reform and opening up entered a new era.

At this time, the "big wave Cup" Chinese women's costume design competition, based on the combination of traditional culture and modern fashion, explores the mysterious oriental unknown world, recreating the new trend culture, and consistently promotes the industry and industry's strength, encourages young designers to develop originality and bravely pursue their creative dreams.

Innovation is the attitude and motivation that the "big wave Cup" has been sticking to for eight years. It is a pronoun to dare to challenge the combination of innovation, fashion and market.

As a design contest, how to explore high-quality applied talents, how to respect demand, respect design rules, and how to balance the relationship between individuality, professionalism, artistic sense and marketization, commercialization and daily life are also the fashion responsibility of "big wave Cup".

Broad platform,

Nourishing and Innovating Talents

The Standing Committee of the Longhua District Committee of Shenzhen District, deputy director of the district government, said in the speech that Longhua District, as the industrial area of Shenzhen, the important node of the big bay area of Guangdong, Hongkong and Macau, and the gateway to the innovation corridor of Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong, firmly grasp the opportunity for the development of the fashion industry, and vigorously promote the construction of the big wave fashion town. Relying on the fashionable brand superiority of the big wave women's dress, the advantages of Shenzhen's fashion technology, the international commerce circulation and the consumer market network advantages of Guangdong, Hongkong and Macau, the outstanding creative design ability, the big wave fashion town will be set up as a fashion enterprise headquarters, a creative talent gathering area and a fashion innovation, publishing and consumption center.

Longhua will make greater efforts to promote the construction of big wave fashion towns, making it a world-class fashion industry cluster with a gathering of headmasters, famous teachers and brands.

Zhang Nasha, standing committee of Longhua District Committee of Shenzhen, deputy governor of the district government

She pointed out that over the past eight years, the "big wave Cup" has trained a group of Chinese original designers, and provided contestants of the contest to study in Britain, Saint Martin and other places. A group of award-winning athletes have set up their own brands or workshops in the small town, and have made a big move from the small town to the world with the help of the "big wave Cup".

Today's "big wave Cup" has become a platform for discovering talents and brands, cultivating talents and designers, and the most representative and well-known professional competitions in China's clothing industry.

This competition will highlight the contestants' ability to control the whole process of garment design, and help the players and the fashion enterprises in the city to further interact with each other. I hope the contestants can quickly integrate the industry through the competition.

As a sponsor of the competition, Longhua will make every effort to ensure the organization and service of events.

At the same time, we will take this contest as an opportunity to provide excellent designers with a platform for fashion innovation and fashion entrepreneurship.

Here, we sincerely welcome famous designers, fashion and creative brands and excellent enterprises at home and abroad to take root in Longhua, grow bigger and stronger, and grow together with Longhua.

New theme

Play the flower of youth

"Oriental culture is inclusive, open and keeping pace with the times", Li Ming Fang, editor in chief of the Chinese clothing magazine, said at the press conference that the theme of "big wave Cup" in 2019 continued this idea, put forward the idea of "I take the lead in my competition", and issued the theme solicitation order to the young designers of fashion design, which has attracted wide attention, inspired the enthusiasm and participation and interaction of teachers and designers, and received more than 300 feedback on the major platforms.

After screening, the theme of the 2019 "big wave Cup" Chinese women's costume design competition is set as "secret East".

Li Mingfang, editor in chief of China Fashion Magazine

Li Mingfang said, "mystery" implies mystique. Besides the traditional culture of the household, the East has a mysterious color.

"Secret", "Shuo Wen" in the note, God also.

Because of its vagaries, it gives people multiple imagination, regardless of design, color, fabric application and so on. It can give full play to its unique personality. "Environment" is the mood and feelings of the creator, and let the oriental culture and mysterious charm collide with the passion and spark of creativity.

In 2019, the "big wave Cup", in addition to the theme of innovation, will also increase innovation in the market.

The competition will be internationalized, and the participation of mature designers such as independent designers, brand designers and designers will encourage the participation of mature brand designers, increase the proportion of market based judges, invite more famous brand designers to enter the ranks of judges, so that the judges will focus more on the perspective of market innovation and internationalization. In order to improve the maturity of players' works and have a deeper control over the manufacturing process of players, the production process will be presented by means of multimedia and other scientific and technological means.

In addition, in order to fully motivate and mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of the contestants, the competition has also been more varied and rich in awards. For example, apart from the gold, silver, copper, online voting awards and excellent prizes, this year has added the most commercial value award and the best craft production Award to two.

Cao Yuxin, deputy secretary of the big wave fashion Town, deputy director of the construction management center of big wave fashion Town, received an exclusive interview with the media.

The "big wave Cup" Chinese women's wear design competition has never forgotten its industrial mission and will continue to play a pragmatic platform for linking industries. Through the competition, we can link the industrial chain upstream and downstream, select truly powerful young designers, and guide excellent fashion designers to connect with brands and enterprises, so that new designs, new fashions and new skills will enter the market for the first time and promote the improvement of industrial strength.

Moreover, in 2019, the "big wave Cup" Chinese women's costume design competition was also committed to becoming a competition of chain industry chain, forming the creative assembly place of Chinese women's clothing and the creative collection place of women's wear industrial chain.

At the same time, the competition will strive to create the latest popular position of cutting-edge technology. This year, we will continue to demonstrate the strength of technology and fashion in the competition, and ignite the combination of magic and fashion, so that big wave and fashion towns can turn digital, informational, intelligent and other advanced technologies into unique labels.

Like Shenzhen, a city that is determined to reform, the innovation of "big wave Cup" will never stop.

Note: This manuscript uses the press releases and some pictures of the organizing committee.

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