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Chanel Also Launched A Full Range Of Perfume And Beauty Products.

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Chanel also launched a full range of perfume and beauty products.

Following Givenchy and Tomford, another top brand was launched.

In July 5th, Chanel's landing on Tmall officially launched the pre-sale, launching a full range of perfumery and beauty products, including the classic Chanel five perfume, soft foundation and velvet lipstick, many of which are the "broken goods kings" that need to be set up all the year round in counters.

After the sale, Chanel perfume and beauty products Tmall official flagship store will be formally launched in August 2nd and incorporated into Tmall luxury platform Luxury Pavilion. This flagship store is also the second official online store of Chanel perfume and beauty products in China. Chanel said: Tmall is the only officially recognized third party e-commerce channel, which provides consumers with a convenient and comprehensive shopping experience through the unique aesthetic design style of the brand.

It is reported that every order of Chanel Tmall official flagship store adopts the exquisite gift box packaging of environmental protection material, and with the luxury experience suit, consumers can also customize the exclusive gift card online and enjoy efficient delivery service. Meanwhile, members of Chanel Tmall flagship store will enjoy concurrent interests with offline members, and have the opportunity to apply for their latest products and participate in offline activities.

In the past two years, luxury beauty brand has speeded up the cat store. Before Givenchy, Armani and YSL, the sexy Tomford was also launched in the beginning of the year.

Take Givenchy as an example, fans just broke through 700 thousand, and flagship stores opened 11.5 hours, and sales broke through Tmall's beauty makeup business record, and the explosive lipstick sold 58 thousand more.

With the opening of Chanel, Tmall has added a global top brand. Consumers will also have a more comprehensive and richer brand choice.

Source: Zhongfu clothing net

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